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January 1, 2008 Issue 183
VOLUME 1 Highlights
 U.N. declaration becomes law of the land in Bolivia
 Huge Native Title Win
 New travel rules leave Native Americans in limbo

Pow Wow princess turned away from voting
 Youth spur on Big Foot Ride
 Floyd Red Crow Westerman Dies
 Disputed Book Pulled From Oprah Web Site
vOLUME 2 Highlights
Pilot Program
 Indian educators see signs of progress
 Native community angry after police question teen about shirt
 Bay Mills sets pace for two-year colleges
 Education consortium welcomes new tribal college members   
 Cuts coming at cash-strapped First Nations University
 The only Native American astronomer?
Volume 3 Highlights
Lakota group pushes for new nation
 If you had a trillion dollars
 Blatant discriminations against NJ's American Indians
 More than 1,200 homeless, nearly homeless on MN reservations
 Prenatal care improves for American Indians
 Oglala Lakota College campus will be tobacco-free
 Rocket engineer puts energy into cake design

VOLUME 4 Highlights
Tree achieves heroic stature
 White House accused of censoring global warming reports
 Deadly Walrus Stampede
 Woolly Mammoths Were Killed Off by Trees
 Festival During Super Bowl Will Honor Native Americans
 Picasso of the North" Morrisseau Dies at 75
 Smithsonian Museum Presents 2008 Native Arts Program Participants
February 1, 2008 Issue
Volume 1  
Boulder may spark big fight
Archaeologists find major site of Caribbean tribe
Mongols Reached America Before the Europeans, Scholar Claims
Ancient mask from Alaska ghost village returned to descendants
Atayal woman revives full facial tattooing tradition
Lumbees celebrate routing of the KKK
Tribe Members Come From Across Nation to Reunify in Robstown
Tribal groups call Indiana home
Landless tribe waits federal recognition
Maroon Indigenous People Seeking Autonomy in Jamaica
Chickasaw tribe honors original enrollee
 Elyse Umemoto is runner-up in Miss America
 Marietta man leads tribe, works to revive its culture
Volume 2  
Time catches up with Hopi language savior
Cultural prideWorks for Me: Man teaches 'all ages' about tribe's culture
The Government of Canada Supports Aboriginal Youth Centre Project
One-third of pupils at T.O. native school suspended
School Board Faces Native Language Issue
Turtle Mountain Band Building Youth Center
California Schools Benefiting from Innovative Barona Education Grant
Schools Nationwide Receive 1,897 Reasons to Celebrate
UNM, Jemez Pueblo Partner to Create Early College for Native youth
4 First Nation fellows have connections to Maui County
Pioneering Quest
 College club does everything from tan hides to record DVDs
Emerging Scholars: The Class of 2008
100 Best Values in Public Colleges
Volume 3 
Alcatraz flag is sold for $60,000
No treaty withdrawal says Lakota elder
Inuit Truth Commission Begins Hearings On Sled-Dog Deaths
First privately-owned American Indian bank in U.S.
Drinking water troubles on reserves improving, report says
Mardi Gras Tribes Still Follow Suit
Bringing Things into Focus  
Low-energy bulb disposal warning
Rare blood type discovered by OBI lab
Greenhouse Gas Makes Food Less Nutritious
Tribe banishes four
Oyate Tawicohan
Volume 4  
Global Warming by the Numbers
NYC Passes Plastic bag recycling bill
Four-lane bypass threatens wetlands near Haskell
Yukoners blame Alaskan fishing industry for low salmon numbers
Medical plants face extinction
Folk Artists Honored as Keepers of America’s Cultural Heritage
Art Museum Scandal Grows: Tax Fraud, Artifact Looting Alleged
CR lecture focuses on importance of Indian bird songs
An Inuit Adventure in Timbuktu
Native nominees announced for 50th annual GRAMMY Awards
2008 Sundance Institute/Ford Foundation Film Fellows
march 1, 2008 Issue
Volume 1 
The Longest Walk, 2008

