Native Village News Archives 2005

January 12, 2005 Issue 144
Volume 1  Highlights

Chief Leschi's name restored

Vine Deloria, Jr., American Indian Visionary 2005

Mohegan matriarch dies

Saving The Ancient Paths Of The Guarani Indians

A Rain Forest Debate: Could It Have Been Home To Complex Societies?

Preserving a language, safeguarding a culture

Volume 2  Highlights

USDA to provide funding to rebuild Blackfeet Early Childhood facilities

Lakota students prepared for European trip

The Path to Understanding: One Boy's Journey

School threatens ancient village site

Professor to Step Down After Writings on American Indian students

Run through cold honors tribal past

Volume 3   Highlights

Study: Self-governance IS the answer

Elders' Sea Knowledge Spares Some Thais


First Nations Adoption Consent Policy Ruled Unconstitutional

Healthy food and work part of Pine Ridge gardens

Indians maintain monopoly on chickees

Volume 4  Highlights


Male Fish Producing Eggs in the Potomac River

Study Finds Rats Have an Ear for Human Language

Sundance Film Festival to feature 11 works by Native filmmakers

Pendleton blanket synonymous with achievement for tribal members

The Seventh Annual Native American Music Awards

January 26, 2005 Issue 145
Volume 1  Highlights

Tse-whit-zen existed before Christ walked the Earth

Remembering the first American Indian female MD

Nunavik Inuit Demand Public Inquiry On Massive Slaughters Of Sled-Dogs

Traditional storytelling celebrates life, nature

Bambi in Arapaho

Tribal voices rise again

Volume 2 highlights

routine that headmaster found on Internet sparks global interest

Native Language Programs Running Afoul Of No Child Left Behind

University Of Oregon's Many Nations Longhouse Lauded By Native Community

BIA cuts scholarships for college students

Native American doctorate holder ponders culture, science

A new home for Indian history

Volume 3   Highlights

State of Indian Nations to be delivered February 3

Historic headdress stolen from Sitting Bull Library

Senate Approves Bill Creating Federal Native Hawaiian Office

American Indian and Alaska Natives have highest smoking rates

Fox Custom Cosmetics Announces Cosmetic Line Customized For Women Of Color

Unexpected! No. 1 Driving Distraction

Volume 4  Highlights

Shrieking Frogs Unnerve Hawaiian Island

Did Animals Sense Tsunami Was Coming?

Tribe prepares for the day the wave comes

Archeologists discover ice age dwellers' flute

Trudell' film featured at Sundance 2005

Designer offers runway exposure to First Nations girls

February 9, 2005 Issue 146
Volume 1  Highlights

2005 State of Indian Nations Address

$10,000 offered for Pedro mummy

Tracking down the underground railroad

Judge tells climbers to keep off Cave Rock

Inheritors of a Legacy: The Indigenous People of Central Mexico

The Blackfeet language will be taught to all tribal staff

Volume 2  Highlights

Native students on the rise in Oklahoma

Unspoken link to Senecas' past

Red Shirt raises the roof

Bill calls for lessons in tribal history

American Indians at UNC want sorority

Students told to leave D-Q

Volume 3   Highlights

Anderson resigning as head of Bureau of Indian Affairs

Professor Quits A Post Over A 9/11 Remark

U.S. Is Close to Eliminating AIDS in Infants, Officials Say

Troubled Cree youth feel lost, say worried parents

Ancestors' gene may be Responsible for Fat

Judge Rules Against Bush for Wolf Downgrade

Volume 4  Highlights

Quake's Echo Raised Surface Around Globe

Minds of Their Own: Birds Gain Respect

North Carolina Wants More Bees

Kiowa folk songs reborn in new storybooks

Painter Ernie Pepion now riding to the Spirit World

INDIAN LOGOS: What are we teaching children about American Indians?

