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January 2010 News Edition

Volume 1
Crow Creek: Stolen lands, Wind Farms and Taking a Stand for the People
Cobell V. Salazar Lawsuit Settled
Tribes Buy Back America -- Acres at a Time
Varnertown Indians Gain State Recognition
Louisiana Native American Tribes Keep Traditions Alive
Oral Roberts Last Sermon Delivered to Local Native American Church
The First Slaves
Abraham Ulrikab's Diary
Volume 2

Residential School Story Wins $25K Kids' Book Award
Tribal Leaders Say Resources Wanting
Noli Indian School Gets $100,000 for Educational Materials
Native American School Not Receiving Funds
Mission In Reverse  
Alberta Comer Named Dean, Indiana State University Library
Comanche Language to be Saved at Texas Tech
Turkish Coalition Sponsors Native American Lecture Tour in Turkey

Volume 3

Animated Series Generates Diabetes Awareness
School Lunches Around the World
Native Americans: A Major Force in American Agriculture 
U.S. Closes Arctic Waters to Industrial Fishing
Young Play Part at Climate Conference ]
El Nino Poses Treat to West Coast Oaks, Tribal Cultures
Beetle Takes on Mythical Hero's Name

Volume 4

Olympic Mascots 2010: How Many Aboriginal Symbols and People are Used in These Games?
Ban on Native Dancing in Noorvik Overturned
Berry Leads Revival of Southeastern-Style Beadwork
2010 Native American $1.00 Coin Design Unveiled
In Wyoming, Basketball Drives Reservation's Pride
Opening the Door Wide for Native Athletes
Notah Named 2009 Golf Magazine Innovator of the Year

February 2010 News Edition
Volume 1
 Brother, Sister, Reunite after 80 Years
Natives Vow to Press Poverty Issues at Olympics
The Real Avatar Story 
Debunking Some of the Modern Myths about American Indians
Ten [Native] Events of the Decade
Census Begins in Remote Alaskan Village
Man Who Blew Whistle on Abramoff Tells the Story of How He Did It
2010 State Laws Target Vices As States Face Budget Gaps
Volume 2
Young Chief Leschi Students Show Connection to Old Ways
Students Run to Remember
Visalia Native American Students Receive Academic Support with Help from Horses
Rosetta Stone Releases Chitimacha Language
State Eyes American Indian Residential School
History Textbook Controversy Roils Texas
President Obama Nominates Lillian Sparks as Commissioner
NIEA Founder, Dr. William Demmert, Jr. (1934-2010)
Volume 3
Ancient Miwok Harvested Salt
$572,746 Grant to Help Tribe's Genealogy
Amazon Explorers Uncover Signs of a Real El Dorado
A Common History of Assyrians and Native Americans [Chief Joseph's Tablet]
Ten Startling Climate Facts from 2009
Dousing Patients in Antiseptic Curbs Infections
Scientists Debunk 3-Second Memory Myth--Fish Can Remember for 5 Months
Aussie Scientists Find Coconut-Carrying Octopus
Volume 4
Part 1: Artist Seeks Powwow Dancer Who Inspired Mural
Part 2: Artist Finally Locates Native Performer from 1991 Powwow Featured in Portrait
Russian Skaters' Aborigine Theme Causes Outcry
Native Films Showing at Sundance
Haskell Offers Haven for Hidden Talent
Cowboys of Color Rodeo to Debut at Stock Show
Cherokee National Youth Choir Release Entertaining, Educational CD
Lelani Munter's Green Team Roars on to Daytona

March 2010 News Edition
Volume 1
Treacherous Times for Life on Planet Earth
Last Member of  65,000-year-old Tribe Dies, Taking One of the World's Earliest Languages To the Grave
Aloha?  Hawaii Moves Closer to Having Sovereign Powers
Squaxin Island Tribe Pays Tribute to Rare Bryde's Whale
White Face Among Best of the Best
Plan to Play Prince Leaves Beach in Tears
Scientists Rebuild Iceman Genome from Hair Sample
Grant to Uncover Moravian, Native American History
Volume 2
Inuit Preschoolers Often Go Hungry
A National Disgrace
ETHEL Records Album of Works by Chickasaw Nation Students
Indigenous Nations Library Program Explores New Ways to Assist Students
A Green Future for Leech Lake Tribal College
Scientific Societies to Promote Advancement of Hispanics, Native Americans in Chemistry
Sauk Language Apprentices Making Tremendous Progress
Tribal Voice Radio Brings Native Language, Traditions to Web
Volume 3
First Results from Air Toxics Monitoring at Idaho School Released
Chinese Smog Clouding US Skies, Scientists Say
No Swine Fluke: Scientists Turn Stem Cells into Pork
Eagles Getting Sick on Food They Eat
Keith Olbermann Helps Raise $250,000 for Storm-Ravaged Cheyenne River Reservation
Last U.S. Jaguar Died After Illegal Trapping
More Than $7 Million Awarded to 42 Tribes in 16 States for a Wide Range of Conservation Work
Volume 4
An Olympic Victory for Glacier
2010 Olympic Winter Game Opening Ceremony: Aboriginal People Shine
Grammys 2010: Bill Miller Wins Best Native American Album
Supporters Try to Resurrect "Lost" Johnny Cash Album
Avatar in the Amazon
[Twilight] Sucking the  Quileute Dry
New FCC Rules Aim to Increase Native American Radio Stations