The Inuit Cultural Matrix Reloaded
Grannies' Wisdom, Humour Key to Cree Community
First Sioux to Receive Medal of Honor
Pride is a Part of the Métis Population Explosion
Siberian, Native American Genes Linked
Ancient Pyramid Found in Mexico City
Univ. of Arizona Finds Connection Between Human Remains and Several Arizona Tribes
Frances Slocum’s Two Americas
Plans Advance for Memorial at Bloody War of 1812 Battleground
Project Aims to Restore Cherokee Chief's Cabin
Dade Massacre Re-enactment Captivates Audience
A Place to Call Home
Volume 2  
Extinct Languages Saved by Work of Eccentric Linguist
A Song for the Horse Nation: Horses in Native American Cultures
Kingston School's Reading Program Going Along Swimmingly
Diné Language Assessment Piloted in New Mexico
She's Got the Beat
Nightwolf's Grandson Is Awarded the U. S. Senate Youth Program Scholarship
Bands Pull Students Out of Fort High
MSU Program Seeks to Educate American Indian School Administrators
Native Youth Protest 2010 Olympics
Eviction Ends D-Q protest
National Indian Education Association Remembers Carole Anne Heart
State Reports Improvement in AP Results
New Publication Helps Educate the Public and Preserve Education Resources in Native Communities
Long-awaited Yukon Education Reform Report Released
Volume 3 
Hawaiian Monarchy Lands May Not Be Sold
Australia Apology to Aborigines
Native Americans Testify on Abenaki Recognition Bill
Court Hearing Regarding Release of Withheld FBI Documents Scheduled for March 11
Pee Dee Indian Nation of Beaver Creek Opens New Tribal Office in Neeses
Sisters in Switzerland to Dispute U.S. Report
Centuries-Old Map Baffles Researchers
Rez Got Game Aims to Break Down Communication Barriers
Native Lights Native American–Themed Card Set
Blending French and Native American Cuisine
Cooking Show Features Native Foods, Culture
Mayo Doctor Honored by Indian Group


Volume 4  

Citizen Takes Action to Shut Down Bison Trap
South Daytona May Expand Earth Day Festival

Potentially Habitable Planets Are Common, Study Says
The U.S. World Heritage Tentative List 2008
Recycling in N.W.T. Reaches National Heights

Squirrels (and Chipmunks) Are the Real Threat
Bringing the Songs Home
Mirabal Wins Grammy

Global Slate of Volunteers on Board for Arctic Games
Arctic Winter Games Finds Money to Go Ahead
University to Retire Indian Mascot
Gala Fundraiser to Launch Catherine Bauknight's Documentary

Writing is a Dance
Afro-Indigenous Tradition of Maracatu Becomes Increasingly Popular in Brazil's Carnival

April 1, 2008 Issue

Volume 1  

Mother Earth Water Walk
America's Stonehenge surrounded by condos and controversy
Indian ceremonial burn of home of deceased leads to calls
Ohio State to return American Indian remains to West Virginia
Chief's daughter takes recognition fight to Web
Two Women Protest Bison Slaughter in Yellowstone park
On the Warpath
Cities at both ends of Trail of Tears may seek "sister" status 
Storm over missing Madoc plaque
Distant Native languages bridge Bering Sea
Ahkwesáhsne woman translates Munsch books into native tongue  
"Grandmother" of Indian country’s newest collection wins national award

Volume 2  

Head Start Official Says President Bush is Bleeding Head Start to death
Tribe Working to bring Head Start into Compliance
Pen-pal program closes the 3,700-mile gap between third-graders 
Guitarist rocks Red Cloud in surprise visit
Dormitory cultivates Indian values for youth
Katy Folklife Festival Returns
Students Will Spend Spring Break Helping Others
MTV's Native Voice
Miami University helps Miami Tribe reclaim language
U works to revive, retain native languages
Nunavut Arctic College struggles to find nursing students - CBC
SFU seeks to double number of native students
Five Institutions Join Together to Provide Education and Services to American Indians

Volume 3 

US government blasted for extensive racial discrimination
Indian Affairs Committee finds Native American Schools, Jails and Health Facilities Crumbling
Government will head back to court over American Indian trusts
Native leader says new protests to "reach out"
Board game unravels confusing treaty lingo
Sonora filmmaker gets probation for taping American Indian dances
 Northern Native Youth Launch 500-km Walk to Winnipeg
Federal Judge Says Tribal Courts Can Supervise Child Adoptions
Tobacco culture not native
Television crew spreads deadly flu to Amazon tribe
Parks develop plan to keep virus out of Lake Superior
New list tells you what Great Lakes fish to buy to help the environment