February 23, 2005 Issue 147
Volume 1  Highlights

Documenting Genocide

Music For The Elders

Tribe sues to preserve orphan cemetery

Mexican drug gangs force Indians to drop tradition

U.S. snubbed over Indian rights issue

Last few Whulshootseed speakers spread the word

Volume 2  Highlights

President's Budget Would Cut Youth Programs

Students protest barbed wire set up around Indian school

Virginia to revise history curriculum

Haskell not alone with budget shortfall frustrations

Grand Ronde woodsman works on longhouses and master's degree

Linguist, poet, professor encourages students

Volume 3   Highlights

Congressman launches bid for holiday honoring Native Americans

Insidious substance making permanent mark on Indian children

Elders' benefit strains Yukon land claims funds

Box Elder kids are working out

Native Americans Back From Iraq Decry Cutback

Study Says Pollution May Affect Babies' Genes

Volume 4  Highlights

Amazon Holds Key to Future of Earth's Climate

Kansas lends name to extinct sea lizard

Marsupial Manure Helps Aussies Make Paper

Catawba tribe strives to save its tradition of making pottery

Golf pro looking to recruit Native youth

Film row over Pirates "cannibals"

March 9, 2005 Issue 148
Volume 1  Highlights

National Women's Month

Ancient Earth Drawings Found in Peru

Tribe successfully sues man for recording sacred ceremony

Makah seek waiver on whaling

Coming home

O’odham Help Their Landless Kin Carve Out A Tiny Homeland


Volume 2  Highlights

Tribal Summit spotlights native children's issues

President’s Budget Projects 300,000 Low-Income Children to Lose Child Care by 2010

Chemawa has played many roles

Farmington students trade debate skills for Native tradition

Failure to gain BIA money 'would be death knell,' tribal lawyer says

Advisory council supports full funding for tribal colleges

Volume 3   Highlights

Minority Business School Professors Having an Overwhelming Impact

Tsunami EAGLES relief team delivers magic in Thailand

Indian Country shows support for Washington Embassy

American Indian Activist Raises Ruckus Over Eating Fry Bread


Is 16 Too Young to Drive a Car?

Volume 4  Highlights

Yellowstone Emptied of Buffalo?

New York Times Exposes Truth About Drilling in Arctic Refuge

Bubba the 22-Pound Lobster Dies After Capture

Box Elder students learn to play traditional games

Euro Leaders Support Native American Olympic Inclusion

Casper's brave underground sound

March 23, 2005 Issue 149

Sacred peaks to be defiled by wastewater in the name of tourism

Lost Tribe Seeks Status

Traditional Knowledge Protocol Is First Of Its Kind In Canada

Coming of Age: Quinceañera

Oklahomans and American Indian Chamber of Commerce rush to aid of Last Comanche Code-Talker

HCJB World Radio To Air Daily Broadcasts In Cofan Language

Volume 2  Highlights

Indian Education Under the Microscope

School Immerses Mohawk Children In Traditional Language

Third-Grader Commutes to School by Mule

Planning in place to secure money to keep Si Tanka open

Northern Cheyenne Tribe sues Indian school, seeks accounting

Navajo poet is also a comic book enthusiast

Volume 3   Highlights

David Risling, Father of Indian Education, Dies

Fort Hall teens may be kicked off reservation

Reservation Life Worse Than Iraq?

Life Survey To Measure Tribe's Needs

Used to treat diabetes, one herb works like modern-day prescription drugs

Navajo Boy needs bone-Marrow Transplant

Volume 4  Highlights

Animal activists fight to save wild horses from slaughter

Drought could leave Indian reservation in South Dakota without water

Student revives Indian farming


Sorlie Battles Insomnia to Win Another Iditarod

Ailment can't slow McCormack

April 6, 2005 Issue 150

Work walkout called to enact Indian holiday

Cloud people run for the rain

Inuit artifacts uncovered in Vatican

Delaware tribe to lose federal recognition

Mexico compiles visual dictionaries of indigenous languages

Trademarked Inuit word irks language czar

Volume 2  Highlights

Proud First-Graders Now Say: Cherokee Spoken Here

Tribe gets funding for new youth center

Soul Wound: The Legacy of Native American Schools

NSU to help preserve language

Tribal Colleges Redefining Success

University Professor’s 9/11 Remarks Protected by Constitution

Volume 3   Highlights


UNITY Youth Declare Red Lake Tragedy As a Call to Action

Tribal chair wins praise for leadership

Birch & You

Hopes of girl drowned by cousin in 2001 create cultural bridge from S.D. town to Ohio

