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September 2009


Native American 5K National Championships Crowns Ten National Champions





Albuquerque, NM:  Ten runners won national championships at the 2009 Native American 5K National Championships. More than 25 tribes were represented. The number of runners doubled from last year's races.   Age divisions consisted of:

Children; 5th grade and under
Youth; Grades 6th-8th
Young Adults; grades 9th 12th
Open, out of high school
Masters, age 40 and over
Overall Winners

The event also included an open community run with participants from as far away as North Carolina and New Hampshire.  There were also youth 1K and 400 meter dashes, and one and two mile fitness walks.

The top ten division winners each received beautiful Zuni pottery plates.  Overall winners earned new national championship titles. 

Male division national champions:
Children: Victor Daney; Choctaw/Assinboine Sioux; 34:38;
Youth:  Kelvin Aspoas; Navajo; 21:18; 
Young Adult: Jonas Ruybalid, Jemez Pueblo; 16:20;
Open: Brandon Leslie, Navajo; 15:58; 
Masters: Gary Toya, Jemez Pueblo; 20:13.
Overall: Brandon Leslie, Navajo
Female division national champions:
Children: Morgan Davanport; Acoma Pueblo; 23:51;
Youth: Miranda Daney; Choctaw/Assinboine Sioux, 29:55;
Young Adults: Jasmine Chimoni; Zuni Pueblo; 25:47;
Open: Kelly McCabe; Navajo, 20:04;
Masters: Lenore Tsattie; Zuni Pueblo: 23:05
Overall: Kelly McCabe, Navajo

Proceeds from the race go towards funding the Sports Warriors Track Club competitions at sanctioned USATF National Championship races.  The next championship race for the Sports Warriors will be this December in Lexington, KY. 

Native American 5K National Championships is hosted by the Native American Sports Council. NASC is a  community based member of the United States Olympic Committee.  It promotes athletic excellence and wellness through sports programs which combine traditional Native American values with those of the modern Olympics.

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