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January 1, 2009
 Volume 1
Archaeologists Find Lost City of "Cloud People" In Peru
Indians Rejoice as Supreme Court Affirms Land Rights
Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribal Members Commemorate Sand Creek Ancestors
Ride to Honor Native Americans Killed in 1890
Tulalip Elder Celebrates Milestone
Cherokee Rocket Scientist leaves NMAI a Gift
Police Seek Help to Find Eagle Feather, Stone Pipe
Native American Tribe Signs Friendship Treaty with Israel
Crow Nation Horse Mounted Unit to March in Inaugural Parade
Human Rights Declaration Reaches 60
Court Sides with American Indians in Voting Case
Volume 2
Inuktitut Phrase Book Tackles language Barrier for visitors
Taking Pictures to Make the Words Last Longer
Perseverance Gets Toys to the Pine Ridge Reservation
Saginaw Chippewa Santas Deliver Presents to Piya Wiconi
Kootenai Tribal Chair Stresses Education for Tribe's Future
Cherokee Nation Tribal Youth Council Sworn In
Pinion AZ Students Visit IU From their Classroom
Native American Issues Shape New CMU Classes\
Harvard for Free
Once Offensive Mural to Become Educational Tool
 Volume 3
Yachay Wasi
EarthHour 2009
Canadian Inuit at greatest risk
Go with Wild Rice: Grain Tries to make comeback, but birds adore it
Study Shows Dogs have Sense of Fairness
Administration Loosens Species Protection
Tribe Manages Pacific Fishers, Old Growth
Oldest Spiderweb Found, Scientist Says
WCU Helps Sustain Traditional Cherokee Art
Smithsonian Museum Features Tribe's Salmon Recovery Effort
 Volume 4
Students Protest, Say Ute Nickname Breeding Racism
The Few, The Chosen, and Proud Native Grammy Nods
Chouteau Remembers Hightower
Fighting for Respect
A National Title Sets Bradford Apart From Other Stars\
Eiteljorg Lands 800 Piece Southwest Art Collection
Quilting Traditions
s aborigines Find New Voice
Tarahumara Feat Inspires Awe
February 1, 2009
 Volume 1

Smithsonian to Return Remains to Klamath Tribe
Rosebud Battlefield
1909-2009 Peary Centennial Expedition
Saami, Europes Last Nomads  
US Senator Campaigns to Pay Back Canada's Lost Tribe
Four Northerners Named to Order of Canada
February 6 Event for Leonard Peltier at CU Boulder
In Search of True Colors
Hawaiian Rights Activists Take Land Case Public
Work on Tigua Kiva Nears Completion

Volume 2

Poor Children's Brain Activity
Judge Rules Needville ISD Violated Native Amercan Boy's Constitutional Rights
Native Stories, Our Stories
Bill Would give Grants to teach Native American Languages
Group Aims to Boost NA Graduation Rates
Edmond Teacher and Parents Wins Educator of the Year
NSUs Cherokee Education Program has 1st Graduate
Native Colleges: America's Best Kept Secret
Diverse History in the Making
Native American Students Need Money Skills
On the Way Out, Bush Cuts native Scholarships

 Volume 3

 Alecia Gonzales to Receive Public Humanities Award
Schenectady Man Wins Top Award from AISES
American Indians Could Reap Almost $3B in Stimulus
Tribes Turn Out for Inauguration Events
Black Hills Educator Meets with President-elect Obama's Staff
Standing Tall: Plains Indians Enjoyed Height, Health Advantage
Disadvantaged Reservations Turn Toward Community Gardens
Enthusiastic Chef John Revels in Wampanoag Cooking
Do It Yourself  Household Cleaners
Levitation Discovery May Aid Medicine
Native American One Dollar Coin Chosen

 Volume 4

Rabbit and Bear Paws Wins IMAGINENATIVE Award
Nottaway Tribe Honored with Painting
Amazon Deforestation Drops in late 2008
New Pink Lizard Found on Galapagos Islands
Large Crowds, Bald Eagles Flock to Keokuk
Native Solar Power Lights up US Military
American Indian Composers Go Classical
Native Americans Outraged Over Twilight Action Alert
Akwesasne Team Wins Rising Stars Division
Brewers, Potawatomi Announce New Deal