Nine States Sue Gov't Over Mercury Rules

Volume 4  Highlights

The State of the World? It Is on the Brink of Disaster

Curtis brothers save native grasses

Coochie Coochie Coo: Studies Show Rats Enjoy Tickling

Seminoles inspire Italian artist

Jim Thorpe and a Ticket to Serendipity

This Elvis is Tlingit

May 4, 2005, Issue 151

Thousands expected for 2005 Canoe Journey

First Nation walk around Lake Huron

Washington: Delegates' final resting place

Project Moccasins gives Native soldiers comfort, tie to culture

Neighborhood Coalition Honors Indian Leader Elouise Cobell

Yup'ik-English Bilingual Book Follows Elders to Germany

Volume 2  Highlights

Brain research on Indian children possible

Girls Rescued From Burning High School Dormitory On Reservation

Indian Youth Talk Tradition, Culture And The Future

Northern Cheyenne honor student lives with humility

The graduates are coming!

Students learn truth of Shawnees

Volume 3   Highlights

HUD expands guaranteed home loans for Midwestern Indians

Tribal leader slams Congress over budget cuts

"Bigfoot" tape thrills northern community

New Inuit food guide

Protein in Body May Stop Cancer

Geographic Society Is Seeking A Genealogy of Humankind

Volume 4  Highlights

Rosebud Sioux Tribe saddened horses sent to slaughter

New Slide May Help Salmon Cross Dams

Woolly Mammoth Resurrection, "Jurassic Park" Planned

Lori's dream

Olympic emblem not a winner with First Nations

Navajo coach looking to field national Native team

May 18, 2005, Issue 152

June 18 - 21st, 2005 World Peace Day

Tribe Demands Apology Over Comments On Missing Whalers

Suing For Sins Of The Colonial Past

Quapaw Tribe's last full-blood Indian dies

Pillars of Indian culture honored

Lakota: a language with its own spiritual meanings

Volume 2  Highlights

Indian graduates receive encouragement, opportunities

Standing at the Crossroads--The Seventh Generation

Teen faces obstacles, graduates college

Sister grads honor late mother

Recalling Ancient America's Forgotten History

Members Of American Indian Studies Program Committee Resign

Volume 3   Highlights

Indians accept British invitation

Officials call for overhaul of tribal recognition process

Sen. Johnson says Fire-ravaged Crow Creek Dorm was not Insured

First Nations say they're left out of royal visit

More than buffalo chili

Drug's Success in Fighting Cancer Stuns Doctors

Volume 4  Highlights

Eskimo town gets sun for first time in months

Plant a traditional-foods garden

Weak Salmon Run Shuts the Northwest's Fisheries

Mount Rushmore superintendent wants to show American Indian view of memorial

Yupik teen tears up the slopes

Dakwäkäda Dancers FROM THE YUKON TO THE CZECH Republic

June 1, 2005, Issue 153

Indian Country marks Memorial Day

"Unearthing of Tse-whit-zen" tells an extraordinary story

Deer Island Indian concentration camp victims remembered


Rare white bison born in western Canada

Found in translation

Volume 2  Highlights

Students Take Action To Save Historic Site


Red Lake Students Celebrate Graduation

Teen dreams: Top 10 career choices

Seminole history, culture on display at Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki museum

Grant Will Help Indians get Legal Advice

Volume 3   Highlights

Beantown finally does away with archaic law

Greed Blamed As Indians Protest Tribal Disenrollment

Tribe decries attempt to remove their name from state contract

Government Acts On Commitment To Improve The Lives Of Aboriginal Women


Doctor Brings "Coyote Wisdom" To Town

Volume 4  Highlights

Irrigation Wisdom From the Ancients Indians' Water

Coastline erosion eating away at southern Louisiana

Global Wind Map May Provide Better Locations For Wind Farms

Rare photos of Fallon tribe unveiled

SWAIA honors 5 art "pioneers"

Hiking society invites Indians to join National Trails Day

June 15, 2005, Issue 154

Indigenous grandmothers pray for the world

Rare white buffalo born at ranch

Dakotans purchase Sitting Bull gravesite

Museum displays Pocahontas' earrings

Freedmen's descendants discover past

Bid to save nearly lost language

Volume 2  Highlights

For Yavapai students, skipping class is fines

Student's Diploma Withheld Over Bolo Tie

Teen Gets Scholarship From Death Row Group

Tribes Complain of Inadequate Schools

For Harvard's Joel Iacoomes, 340 years and still waiting

Community College to offer Native American language program

Volume 3   Highlights

The American Indian IQ Quiz


Native Leader Tells Prince 100-year-old Agreement Is Not Being Respected

Talking elder issues

Home could be foundation for Navajo enterprise

Klamath Fisheries Facing Closure

Volume 4  Highlights

After 2,000 Years, a Seed From Ancient Judea Sprouts

Top 10 drives in Indian Country

Dolphins Use Sponges to Protect Their Snouts

"For the Love of the Game" helping Indian athletes

New Delta rhythm for Bush teens

vote for the top 100 Greatest native Americans

June 29, 2005, Issue 155

Did Ancient Polynesians Visit California?

