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Sculptures by Roxanne Swentzell, Santa Clara Pueblo

January 2011 News Edition

 Volume 1

Amazon Tribe Down to Five as Oldest Member Dies
Outrage Lingers Among Those Who Love Effigy Mounds
Easter Island Land Dispute Clashes Leave Dozens Injured First Black President In North America Led Mexico 173 Years Ago
2010 Busy for Native American Issues  
Presidential Tribal Summit Provides Networking Opportunities Groups Aim to Develop New Native American Leaders

Volume 2

Aboriginal Youth Programs Extended
Native Leader Explains Tlingit Education's Relevance for All Societies
Controversy Surrounds Book Read in Helena High Schools
Beck and Crew Attack Native American Student For Singing a Song Honoring Troops at Reid Rally
ASU Center Bringing New Life to Native Languages
IUPUI, Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Sign First of It's Kind Agreement with Indiana
American Indian Graduate Center Awards First Fellowship to Shinnecock Law Student  
Volume 3

Pollution Can Change Your DNA in 3 Days
Killer in the Attic: EPA Still Evades Zonolite Warnings
Native Youth Honored for Conservation Work
Mayo Clinic to Expand Outreach to American Indians
A Murder of Crows
Super Foods for Every Age  
Scientists Find Fountain of Youth -- in Mice

Volume 4

Six Sounds Humans Love the Most
NM Arts School Enters in Dual Credit Pacts
Hosea Gear Wins Maori Sportsperson Award
 Focus on Native Plants and People
Vatican Recognizes Taos Artist's Work
Pendleton to Make White Buffalo Hair Blend Blankets
Talib Kweli, Dead Prez and More Record Album for Jailed Activist

February 2011 News Edition

Volume 1

Indian Tribes Go in Search of Their Lost Languages
The Polly Cooper Shawl [and Valley Forge]
150-Year-Old Letters Give Voice to Dakota Prisoners
Tribal Ruling Raises Dispute Over Slaves Owned by Indians
Failures Beget Success at Printed and Manuscript Sale
The Prehistoric Treasure in the Fields of Indiana
Tuscaloosa Alabama in the Pre-1700s
Volume 2

Milky Way Central to Native American Stories
Inuit Kindergarten Class in Vanier Gives Taste of Life in the North
Three Tribes to Sign Agreement to Improve Education
Using Technology to Address AZ Shortage of Native Teachers
A Hot Ticket in His Field
Kalliopeia Foundation Grants American Indian College Fund $80,000
GOP Attacks on Diversity Education, State By State
Volume 3

Preventing Tooth Decay in the Youngest American Indians
The Longest Walk 3: Reversing Diabetes 2011
CDC Programs Reduce Alcohol-Related Vehicle Deaths Among Indigenous People
Black Footed Ferrets Find a New Home
 Magnet North Pole Shift Affects Tampa Airport
Did a Mummy Prove the Wyoming Legend?
Can Woolly Mammoth Be Cloned From Frozen DNA?
Volume 4

Yup'ik Eskimo Masks Bring $4.6 Million to Highlight Winter Antiques Show
Groundbreaking Exhibition Explores Shared History Between African and Native Americans
Guitar Dedicated to WWII Navajo Code Talkers
New Generation Learns Old Ways at Native Games
Shoni Schimmel Brings Showtime to Louisville Women's Basketball
Birch Bark Canoe Restoration Begins in Falmouth
University in Ohio Ends Indian Logo on Merchandise

March 2011 News Edition
Volume 1
On Day Dedicated to Native Americans, A Move to Honor Hopi Tribe's Code Talkers
New Office to Serve as Advocates for Tribal Veterans 
Metis Livid About Proposed Status System
Saying NO to $1 Billion Dollars
New Images of Remote Brazil Tribe
Amazonian Indians More Advanced Than We Knew
Australia's Aborigines to Launch Political Party
Irish Travellers to Shed Light on Indigenous Research
Volume 2
Berenstain Bears to Speak Lakota
Students Tell Saanich Myths Through Computer Animation  
Children's Book Exhibit Depicts Native Path to Diabetes Prevention
Mentoring Program Coming to Kodiak
100% Knights to Create Career Pathways for Aboriginal Students
Arizona Culinary School Recruits American Indians, Now Available for Federal Financial Aid
Book Lets Great Lakes American Indians Tell Their Own Story
Volume 3
UN Declares 2011 the "International Year of Forests"
Think the Super Bowl Battle was Big? Fight Over Conservation Funding Looms Larger
Limit Set for Native Polar Bear Hunters Under International Treaty
White House: Tribes Fare Well in 2012 Budget
Ziebach County South Dakota: America's Poorest County
Top 5 Obama Regulations that American Businesses Hate Most
The Top 11 Corporate Cash Hoarders
Volume 4
Donna Karan Collaborates With an Indigenous Artist as Part of "Nomad Two Worlds" Art Exhibit
Alligator Wrestling and the Men Who Do It
Custer Flag to Be Sold by DIA
Museums Work to Credit the Individuals Behind Native American Artwork
All My Relations Gallery Showcase for Native Art
Grammy Winner Helps Locals Build, Understand Flutes
German TV Crew Films Program About Nokota Horses