March 1, 2009
 Volume 1
Canada's Stonehenge
Atlantis Spotted on Ocean Floor off Africa?
New York: What Did the City Look Like 400 Years ago?
Did Bush's Grandfather Steal Geronimo's Skull?
Family Finds Lakota Oral History
Homecoming to Explore Roles of American Indian Women
Aboriginal Leader Mick Dodson is Australian of the Year ]
Going to Meet Its Public
International Pressure Mounts on Canada to Do More about Indigenous Rights
Volume 2
Study Links Household mold to Aboriginal Health, Learning Woes
Multiracial Children Attracting Interest as Visibliilty Increases
Hopi students Learn About Technology
Navajo Prep Opens Doors to Fourth and Final Dormitory
Blessings Pass Down Traditions, Morals
 Natuashish Booze Ban Has Meant Less Crime, Quiet Streets
Young Brothers Gifts Native Hawaiian Mobile Resource Lab
Northwest Indian College to Grant First 4-year Degree
Researchers Propose Plan for Improving Native American Student Achievement
Sysco Corporation Awards 40,000 Dollar to AI College Fund
 Volume 3
Recovery and Reinvestment Package in Indian Country
Obama appoints Native Woman to Mediator's Post
Tohono O'odham in Poverty Ask, "Where are the Casino Millions Going?"
Pine Ridge Starts Reservation Bus Service
Letter to the World from Rural Alaska
Smoking While Pregnant Contributes to Nunavut's High Rate of Early Births
Cherokee Nation Offering Heirloom Seed Exchange
Siegars Attempts to Patent Pumpkin History
Tanka Bar Gets National Award
 Volume 4
Ancient Whales Gave Birth on Land
Mass Migration of Sting Rays
Wake Up World! SOS from Amazon
 Long Droughts, Rising Seas Predicted Despite Future CO2 Curbs
Same Species Found at Both Ends of the Earth
Beauty Through Beads
 Gift for Obama - Quilter Makes Special Present for President
Michael Bucher's "Dirty Water" Music Video Delivers Strong Message
In Search of Crazy Horse
NMAI Announces Lineup for 2009 Film Festival
Is Facebook not Friendly to Natives?
april 1, 2009
 Volume 1
Crowds Protest Around the World For Freedom in Tibet
Lights Put Out to Mark Earth Hour
Braiding Through Water: Weaving Traditional and Western Knowledge
New Longhouse Opens for Suquamish Tribe
Mexico City is World's Top Religious Destination
North Pole May Belong to Denmark, Early Mapping Suggests
New U.S. Historical Landmarks
American Indian Movement Plans to Protest Chasco Fiesta "Mockery"
Pow Wow Relocating from Ann Arbor to Saline
Brazil: Supreme Court Upholds Indians Rights in Historic Ruling
Volume 2
Oratory Contest Helps Keep Native Languages Alive
Native Language Project Wins Award 
Revitalizing Native Languages Campaign
NIEA Meets with Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education
Government of Canada Announces Major Renovation Project for School in Natashquan
Delivering the Promise of Education\
Memorial Library Embraces Sustainability
Giving Back to Their Community
Creeks Purchase Land for College
Ties that Bind: Native American Students Come Together, Share Struggle to Fit In
 Volume 3
Nation of Lost Souls
Lecture Covers Heathen School
Wellbriety White Bison National Walk for Boarding School Students
Chickasaws Cut Ribbon on New Kid's Clubs
Football Great Helps Heal Browning Teen
Report: 1 in 50 American Children Homeless
US Forest Service Attempting to Regulate Gathering of Plant Materials
Inca Capital Slams Door Shut on Biopirates
Black Out During White Out
Interior Secretary Salazar Announces Web-Based Clearing House to Simplify Energy Permitting on Tribal Lands
 Volume 4
Ancient Snake was Longer than a Bus
Black Hills Horses Debut on Japanese TV
Indians Get Look at "We Shall Remain"
Office of Indian Education 2009 Native Student Artist Competition Winners
Art of Knapping Was Almost Lost (and Ishi, the Last Yahi)
Navajo Man Passed on his Craft as IAIA Instructor
Native American Composer Apprentice Project
Tribe Gets OK for Radio Station
State Title Thrills Reservation
NBA Players Association Donates $50K to Hopi Foundation
may 1, 2009
 Volume 1
A Native Grandmother's Epic Walk for the Water
Rediscovering Tecumseh's Vision
Maliseet Grandfather Canoe Comes Home for Visit
A Tribe Comes Home
Dutch Museum Shows New York's Birth Certificate
Mounties Learn About the Cree Experience
Kiwis Not Sweet on Inuit Tourist's Complaints
Indigenous Language Institute Wins Verizon Award
Seminole Tribe Museum Earns National Accreditation
UCSB Historian Wins Bancroft Book Prize
Volume 2
Tutors Work to Boost Alaska Native Students
Palin Rejects over 30% of Stimulus Money
The Need for Indian School Buildings
Shawnee Teams Place at Native Challenge Bowl
Encouraging Tribal Youth to Consider Higher Education
Project Phoenix
An Interview With Teacher Tim McLaughlin
Family's First Graduate Plans to Give Back
Budget Threatens Native American Courses
Ohio University Alumnus's Estate to Benefit Native American Scholarships
 Volume 3
International Meeting Applauds Australia's Support for Indigenous Peoples
Nunavut at 10: An Unfinished Story
A New Deal on Sacred Lands in Columbia
U.S. Supremes Rule Against Native Hawaiians' Land Claims
Census 2010
Startling Study Finds 1 in 5 Preschoolers Obese
Native American death rates soar as most other people are living longer
Aiding the Earth
Monsantos Attempts to Destroy All Seeds But Their Own
Top 10 Least Green Companies in America
 Volume 4
Scientist Locate the Edge of Space
Asteroids Named in Luiseno Language
Native Chiapas Bees: Recouping an Ancient Mayan Tradition
Warming West Imperils Tiny Pika
New Group is Formed to Sponsor Native Arts
First Nations Music Will Ring Out to the World
Chicken Scratch Music Inspires Quechan Filmmaker
Elders Honored as Native Youth Olympics Open
Investors Sought for Film About Native Sisters
First European Indian Reservation Opens in Croatia
September 1, 2009

