Holland, Michigan: Siegers Seed Company in Holland, Michigan, is quietly pushing a patent that would allow them to own the rights to virtually all warts on pumpkins and their relatives.  And they want to own the rights to all patches in which warted pumpkins appear. 

The pumpkin patent application states:

 In a large commercial field of multiple unknown pumpkin varieties, a single fruit was discovered displaying a greater degree of warting than has ever been observed in prior experience by the inventor [the inventor is listed as the director of marketing for Siegers]. On rare occasions in years prior to this discovery, pumpkin fruits had been observed to possess rumpled or bumpy surfaces as described in FIG. 1. The discovered fruit had a high frequency of bumpy skin as described in FIG. 1, and a lower percentage of warting as described in FIG. 2. The fruit was collected and seed was saved. 

 Read the Pumpkin Patent Application: pumpkin patent application