Volume 4 

Most destructive project on Earth: Alberta's oil sands
Indians gather to save the planet
NZ dolphin rescues beached whales
Wildlife preservation taking strong roots in Indian Country
Gray Wolf Hunts Planned After De-Listing
Tribal Wildlife Grants Awarded to Support 38 Projects
20th Arctic Winter Games close in Yellowknife
 Tribal stickball game makes a comeback
Legend Come to Life
The struggle of identity

may 1, 2008 Issue 1, 2008 News Issue 187/May 1 2008 News I86 v1.htmVolume 1  

Lummi Nation, Dalai Lama share vision of peace
An Olympic opportunity for Declaration
Buffalo Requiem: Indian ceremony honors slaughtered bison
Ancient stone tools found on Australia mine site
Ancient Americans believed dogs to be "divine escorts" for next life
Scientists find 17 living relatives of 'iceman' discovered in B.C. glacier
Compromise averts dustup over Native American relics in Ottawa County
Back to the earth
Indian cultre teaches energy sustainability
Pow Wow marked by protest
French City Vows to Return Maori Head
76-year-old Sioux man to run Boston Marathon
The Government of Canada Supports Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre 1, 2008 News Issue 187/May 1 2008 News I86 v2.htmVolume 2  

Immersion program provides new hope for preserving Ojibwe language
Head Start Director Chosen for Panel
Crow Agency's child advocacy center seen as model for tribes
School boards join reserve fight
Students granted broadcast scholarships
Student named national scholar
Complaints grow against Indian education bureau
Tribal College Erects Small Wind Turbine
Lacrosse offers lessons in community, Native American culture
Sorority put on yearlong probation for Indian party
American Indian grants returned
American Indian College Fund Event Celebrates 40 Years of Tribal Colleges and Honors Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
American Indian Higher Education Consortium Prepares for New Leadership
Aztecs devised sophisticated arithmetic system
Location of Mass Graves of Residential School Children Revealed for the First Time

Volume 3 
Most racist' article attacked Native peoples in Paraguay
Native American Tribal Leader Not Allowed to Testify in Committee
NCAI President Joe Garcia Statement on Racist Broadcasts
Celebration of Spirit
Tribal court rules against hog farm
Arrest reported at hog farm protest
Suit filed in federal court to stop work on hog farm
Katrina, Rita and the Houma: A Nation in Recovery
Landmark Report Highlights Urban Indian America
Study Says Humans Neared Extinction
Fighting cancer with Native foods
Volume 4 
Half of Yellowstone Bison Herd Dies
Salmon Crisis on the West Coast
Who Knew? Octopuses Flirt, Hold Hands
Top 10: Extreme Weather Destinations (Land Based)
Mysteries of "Sacrificial" Maya Blue Pigment Solved?
Legislature announces Folk Heritage and honors Native American artist
Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian Announces  New Recipients
Players chalk up a fun time
Native Americans Use Web Video to Keep Culture Alive in Wired World;
Inuit film industry renews talks about starting Nunavut TV network
Aboriginal films from around the world hosted on new Canadian website
All Time Favorite Native Films
The Invisible Ones: "Our own Third World"
September 1, 2008 Issue
 Volume 1

Happy Birthday Leonard!
Longest Walk II reaches Washington
Researches, led by UO archaeologist, find pre-Clovis human DNA
New podcasts guide tourists to Ohio's Indian earthworks
Pequot museum team researching old battle site
  Tribe holds its 333rd gathering
Alabama-Coushatta tribe linked with Texas history
Leader of palace break-in could not locate throne
Nunavut celebrates 15 years of Inuit land claim
Amazon nomads face 'imminent extinction'
Devils Tower to open interpretive site, unveil world peace sculpture
Native Americans and Paul McCartney
Indian groups focus on saving languages
11th-hour effort to save a Native tongue
Don Quixote translated into Quechua

Volume 2

First Native American in space inspires Neah Bay students
Info on Miami Nation available for schools
Indigenous People’s Education: Mindanao, the Philippines
Suresh, Age 12, Fights Intolerance in Nepal
Tribe hosts educational leadership symposium
Indian language textbook becomes part of education mission
Officials: Tribal schools struggling with gas prices, maintenance costs
Educators look to boost minority graduation
Out of tragedy, success
Engineering students partner with Red Cliff Indian Reservation to improve community infrastructure
Oregon tribes, university partner to mentor prospective Native teachers
Universities launch effort to debunk Native stereotypes
Project pushes education by degree
Weighing the candidates' Native education platforms

