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The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers to Hold Gathering in Brasilia, Brazil

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Brazil: The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers will hold their 10th gathering at UNIPAZ (University of Peace) in Brasilia, Brazil. The dates are October 21-24, 2011, and a workshop on October 27.

The gathering is in honor of Amazon grandmothers Maria Alice Campos Freire, Clara Shinobu Iura and their people of Brazil.  The theme is  "The Grandmothers’ Voice: In the Flow of the Water, Grandmother."

Grandmother Maria Alice says,  “We, as the people of the South, naturally were guided to dedicate our gathering to the Water. And we can witness the flow of this sacred element designing the event.

"The prophecy says about the encounter of the eagle and the condor as a sign of the New Time. This is the first of our gatherings that is going to happen in the condor's land and, as the time is approaching, we see the different expressions of native people from South America making signs, joining us, here in Brazil for this sacred moment, when we will host the people from the eagle's land."

The gathering will include daily prayers at the sacred fire and council teachings.  Elders from across Brazil will discuss issues related to water.  Youth and elders will share talking circles, and there will be special activities with the children.

The Grandmother's gathering will end with a candlelight vigil on Brasilia’s Plaza of Ministries at the Head of the Eagle.

Brazil's waters are in jeopardy. During the Grandmothers' Gathering, many prayers will be offered to soften the hearts of those holding the Amazon's life in their hands.

People across the world are uniting in protest against the proposed Belo Monte Dam on the Xingu River. Belo Monte would
cause a massive increase in deforestation and
seriously disrupt the lives and livehoods of over  20,000 indigenous people

Learn more from the poster below, then h
elp stop the Melo-Monte Dam!


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