Sept 2009 News

Some Scientist Affirm Early Native Presence

Cogged Stone Site at Bolsa Chica Mesa Eligible for NRHP

Did Africans Come with Columbus?

The Lost Tribe of South Carolina

Before There Was a City There Was Chief Pontiac

2009 Medal of Freedom Recipients

Will Rogers: A Cherokee of Many Talents

Native Orphan Recognized and Honored

Carvings from Cherokee Script's Dawn

How to Kids Become Bilingual So Easily?

Nearly $3.5 Million Awarded in Grants to Improve Education for Indian Children

Tribal Council Selects ASU Project for Use in School

Landers Educators First to Complete UW Course on Teaching NA Children

NMU Seeks to Draw Indian Youth into Health Careers

Oconaluftee Institute Graduates First Student

Solidarity: International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples

American Indians Open DC Embassy

Native Hawaiian Protestors End March

More than 1,100 Native Youth Attend Unity Conference

Northern California Native Wins First Miss Indian World Title for Tribe

Hud Awards$18.4 Million for NA Housing

Wakanyeja Tiospaye O'Tipi

Bolivia: Water People of Andes Face Extinction

Maya Nut Changes Lives While Aiding the Rainforest

Indian Tobacco Garden Planned in Montana

Scientists Study Garbage Pile in Pacific

Tropical Turtle Found in Arctic

Maine Bows to Tribe's Athletic Stars

NA 5K National Championships Crowns Ten National Champions

Vote for 2009 Native American Music Award Winners

October 1, 2009

Volume 1
Dakota and Ojibwe Renew Vows of Peace
Epic Carving Found in Vero Beach
Experts Work on Mystery of Mabila
Mystery of Tecumseh's Grave Lingers
Translated NC Mission Records Describe Tribal Life
Young Families Breathe New Life into American Indian Languages
With Only 50 Speakers Left, Tribe's Language To Be Preserved by Team of IU Anthropologists
Coeur d'Alene Tribe Language Speaker Honored
Volume 2
The Rez We Live on "Debunks" Myths About Native Americans
Ass't Secretary Echo Hawk Underscores President Obama's message to BIE Students
Best & Brightest: The War Vet, Financial Aid Activist, and Ivy League Student
Haskell Marks its 125th Year
National Indian Education Association 2009 Honor LIst
Dr. Henrietta Mann Comes Home
Brown Votes to Rename Columbus Day
LMU Signs Memorandum of Understanding with EBC
University of Tulsa Native American Law Center
Volume 3
Episcopal Church Repudiates Doctrine of Discovery
Pope Apologizes for Abuse at Native Schools
White House Opens Doors to Tribal Leaders
Establishing Boundaries, Protecting Citizens
New Program to Tackle Diabetes Among Young Indians
NMSU Helps Zuni Youth Revitalize Traditional Agriculture
Northern Cheyenne Teens Renovate Homes
Traditional Healers Look At How to Help Fight Swine Flu
Volume 4
Global Warming Opens Arctic Passage
Inuit Are Living on the Front Lines of Climate Change
Tribe Prevails in Air Quality Fight with Michigan
Park Ranger Keeps Traditions Alive
Historian finds baseball in Old American Indian School
NA Youth Winners at 2009 Notah Begay III Foundation Challenge
Tribute to the Ancestors
Challenge to Redskins Name Reaches Supreme Court
November 1, 2009

Breaking News On November 5th, will be hosting The White House Tribal Nations Summit Live with President Barack Obama.