DNA Links Native American to Prehistoric Ancestor

Tribe Pays Tribute to a Savior

Northern Cheyenne break vow of silence

Roots draw Kanza back

Tutelo language revitalized

Volume 2  Highlights

Janitors being pressed into service to teach Inuktitut

Proud to be Native: Youth summit has positive results

Pentagon Creating Database of High School Students


Seventy receive NWIC degrees

Metis Ignored, Gathering Told

Volume 3   Highlights

American Indians Offer To Settle Suit Against Government For Royalties For $27.5 Billion

Tonto Was No "Tonto," Kemosabe

Tribe to build 'elderly village'

Senate hearing addresses Native youth suicide

Alaska Natives Push For More Studies On Toxins

Judge Orders Heavy Spills For Salmon


Volume 4  Highlights

Sacred site is reborn as city sanctuary

Create a medicine wheel garden

Solar power gives some Navajos electricity for 1st time

Picuris Pueblo Allowed To Collect Clay for Art, Ceremonies

BBC Film Crew Visits Cherokee Capital

Yakamas buy professional basketball team

September 7, 2005, Issue 157

What Columbus didn't find

Ancient "footprints" found in Mexico

Idaho's Nez Perce display rare 150-year-old tepee

First Nations, Metis and Inuit Veterans Journey to Battlefields of Europe

Ducheneaux designated Tribal Elder of the Year

Cook College to Offer American Indian Language Courses This Fall

Volume 2  Highlights

Study: Native babies "babble" just fine

School Textbooks Come Alive With First-Person Stories

Appeals Court Rules Against Kamehameha Schools

LCO girl acclaimed National Student of the Year

Syracuse University offers "Haudenosaunee Promise"

Slain professor remembered

Volume 3   Highlights

Teachers' unions boycott Wal-Mart

Indian Country responds to victims of Katrina

China puts in a call for Red Lake workers

UFO spotted, may have landed, on Navajo Nation

Navajo EARTH Study is seeking data collectors

Improving Native health through emerging technologies

Volume 4  Highlights

Global Warming IS a Fact

Hawaiians Speak Out Against Telescope Project Atop Mauna Kea


Historic film of Inuit saved from oblivion

Dark Wind Paintball Team

NCAA Bans Native American Mascots in Postseason

September 21, 2005, Issue 157

DNA links 10,000-year-old man to tribal descendants

Evacuated Creoles vow to maintain culture

In Petition to Government, Tribe Hopes for Return to Whaling Past

OU lecturer defends citizenship of Creek Freedmen

College Uses Rap Music to Preserve a Language

Researchers Think They've Got the Incas' Numbers

Volume 2 highlights

Presidential Youth Back-to-School Day a success

American Indian dolls to help reservation teachers

85-Year-Old Elementary School Pupil Tours Manhattan

More American Indian And Alaskan Native 10th Graders
Expect To Earn Post High School Degrees

Shiprock poet makes her mark


Volume 3   Highlights

Trail of Tears organizer gets ready for '05 motorcycle ride

Hawaii Gov. Lobbies Senate on Secession

Leonard Peltier Turns 61

Native youth work to combat stereotypes

Kids Cafe set to feed lunch to Indian kids

The Campaign for

Volume 4  Highlights

America's Top 10 Green Schools

Iowa Tribe receives $250K grant for eagle center

Seafood Watch Program

Teen scientists fight noxious weeds holistically

Loss of Genetic Diversity in Wild Horses Feared

No helmets, pads in proud Choctaw stickball tradition

October 5, 2005, Issue 158


Propriety and History Clash in Argentina

Code Talkers museum could become reality

Including Indians in Colonial History

Storytelling with technology

The Poetic Hearts of Mayan Women Write Large

Volume 2  Highlights

Questions To Ponder As Columbus Day nears...