April 2011 News Edition
Volume 1
Fire and Ice: Melting Glaciers Trigger Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Volcanoes
Global Temperatures (2500 BC to 2007 AD)
Amazon Drought: Greater Impact on Warming Than USA in a Year
Participate in the Largest Midwest Earthquake Drill
 Scientists: Solar Storm Could Have the Power of Katrina
The Most Vulnerable U.S. Nuclear Plants
Now USDA Has Deregulated Genetically Engineered Bio Fuel Corn
Eastern Cougar Declared Extinct
Volume 2
Angel Goodrich: Finalist for V Foundation Comeback Award
Math & Science: Native Stem Students Too Few
 Native American Tribal Lands Could Produce 17.5 Kilowatt Hours of Electricity from Wind and Solar Power  
White House Education Officials Hear from Tribal Colleges
Pendleton Blanket Sales Benefit American Indian Fund  
Lunch Events Building Bridges Between Native and Non-Native Students at UM
John Gritts Selected as NIEA Elder of the Year
Volume 3
Navajo Man Helped Save the Environment
Henvey Inlet First Nation Snags Major Energy Contract
Svalbard Seed Vault to Take Peruvian Potato Samples
 After Big Drop in 2010, Monarchs Make Comeback
Irreplaceable --The World's Most Invaluable Species
Managing Water for the City of the Future
BP Payments May Not Save Indians' Livelihoods
Volume 4
Is That a Banana in Your Water?
Wearable Garden Creates Food For Bees
Foods of the Americas: Native Recipes and Traditions
Garden Brings Ancient History to Life
Native Americans Use Art to Tell Our Stories
Barb Abramo 1943-2011
How Dumb Are We?

May 2011 News Edition
Volume 1
Remains of Ice-Age Child Uncovered in Alaska
Was Lost City of Atlantis Found in Spanish Marsh?
Tibetans Evolved at Fastest Pace Ever Measured
Scientists Suggest Native Woman Traveled to Europe 1,000 Years Ago
Native American Women Warriors
NCAI Announces Indian Country Leadership Awards
Five Colombian Indigenous Languages "Nearly Extinct"
Volume 2
9 Ways to Attend College for Free
TCJ Announces 2011 Student Writing Contest Winners
Middle Schoolers Compete in National Science Bowl
Language Students Take Honors at Fair
Video Games to Teach Native American Languages
Miami Tribe Publishes Stories
Area Schools Feel Impact of Reporting Changes
Map of the Internet 2011
Volume 3
UN Report Paints Grim Picture of Conditions of World's Indigenous Peoples
13 Products Most Likely To Made by Child or Forced Labor
Aspen Institute Launches Center for Native American Youth Founded by Senator Byron Dorgan
Turning Food Into Fuel is Not the Solution
Top 10 Animal Workaholics
Pentagon Wants Secrets of Flying Snakes
Ret. Col. Says UFOS Are Real, but Denies Government Cover-Up
Volume 4
Lost City Magic
PALA Comes to Indian Country!
Auntie's Fry Bread -- LA's First Native American Food Truck
Visual and Cultural Studies Doctoral Student Named 2011 Wyeth Fellow
Bronx Producer Back with Story of Native American Hoops Star
Digital Natives
Dallas Designers Unite Native American Major League Baseball Culture at New Spring Training Facility

September 2011 News Edition
 Volume 1
Drug Dealers May Have Wiped Out "Uncontacted" Amazon Tribe
Three Rare White Bison Born in Bend Joining Herd of 14
Louisiana's Tunica Tribe Revives It's Lost Language
Endangered Languages Program at Library of Congress
Blood Quantum Influences Native American Identity
Econ 101 - 2011 Federal Budget Deal: Now It Makes Sense
Fossil Find Shows Life on Mars Possible
 Volume 2
Native Books on the 2011 Notable Children's Books List .
Navajo Continues Life's Work with AICF
Environmental Law Violations Found at Scores of Tribal Schools Run by Interior Department
 Maryland Becomes First State with Environmental Literacy Requirement
Southeastern Students Attend Choctaw Indian Fair
The Native Astronomer
Tribal College Officials Give Obama Administration a Deadline
Center For Comparative Native and Indigenous Studies Created at Mainz University
Volume 3
Biodiversity on Earth Plummets Despite Growth in Protected Habitats 
Tribe Leads Cultural Preservation Threatened by Invasive Species
National Indian Energy Group
Coca Cola Billboard Absorbs Air Pollution
Butterflies "Treat" Sick Young
Mountain Lion Killed in Conn. Had Walked from S. Dakota
Monkey Steals Camera To Snap Himself
Volume 4
New Offering in Aboriginal Sport and Recreation Adds Career-Enhancing Advantage to Students
The 2011 US Indigenous Games
A Fight for Jim Thorpe's Body
Master Carver to Begin Creating Poles, Facade, for Quileute Cemetery
 Link Wray and His Ray Men, Power Chord Pioneers
"Navajo Cops" Filming 6 New Episodes
Native American ex-NBC Employee Suing for Harassment