Volume 1
Ancient Map Offers Key to MesoAmerican History
Real Razorbacks First Came to State in 1540 with Hernando De Soto
Brazil Indian Who Battled Conquerors Recognized as National Hero
Letter Found That Led to Indians "Trail of Tears"
Amazon Tribe Down to Five as Oldest Member Dies
Tribe Teams with Google to Make Stand in Amazon
Navajo Code Talker Willard V. Oliver Passes On
Wilma Mankiller: First Woman Cherokee Chief
Museum Honors Yavapai Elder for Language Work
Saving Tsuu T'Ina
Volume 2
Kids Study the Dark Side of Columbus
Remembering the Children Who Never Came Home
Salazar Launches Partnership with Rolle for Health Program at Indian Schools
Exceptional Leaders Can Change Schools
Success Academy a Model for Native American Education
California Indian tribe Donates $20,000 to Help Finish Browning High Gym
Accenture Awards Scholarships to Eleven Outstanding America Indian Students
New Archaeology Views Native Scholarships as Part of a Major Change
Building a House of Knowledge
Grandfather Remembers Curriculum
Volume 3
White House Announces Nation to Nation Conference
ACLU Report Finds Continuing and Pervasive Voting Rights Violations in Indian Country
NCAI Awards Larry EchoHawk with Standing Ovation
Elders and Youth Conference Keynote Speaker Finds Hope, Despite Alcohol Disorder
Honoring Tradition, Tulalip Hunger Shares Meat from First Kill
Bumper Harvest for Rice
Pumpkins: More Than Pie and For Carving
Native American Book Inspires Local Growers
Saving our Ash Trees
Volume 4
Rare Vegetarian Spider Discovered
Does Film Solve Honey Bee Mystery?
Biologists Fight to Save Rare Bison Bloodlines
The Moon is Surprisingly Wet
Daphne Odjig Honoured by Gallery for 50 Years as First Nation Artist
Native Artist's Poster Wins National Contest
First Lady Selects Caddo Pottery for Collection
Acclaimed Singer Songwriter Wins National Contest
NFL Indians were Rich in Oklahomans
Native American World Series Brings 87 Softball Teams to Mesquite Fields.
December 1, 2009
Volume 1
Obama Pledges new Relationship with Native Americans
2012 Isn't End of the World, Mayans Insist
Uncovering an Ancient City's Secrets
Ancient Aboriginals in Australia May Have Been Faster than a Speeding Bolt! 
Port Chatham Left to Spirits
Boy's Recovery ... Could Lead to American Indian Saint Canonization
Ohio Church was First Methodist Mission
Story of Americans with Native and Black Ancestry Stirs Deep Emotions
Navajo Code Talkers Break Silence
AARP Honors Native Elders
Volume 2
Newborns Cry in their Native Tongue
StoryMakers Program Brings Books to Children in Rural, Tribal Communities
Once Upon a Time ...
Education Rights for American Indian Children Need Protecting
Education Inside the Beltway
Values and Family Create Leaders
AISES Conference Attracts America's Next Young Leaders
Anthropology Student Wants to Take Knowledge Home
Flagstaff's First Native Med Student to Give Back
Nootsack Tribe Member Explores Multiracial Culture


Volume 3
Alone and Adrift on an Ice Floe, Teen Refuses to Give Up
Springs Man Wins Prize for Native American Program
Canadian Mine Threatens Traditional Reindeer Herders
Quarantined Yellowstone Bison Still Homeless
Ohio Plans to Establish a New State Forest
For the Birds: Which Seeds are Best?
UC Davis Dedicates Historic Native American Garden
Oneida Embrace Planting, Harvesting of White Corn as Staple of Diet, Culture
Moves to Stop Global Warming Are Devastating Tribal People
Volume 4
Michael Kaboti, 1942-2009 Swine Flu Claims Hopi Artist
Alaska Native Artist Demonstrates Grass Sock Weaving
Masks Reveal the Maker's Inner Self
In the Footsteps of Yellow Women
Native American Student Documentary Selected for Two High-Profile Screenings
America's First Pasttime
The Golf Channel Explores Obstacles Face by Native American Youth and Pathways Forward
Nike Introduces N7 Collection
Court Rejects Appeal Over Redskins Logo


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