April 2010 News Edition
Volume 1
California Tree Carving Hints at Early Chumash Astronomy
Living in Old Hawaii
Sharing Stories of Sitting Bull
3 Virginia Tribes Earn State Recognition
Senate Confirmation of Lillian Sparks as Commissioner of the Administration for Native Americans
40,000 Year Old Tools Found at Construction Site
Aboriginal Elders Hold Pope Responsible for Residential School Abuse
NCAI Honors Distinguished Leaders at 12th Annual Leadership Awards Banquet
Volume 2
Anishinaabe Stories Preserve Tradition
Tribe Develops Language Immersion Program
American Indian High School Students Build Own Computers
Seeking High-Achieving, Low-Income Native American High School Juniors
Coolest College Courses
EchoHawk Admits "No Way" to Clear BIA Backlog
South Dakota Education Loses Shot at $74,000,000
Eternal by Cynthia Leitich Smith Debuts at #5 on the New York Times Best Seller List
Volume 3
NASA: Quake Shifted Earth's Axis, Shortened Day
Pentagon Launches Plan to Master Lightening
University Thinks the Right Font Could Help Save the Earth
Carp DNA: Researchers Treat Lake Like a Crime Scene
Chia Seeds: An Ancient American Super Food
UN Rapporteau: Pine Ridge Housing Worst in US
Lessons at Indian Hospitals about Births
U.S. Streams Fail the Test: All Fish Found Contaminated with Mercury
Volume 4
Worlds Most Useful Tree Purifies Water, Too
Restaurants and Dining: Best Practices for Conservation and Operations
7 Animals with Longest Life Spans
American Indian Student Artists Shine at One-Of-A-Kind Show At Heard Museum
Governor Bill Richardson and Robert Redford Announce "Milagro at Los Luceros" Initiative
Origins of American Indian Beadwork
Stillaguamish Tribe Carve River Canoe
This Potter's Life Was Big; His Pottery Was Even Bigger

May 2010 News Edition
Volume 1
Native Americans to Welcome World Christian Conference
Traditional Inuit Knowledge Combines with Science to Shape Weather Insights
Quileute Welcome Whales
Wyoming Guard Camp Honored for Cultural Protection
Thousands of Homes on the Navajo Reservation Will Soon Get Running Water for the First Time
Guardian Angels Starting First Reservation Chapter
 Linguist Gives Life to Ancestral Huron Language
Volume 2
 Treasured Teacher Embodies 100 Reasons to Learn Oneida
 Eisenhower Elementary School's Studies Help Preserve American Indian Languages
Creating Habitats for Learning
Students Celebrate Untold Native History
 Wanted: American Indian Mentors
Pendleton Launches Endowed Scholarship Program with American Indian College Fund  
ParentDish's 27 Top Web Sites for Kids
Volume 3
Stork Travels 8,000 Miles to Be Reunited with Injured Lover
Lone Wild Horse on Wildhorse Island Gets Company
McDonald's Waging a Chicken and Egg Battle
Who Owns the Right to the Food You Eat?
Looking for the Lost Ladybug
World's Largest Marine Reserve Created
Junkyard Circling the Earth is Growing
Volume 4
Koahnic Broadcast Corporation New Internet Venture with
National NMAI Upgrades Immersive Video Experience
Rezheadz Entertainment Presents "2010 Rezolution Tour"
Game Based on King Philip's War Angers Native Americans
Mexico Gives New Life to Ancient Sports
National Museum of the American Indian Announces Eight Recipients of the Visual and Expressive Arts Program
New Book Catalogs Louisiana French

September 2010 News Edition
Volume 1
International Day of the World's Indigenous People Celebrated
An Apology for the Inuit Five Decades in the Making  
Native American Groups Demand Apology from Mayor for "Racist" Remarks
Yurok Indians Exult at Return of Sacred Cache
Makah Welcome Tribal Canoe Journey to Neah Bay 
Flag from Custer's Last Stand Could Raise Millions
Unicode Simplifies Using Cherokee Language on Computers

Volume 2
National Indian Education Association Selects Kippen as Executive Director
Parents as Teachers Among Highest-Rated of i3 Recipients
Konaway Nika Tillicum
Canadian Students to Learn Life Changing Lessons with RCMP's Aboriginal Shield Program
Blackfeet Program for At-Risk Young Adults Restoring Homes and Dreams
Students Sync with Summer Program
Students Establish Scholarship
Sapsik'wala Project Graduates 16 Native Americans Set to Teach in Native Schools
Volume 3
Researchers Find Miracles in Yogi's Fasting
Kickapoo Pow Wow: Gift of Beans Sprouts Historic Friendship
Native Youth Farmer Markets Sell Veggies from Heirloom Seeds
UN Declares that Clean Drinking Water is a Human Right
 NAJA Presents 2010 Honors for Journalism Excellence
Traces of Red Panda Found in Tennessee
Mission Organization's Flying Car May be Just the Ticket for Indigenous People
Volume 4
Passport Flap Keeps Iroquois Out of World Lacrosse Championships
Do Disney Movies Misrepresent Native Americans?
Jimi Hendrix Patchwork Coat Heads to the Museum of the American Indian
2010 Native American Students Artist Contest Winners
Running Warriors
Donation Establishes the Nation's First 24-Hour Native American TV Channel
Santa Fe Indian Market: A Chocolate Tribute

