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November, 2009  Volume 1 Headlines

Photo by Lee Marmon, Laguna Pueblo

"From the time Europeans colonized America, the policy has gone from genocide to assimilation. It's remarkable Indian people have persisted with their languages and culture. Five hundred years later, Indians are still Indians.
Julie Cajune, Salish

Ancient Map Offers Key to MesoAmerican History

Real Razorbacks First Came to State in 1540 with Hernando De Soto

Brazil Indian Who Battled Conquerors Recognized as National Hero

Letter Found That Led to Indians "Trail of Tears"

Amazon Tribe Down to Five as Oldest Member Dies

Tribe Teams with Google to Make Stand in Amazon

Navajo Code Talker Willard V. Oliver Passes On

Wilma Mankiller: First Woman Cherokee Chief

Museum Honors Yavapai Elder for Language Work

Saving Tsuu T'Ina

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