 Volume 3

Report from the 34th Annual Conference of the IITC
Bush signs bill to provide billions for reservations
La Paz, Ariz., Population Is Nation's Oldest County
s Greatest Gadgets
Blood drive slated for American Indian girl with life-threatening bone marrow disorder
Native kids' well-being lags behind other races
 Wyoming tribe mourns 3 teens, loss of cultural ties
Navajo Tribe Bans Commercial Tobacco Use
Broccoli may undo diabetes damage
Native Americans 'walk the walk' for health
University opening new integrative medicine center
Native Cooking 

 Volume 4

 111-Year-Old Reptile Will Finally Be a Dad
One Wing honored with songs and celebration
When Fences Make Bad Neighbors
Elephants' Memories Help Herds Survive
Judge: Glades cleanup ignored
Biofuel use 'increasing poverty'
Gwich'in Renew Their Fight to Preserve Wildlife Refuge
SIFA Children's Choir visits the Oaks Indian Mission for Cultural Exchange
2008 Native American Music Awards
Institute and Major TV networks launch American Indian National Center for Television and Film
Seminole Star Search combs the state for top talent
Indigenous Games end amid hugs and praise
Six Nations Native helps Syracuse win national college lacrosse championship
The American Indians of America’s Pastime
october 1, 2008
 Volume 1

Annual Sunrise Gathering on Alcatraz Island October 13, 2008
Love dilemma for Caribbean people
Many Cherokee Following Ancient Traditions Of Balance And Harmony
Canada Creates New Reserve in the NWT
Native American Panel Loses Chairman
Border Wall endangers Indigenous Peoples ceremonies and cultures
IUPUI professor's reburial of Native remains earns international award
Exploring NAGPRA at UCSD Teach-in
Chief of Golden Hill Paugussett tribe dies
The Asiatic Fathers of America
Japan Officially Recognizes Ainu  
Find a forgotten past

Volume 2

Canada Supports Inuktitut Language Preservation
OHA gives $1M to Na Pua Noeau program
Traditional pursuits keep Déline youth out of trouble

Lummi Tribe opens boarding school to support students, strengthen pride
Teaching native language helps reach Indian students

Diné teen has crowded speaking calendar
Made-in-Nunavut curriculum meets university standards
Textbook guides teachers on author's racial messages
Indian Schools Face Unique Challenges, Witnesses Tell Education Subcommittee

Rose Duhon-Sells Award Goes to Penn State Program
Miami University Presents Myaamiaki Iisi Meehtohseeniwickiki
Haskell degree opportunities expand
Let's hear it for Google scholarship winners

 Volume 3

Venezuelan official seeks solidarity among  indigenous peoples
Native Hawaiian Convention to hold first-ever session in Hawaiian
Bush familycleaning up on transfer of public lands to private hands
New Mexico study backs state park for sacred site
Mohegan gaming net income drops 89 percent
COPS Office Awards $14.9 Million in Grants to Native Law Enforcement Agencies
Villagers can't kick soda pop habit
 Youth cultural restoration tour kicks off 
Indians' Water Rights Give Hope for Better Health
Navajo Healers, Sand Paintings Keep Tribal Traditions Alive
Indigenous Herders and Farmers Fight Livestock Extinction
Foundation awards a chance to preserve Native Hawaiian plants

 Volume 4

Alaska Natives Watch Traditions Melting Away
Along the Louisiana coast, indigenous cultures and communities in peril
 Native environmental hero: Jesus Leon Santos
 Freshwater fish in America in peril, study says
 Graphic Deal to aid endangered sturgeon
Tlingit helmet sells at auction for nearly $2.2 million
 October 4: Live  Broadcast of the Native American Music Awards
 Buffy Sainte-Marie: Carrying the medicine, sharing a message
Hannah Duston, Passaconaway bobbleheads criticized
Toronto win just sinking in for Nunavut women's film group
Stadium plaza to honor all 11 state tribes
Depp and Clooney may star in THE LONE RANGER

