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Volume 2   December, 2011
White House Highlights Native American Youth as ‘Champions of Change’
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When one asks where we should begin when improving Indian Country's most serious issues, the most common answers are suicide and bullying prevention, energy efficiency and healthy eating.

We must also begin with youth, the most important and effective people who can change our world.

President Obama is encouraging youth to help our world through  through Champions of Change. The program was created as part of Obama’s Winning the Future initiative.  The program highlights different issues each week, then selects groups of Champions working to better their communities.

This month, American Indian youth leaders will be honored as Champions of Change for their positive efforts in helping others and for their community involvement. The youth will visit Washington D.C. to share their stories. They will also attend the White House Tribal Nations Conference.

These Native youth are "examples of the generation that will build a stronger future for Indian country by continuing to address the challenges facing American Indians and Alaska Natives,” said Charlie Galbraith from Intergovernmental Affairs.

Here are the Native youth Champions of Change:

Teressa Baldwin
Native Village of Kiana
Sitka, Alaska

Morgan Fawcett
Tlingit and Haida
Fort Jones, California

Tiffany Calabaza
Kewa (formerly Santo Domingo Pueblo)
Colorado Springs,  Colorado
LeVon Totsohnii Thomas
Cambridge Massachusetts
Madeline Sayet
New York, New York
Cassandra Candice Steele
Pinoleville Pomo Nation
Ukiah, California
Desiree Vea
Native Hawaii
Koloa, Hawaii
Emmet Yepa
Jemez Pueblo
Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico
Dallas Duplessis
Alaskan Native
Tulalip, Washington
Iko’tsiskimaki “Ekoo” Beck
Missoula, Montana
Lorna Her Many Horses
Rosebud Rosebud
 South Dakota

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