October 2010 News Edition
Volume 1
Native Voices Heard at National Language Summit
13 Moon Walk for Peace
Hopi Man Works to Keep Hopi Culture, Traditions Alive
Sacred Sheep Revive Navajo Tradition, For Now
Natives, Others Promote Healing After Radio Insult
American Indian Claim Staked Out in Brunswick
Staten Island's Colossal Native American Monument That Wasn't
Volume 2
Native American Numbers on Rise in North Dakota Foster Care System
Tribal Officials: Indian Education Needs More Money
Hawaiian Cultural Influences in Education
Native Sisterhood: Students Building Haskell's First Sorority
London Survey: UM rated 15th in World for Top Universities
Native American Alumnus Receives Award
2010 Year of the Nini
  Mathematics Used by American Indians of North of Mexico

Volume 3
Arctic Greenhouse May Lead to Farms on Mars
Solar Plane Flies for 24 Hours Straight
OU Research: Coffee Reduces Diabetes Risk in Indians
Research Project Shows Importance of Native American Involvement in Cancer Education
 Bizarre Deep Sea Creatures Spotted in Australia
EU Lawmaker Calls for End to UFO Secrecy
Bizarre New Dinosaur Species Found in Utah

Volume 4
Even Dolphins Love the IPad
Aboriginal Hand Games Regaining Popularity
Basketry Helps Preserve Native American Art
Forget Avatar: 10 Compelling Films of Real-Life Indigenous Struggles
Art and Theater: Luna/Ssipsis
Lourve on the Rocks
The First Native American Director

November 2010 News Edition

Volume 1
Paraguay Hopes to Shield Tribe from Outside World
Smithsonian Reaches Out to Indigenous People with Language Effort1
One of the Last Remaining to Speak Oneida Language Dies at 100
Shinnecock Indian Nation Wins Federal Recognition
N.W.T. Elder Awarded Bravery Medal
Winners of 2010 Class of Native American 40 Under 40
History Mystery: Lost U.S. Colony Found at Last?
 Native Hawaiians Served on Both Sides of Civil War
Volume 2
Code Talker, 87, Never Misses a Day in Kindergarten
Students Get Look at Native American Past
 Aboriginal Children to Get Laptops
Native American Role Models Talk to Santee Sioux Youth About Importance of Staying in School  
Native Musicians in the Groove
Indigenous Women in Science Network Offers Support to Women in STEM careers
Ohio State Announces Plans to Grow
IUPUI's Johnny Flynn Passionate About His Community

Volume 3
Usable Water Found in Moon Crater
80% of Global Water Supplies at Risk
Native American Farmers Win $680M in Discrimination Suit
Tribe Deprived of Rights
Census Finds Record Gap Between Rich and Poor
Sole Nation Health
National Park Service Sends $1.2 Million to Battlefields

Volume 4
What's Greener: A Refurbed Laptop or a New One?
The Lost Turkeys of the New World
Whale of a Trip: Humpback Makes a Record Migration
Indian Mounds Ropes Removed Saturday Before Game
Family Frybread Challenge
Expansive Native American Exhibit Opens in NYC
A New Adventure for Brule

December 2010 News Edition


Volume 1
Canada Signs on to UN Declaration of Indigenous Rights
Obama To Hold Second Native American Conference
AIM Leader Peltier's Health Declining
Fox News Gets Sitting Bull History Wrong
Archaeologists Discover Stonehenge's Timber Twin  
First American in Europe "Was Native Woman Kidnapped by Vikings and Hauled Back to Iceland
On an Indian Reservation, a Garden of Buddhas
Volume 2
Children Step Up As Culture Bearers
Preserving Mechoopda Tradition
Cherokee Student Leader to Pass Torch
Native American High Schoolers Learn About Medicinal Careers
USDA Grants Support Research, Education, and Extensive Activities at Tribal Land-Grant Colleges
New eBook Offers Insights into Native American Student Life
Greatest Person of the Day: Dr. Patricia Nez Henderson
Volume 3
Astronomers Listen In To "Red Giant Concert"
The People's Flour
Taste Buds in Lungs May Help Asthma
Plane Exhaust Kills More People than Plane Crashes
Giant Pterosaurs Could Fly 10,000 Miles Nonstop
Call of Elk Soars with Majestic Authority
7 Animals Smarter Than Humans
Volume 4
Tournament of Roses Float Features Fancy Dancer
A Different View of Jim Thorpe
Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson
Marcus Oliverira Crowned Champion
Youth Poster Artists Emphasize Market's Eddy Takes on Tradition

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