November 1, 2008
 Volume 1

U.S.  history books have Indians all wrong, says author
Study: Miami Fort not a fort, but a dam
Potawatomi Tribe visits Perry 
Finnish pioneers, Ojibwe found common ground
Choctaw code talkers finally recognized
Warriors in Unifom: The Legacy of American Indian Heroism
Worl 13th recipient ever to win award
IUPUI professor'
s reburial of Native American remains earns international award
Cherokee Nation and Delaware Tribe of Indians Reach Agreement on Separate Federal Recognition
Immersive video game aims to revitalize American Indian languages
Saving language through music

Volume 2

National Indian Education Association Releases Honors List
ACLU Sues School District For Punishing Kindergarten Student Because Of Family's Religious Beliefs
Its Native Tongue Facing Extinction, Arapaho Tribe Teaches the Young
Real Girl of the Year awarded to Madison Bella King
State Adopts Navajo Textbook
School tailored for O'odham tribe enjoys success
Bush costs prompt exodus to cities
Haskell Indian Nations University in an uproar as embattled president stands firm
2008 RBC aboriginal scholarship winners
Blackfeet member utilizes old technology
Schulte receives Emmy Nod
 Volume 3
President Signs Baca Bill Crating Native American Heritage Day 2008
US Supreme Court to rule on Hawaiian lands
Tribe Could Make History
Japan Officially Recognizes Ainu  
Brutal Crackdown on Indigenous Protest
India: Tribe Dances in Mass Protest Against British mining Company
The National Children’s Study
Orchard serves as health, educational tool for Hopi
Sled dogs could hold clues to human health problems
Stop tranquillizing polar bears for research, NTI says
Newspaper receives cancer group'
s award
Historic garden offers glimpse into early Native American life
 Volume 4
Pay-to-protect plan for Ecuadorian rainforest on the brink
Illegal eagles; Powwow popularity fuels a bird black market
Doubt, Anger Over Brazil Dams
Grand Canyon tribe working on flood-recovery plan
Beluga numbers unchanged
Supervisors briefed on salmon plague
Future Of Native American Traditions In Doubt
Nature meets culture
North by Northeast
Film at American Indian Museum Looks at Vanished Brooklyn Community
Oneidas to join Macy's parade
December 1, 2008
Volume 1
Poolaw To Be Inducted Into Oklahoma Military Hall Of Fame
Honoring the Ancient Way
Ancient mounds make UW-Madison a unique landscape
Riel's poems fetch $27,000 at auction
Waccamaw tribe gathers for annual pauwau
Noted Actor Danny Glover Touts Cherokee Freedmen Rights
Hawaiians Rally To Save Ceded Lands
Uncontacted South American Tribe Unknowingly Wins Big Legal Victory
Heat Sensors to Track, Protect Amazon'
s Uncontacted Tribes
"Spiritual terrorism" against indigenous people still occurs, Lutheran pastor says
Volume 2
PBS to do documentary on Cherokee language program
Boy allowed to wear braid to school after all
Tribal school offers culturally relevant curriculum
California Charter Schools Serving Low-Income Students Outperform Similar Public Schools, Analysis Shows
Club's creation gives SHS students a chance to learn about heritage
Chickasaw student music compositions performed at Kennedy Center 
Cultural passion that runs deep
Teaching Tools Foster Science and Diabetes Education in Native American Schools
College guidebook targets underserved students
IsumaTV creates Inuit Language and Culture Institute
Students connect at new center
Native American numbers grow
Fellowship puts Native professor on dental hygiene tenure trac
Volume 3
Honoring Nations 2008
23 INDN's List Candidates Won
Obama appoints Native officials to transition team
Federal court to hear
Inuk's legal challenge for Inuit parity
Special Times Edition Blankets U.S.
Cities, Proclaims End to War
California tribe donates $100,000 to blizzard aid
Jury awards $2.5 million to teen beaten by Klan members
Gallup IHS opens traditional hogan
Naval Hospital honors Lumbee Indians
National American Indian Housing Council News Release
The first ever Native American establishment receives top dining awards
Native American Christmas Cookie Recipes
Volume 4
Person of the Week: Madeleine Pickens
Climate link to amphibian decline
Tribal efforts to improve Oregon’
s water quality Oregon:
Arviat invaded by roaming polar bears  
Bison are Camp
Pendleton's royal grunts
Barrow film honored at Sundance festival
Franklin film pits Inuit oral tradition against British history
Yma Sumac
Hairstylist Braids Traditional, Modern
Grant's brave, new world of fashion 
Boots gives hope to area in turmoil

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