College assumes responsibility for Head Start return

$100 laptops for world's children

New curriculum brings Indian history into class

Tribal elders connect with U students

BIA ordered to pay back money

Volume 3   Highlights

Aboriginal Taiwanese Visit the UN

BIA records found discarded at Archives

Mapuche leader denied presidential candidacy

Venezuela offers low-cost gasoline to tribes

Police officer honors daughter's plea "to do more" for Indian youths

Let's Hear It for Costco!

Volume 4  Highlights

House Votes for New Limits on Endangered Species Act

New York Skyscrapers Dim Lights to Save Birds

Wild Gorillas Seen Using Tools for First Time

American Indian hero joins historical figures at Capitol

Native basketball tourney to seek NCAA certification

Encyclopedia of Native Music

October 19, 2005, Issue 159

Relief Needed in Native American Communities of Southern Louisiana

Caribou People wage last stand in the Arctic

Birth of A white bison

Makah delegation thanks Russian Chukotka


Chickasaw culture comics drawn from history

Volume 2  Highlights

Program Aims at Keeping American Indian Language Alive

School textbooks to be published in indigenous languages

High School Students to Demonstrate Support for Lubicon Lake Indian Nation

Solar Project Takes Navajo Youth to Discovery Channel Young Science Challenge

American Indians can “come home” to Indiana for graduate study

Native reference guide tells the full story

Volume 3   Highlights

Thousands of Native children being left behind

Indian schools targeted by federal budget ax

Guatemala's Indians Refuse Soldiers' Help, Deal With Dead From Rains On Their Own

Creek great-grandmother deployed to Iraq

Native Youth Crisis Hotline to Go National

A Back to School Warning

Volume 4  Highlights

Tradition and respect

No Arctic oil drilling? How about selling parks?

Three Alaska Volcanoes Show Signs of Unrest

Contract to track fake Native arts

So you want to be a star?

Institute of American Indian Arts Museum International Indigenous Biennial

November 2, 2005, Issue 160

What is the origin of democracy?


American Indian vs. Native American Which is the proper term?

Nisqually Elder Reflects on 60 years of Fighting for Salmon

Leaders of feuding tribes break bread together

Erasing "Squaw" Names Proceeds Slowly

Volume 2  Highlights

NHSA: Funds for 35,000 Head Start At-Risk

Remove Your God From Our Schools, Mohawks Urge

Cultural connections

Haskell students recognized for actions in fire

Eight Young Women Vie For Title Of Miss NCAI

Library receives grant to help conserve Native American inventory

Volume 3   Highlights

2005 Finalists for American Indian Tribal Governance Awards

Hopi Foundation's visionary projects recognized

E. coli in water prompts evacuation of Ontario reservation

Comic Book Reading: Good For Your Health

Pink Shawl

New Fuel to Help Prevent Petrol Sniffing

Volume 4  Highlights

Wildflowers contain nature's remedies

Great White Shark Crosses Ocean, Twice

Mysterious spirit lights part of Catawba legend

25 Extreme Energy Saving Tips

Psychologists label Indian mascots harmful

Mystic Voices: The Story of the Pequot War

November 16, 2005, Issue 161

Canada's Aboriginal Veterans Honoured In France


Unenrolled Indians embrace their heritage

Native American scholar Vine Deloria dies

Pair study American Indian languages to preserve them

"Redskin" Term Did Not Begin as Insult, Smithsonian Scholar Says

Volume 2  Highlights

Week builds ties between blacks, Native Americans

Young writers' stories take the spotlight 

Indians fear cultural loss in federal school plan

Conference Seeks Solutions for Indian Education

Haskell Officials Concerned About Looming Budget Cuts

Publisher offers Alaska Native Yellow Pages

Volume 3   Highlights

On  the U.S.-Canada border, a Mohawk tribe waits for help

$1 million bounty to be offered for live capture of Bigfoot

Physicians call for end of an Inuit tradition

Yakama Nation Relay For Life earns coveted American Cancer Society awards

Third World Water Plagues First Nations

Shadow Wolves Find and Arrest People Trying to Bring Illegal Drugs Into the U.S.

Volume 4  Highlights

The Grand Canyon Skywalk

800 Species Threatened in California

Montana Wildlife Officials Kill Nine Wolves

The Fleecing of Navajo Weavers

rabbit and bear paws

For The Love Of Lacrosse

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