October 2011 News Edition
Volume 1
Baucus and Tester Seek Congressional Gold Medal for Elouise Cobell
State Issues Fraud Warning to Native Americans
The Taino Race of American Indian People is Far From Extinct
Misconceptions, Biases a Part of Daily Life
World's Oldest Person Thriving in Rainforest
2011 Native American 40 Under 40
The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers to Hold Gathering in Brasilia, Brazil, in October
Volume 2
Translated Cartoon Series Marks Comeback of Lakota Language
BEAR WALKER: The New Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws
Project Teaches Native Youth To Be Leaders
We the People
Native Youth Group Bikes 200 Miles on the Trail of the Ancients
 Sequoyah Robotics Team 49th in World
United Tribes ... Dedicate New Campus Garden
Volume 3
Nobel Peace Prize Winners Urge Obama to Reject Tar Sands Pipeline
Ancient Incan Agriculture Revived Due to Climate Change
Protect Great Lakes as Commons, Says Council of Canadians
American Indians Learn Native Hawaiian Ancient Healing Practices on Oahu Retreat
Inuit Rally in Ottawa In Face of Suicides Toll
Architecture Students Build Green Homes for Native Americans
Red Lake to Restore Great Pine Forests
Volume 4
13,000-Year-Old Bone with Mammoth or Mastodon Carving May be First in Western Hemisphere
 National Parks that Best Tell American Indian Culture and History
The 2011 Native American Music Awards
Courage With Grace: Tribal Police Chief is Accomplished Dancer, Too
Food Network Praises Tocabe's Healthy Indian Taco
Florida State Mascot Upsets Native Americans in Oklahoma
A.J. Russell Makes His NASCAR Debut

November 2011 News Edition

Volume 1
Elouise Cobell Dies at 65; Native American Activist
Six Nations: The Oldest Living Participatory Democracy on Earth  
Native Perspective: Seeing a "Missing Link"  (Plymouth, Mass.)
Savings Touted in End to Bilingual Program
AFN Names Award Winners at Convention
Why Native Americans Fight and Die for the Same U.S. Army That Slew Their Ancestors
Single Mother of Four, Grandmother, and Company Commander in Afghanistan
Volume 2
[1620 - 1995]  The Canadian Holocaust: The Indian Residential School Timeline
University of Manitoba President Apologizes for How Native Tribes Were Educated
Blackfoot Nation Chief Speaks to FFA Convention-goers
Elders and Youth Conference Sets Stage for Alaska Federation of Natives
Unheard Voices Brings American Indians Together
Elders Bring Cultural Wisdom to SFU Campuses
Top 200 List of Four-Year Colleges and Universities Geared Towards Native American Students
Volume 3
Texas Officials Censored Climate Change Report
Poison Oak Planted to Protect Feather River Burial Ground 
PAK Fitness Videos and Toolkit from IHS
Traditional Foods Go Digital  
SAMHSA Awards Up To $6.4 Million in Grants for Children's Mental Health Systems in AI/AN Communities 
Psychology Students Bring "Much Needed" Aid to Nebraska Reservations
American Indians Fall Through the Health Care Cracks
Volume 4
Life's Beauties, Life's Tragedies
Choctaw Stickball: A Fierce, Ancient Game Deep in Mississippi
Cherokee Music Veteran Receives Grammy Nomination for her Nanyehi Project
U.S. and Russian Scientists Target Elusive Siberian Snowman
World's Largest Shark Sanctuary Declared in Central Pacific
No Longer Circling the Wagons: Many National Parks Get Indian Stories Wrong
Peace Pipe Trophy a Thing of the Past

December 2011 News Edition
 Volume 1   

Dec 2, 2011 White House Tribal Nations Conference
 Obama Not Expected to Attend Early Sessions

In Solidarity, Occupy Group Joins with Native Americans

Status Indians Could Legally Be Extinct in 75 Years

 Jack Abramhoff, In New Book, Decries Endemic Corruption in Washington

Pathways Spiritual Sanctuary Walk Welcomes All
Aboriginal Stonehenge: Stargazing in Ancient Australia

Volume 2  

Most Nunavut Toddlers Lack Healthy Diet

Pizza is a Vegetable. Really?

 House of Snow

Students Learn to Preserve Native American Baskets

White House Highlights Native American Youth as "Champions of Change"

Oren Lyons Receives Syracuse University Environmental Award

 Volume 3  

78 Successful Natural Alterative Cancer Treatments Commonly Used World-Wide, part 1

Can Anything Live Forever?

The Real Thanksgiving: The 10 Best Native American Harvest Dishes

Native Youth Commercial Tobacco Challenge

Dangerous Toys: What to Leave Off Your 2011 Gift List

 Volume 4  

Pine Ridge Skate Park A Promise for the Future

American Indian Motion Picture Award Winners

Rise of Indigenous Actress Marks Change in Peru

Navajo Jacoby Ellsbury Finishes Second in American League MVP Contest

Vans Pendleton Shoes Were "Hottest Shoes In NDN Country" at Chicago Powwow

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