Native Village
Youth and Education news
Volume 2    May 2011

Waicipi "We Dance"
 From the 2010 Traditional Winter Powwow Poster, Portland Community College

" We must act as a guardian of our rights." Willie Littlechild, Cree 

Video Games to Teach Native American Languages

 Miami Tribe Publishes Stories

Area Schools Feel Impact of Reporting Changes

 Map of the Internet 2011

Volume 1
Remains of Ice-Age Child Uncovered in Alaska
Was Lost City of Atlantis Found in Spanish Marsh?
Tibetans Evolved at Fastest Pace Ever Measured
Scientists Suggest Native Woman Traveled to Europe 1,000 Years Ago
Native American Women Warriors
NCAI Announces Indian Country Leadership Awards
Five Colombian Indigenous Languages "Nearly Extinct"
 Volume 2
9 Ways to Attend College for Free
TCJ Announces 2011 Student Writing Contest Winners
Middle Schoolers Compete in National Science Bowl
Language Students Take Honors at Fair
Video Games to Teach Native American Languages
Miami Tribe Publishes Stories
Area Schools Feel Impact of Reporting Changes
Map of the Internet 2011
Volume 3
UN Report Paints Grim Picture of Conditions of World's Indigenous Peoples
13 Products Most Likely To Made by Child or Forced Labor
Aspen Institute Launches Center for Native American Youth Founded by Senator Byron Dorgan
Turning Food Into Fuel is Not the Solution
Top 10 Animal Workaholics
Pentagon Wants Secrets of Flying Snakes
Ret. Col. Says UFOS Are Real, but Denies Government Cover-Up
Volume 4  
Lost City Magic
PALA Comes to Indian Country!
Auntie's Fry Bread -- LA's First Native American Food Truck
Visual and Cultural Studies Doctoral Student Named 2011 Wyeth Fellow
Bronx Producer Back with Story of Native American Hoops Star
Digital Natives
Dallas Designers Unite Native American Major League Baseball Culture at New Spring Training Faciility

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