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April 1, 2009 Issue 196 Volume 4

Ancient Snake Was Longer Than a Bus
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New York City:  Not even Hollywood can match a new discovery from the ancient world. Fossils found in  northeastern Colombia reveal a snake that stretched 42 - 45 feet long and weighed more than  2,500 pounds.

"This thing weighs more than a bison and is longer than a city bus," said Jack Conrad of the American Museum of Natural History in New York.  "It could easily eat something the size of a cow. A human would just be toast immediately."

"If it tried to enter my office to eat me, it would have a hard time squeezing through the door, "said paleontologist Jason Head from the University of Toronto, Missisauga.

Actually, the snake probably munched on ancient relatives of crocodiles in its rainforest home some 58,000,000 - 60,000,000 years ago. 

The snake has been named Titanoboa cerrejonensis ("ty-TAN-o-BO-ah sare-ah-HONE-en-siss"). That means "titanic boa from Cerrejon," the region where it was found.

The report is printed in the journal, "Nature."



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