January 2012 News Edition
Volume 1
Mayan Secrets Will Be Revealed
Native American Calling Features the Most Censored Native Newsmakers 2011
Top Censored Stories of 2010-2011
Go Run Trains Native American Women to Run for Office
Native American Soldiers Beat Drum of Warrior Spirit
17th Century Chinese Coin Dug Up in Canada
Volume 2
South Dakota's Stolen Children
AmerInd Club Helps Native American Kids Connect
Native American Study Celebrates 15 Years
Tribal Financial Program Now Offers Distance Learning Options
National Tribal University Meeting Convenes in Rapid City
NA Nurses Graduate Benefis
Senate Committee on Indian Affairs Approves SAVE Native Women Act
US Department of Agriculture Creates Advisory Board to Assist Native American Farmers
Shocking Facts Behind the Dental Crisis in Indian Country -- And a Possible Solution
78 Successful Natural Cancer Treatments Commonly Used Worldwide
Sunflowers May Heal Fukushima's Radioactive Soil
Worldwide Movement to Ban or Charge Fees for Plastic Bags
Volume 4
Whitehorse Will Host the 2012 Arctic Winter Games
Regina Hosting 2014 Indigenous Games
SoCal Inter-Tribal Org Offers Kids Chance to Develop on the Court -- and Off
Reservation Dogs Find Homes Through Navajo Nation's Blackhat Humane Society
12,000-Year-Old Fishing Tackle Found in California

February 2012 News Edition
Volume 1
2012 State of the Indian Nations Address
Shadow Wolves: The World's Best Hunters of Humans
Late Code Talker Keith Little Lauded: "If It Wasn't For These Guys, We Wouldn't Be Here."
1st Maliseet Legislator for Maine Sworn In
Cultural Find in San Antonio, Remains of Apparent Prehistoric Hut Located
200 Years of History Brings Russians, Indians to Fort Ross
Volume 2
Raise High the "Ajijaa"
Banned Books: Tucson Middle School Students Become Heroes
Catching the Dream
Aspen Center's Youth Voices Report
Fort Lewis College Grad to Lead White House Effort on Native American Education
The 20 Essential American Indian Novels
Volume 3
American Indian Twins Born in Separate Years Are Home and Doing Well
Decolonizing Diet Project
BFC Honored as "Small Green Group That Makes a Big Difference"
WWF and The Coca-Cola Company Team Up to Protect Polar Bears
Healing Native Spirits in MN Long-Term Foster Care
Volume 4
Madness in March -- All  Indian High School  Basketball Tournament
More Than Frybread
The Native Arts and Cultures Foundation Award Winners
Aboriginal "Mosquito Mask" Fetches $400,000 at French Auction
Tiny NW Tribe to Have Totem Pole Installed at Smithsonian
Smithsonian Architect to Work With UW American Indian Studies Program
Kateri to be canonized in October
Shawls For Grandmas
Young Aborigine Woman Inspires Others to Overcome Hardships
Longest Walk Stops by Baltimore Powwow
Innu doctor to walk across Quebec aboriginal communities
Trail Riders pass through Liberty County en route to Houston rodeo
This Presidents’ Day We Highlight the ‘Best’ Presidents for Indian Country
Native American tribe suing Urban Outfitters
Supreme Court Will Revisit Affirmative Action in College Admissions
Purdue takes home 25 area advertising awards
Native American Education in Chicago
Continuing A Tradition
Oklahoma College Committed to Indian Students
Pendleton Woolen Mills Continues Support with Nearly $80,000 to the American Indian College Fund .
Native Language App Gets Cool Reception
Koch-Funded Plan in Development to Teach K-12 Kids Global Warming isn’t Real
1812 Landmarks for Community College Faculty
Haskell student claims to have recorded ghostly voice in school cemetery
Actual words of American Indian boarding school founder, students brought to life in play
Journal story shows harm of foster care
Japan Tsunami Debris May Soon Hit California Coast
Court: Monsanto Guilty of Chemical Poisoning in France
Utah Considering Ag Gag Legislation
Native Farmers Gather to Protect Seeds
Cincinnati Could Have 100% Clean Energy
Lab Partners with Native American Carbon Researchers to Help Support Marshallese Resettlement
Exoplanet GJ 1214b May Be First Super-Earth 'Waterworld'
CA Fish &Game Official Shoots Mountain Lion, Is "Glad It's Legal In Idaho"
Over 450 wolves shot dead in Idaho, Montana to date
Strange & Scary Plants
Pendleton resident Mariah Watchman competes on "America's Next Top Model"
Celebrating snow snakes
Junior Native Youth Olympics
Film With Novice Eskimo Cast Opens in Theaters
A Young Master: Meet Navajo Black Belt Alfred Duchaussee
Cherokee Youth Making a ‘Racket’ in Tennis World
Chickasaw exhibit on display
She’s a Knockout: Ojibwe Boxer Mary Spencer Is a Leader With Influence
Mozart for Mutts... and Marine Life?
Minnesota Duluth hockey fans reprimanded for ‘smallpox blankets’ chant at Fighting Sioux


A Road Trip in Search of America's Lost Languages Amazing "Talking" Dictionary Project Helps Preserve Ojibwe Language
Veteran's Lost Dog Tag Returned
Indigenous March in Guatemala Ends in Congressional Resolution 
Aboriginal Achievement Award Winners Honored as Beacons of Light
Indian Country Writer Wins Human Rights Award 
Top Bureau of Indian Affairs Official Larry Echo Hawk Stepping Down to Take LDS Church Post  
Local Students Address UN Committee on the Rights of the Child
American Indian Children Too Often in Foster Care  
Eastside Native American Education Program Promotes Cultural Awareness
Young Adults Work to Address Education Achievement Gap on Reservations
Conference Highlights Tribal College Successes
This Year's AISES Chapter Award Winners
National Association of Friendship Centres Supports the Launch of the Aboriginal People's Survey 2012  
Native Americans Protest Keystone XL From A Cage
Lakota 6th Grader: Hunger Strike Against Pipelines
Grant Helps Oneida Tribe Process, Produce Corn Journalist Andrew Cohen Wins Genesis Award for Coverage of Wild Horse Issue  
America's Least Corrupt States
America's Most Corrupt States
itness Takes Hold in Aboriginal Country With Just Move It -- Canada
 Precious Cargo
Watch Select NAPT Films for FREE!
North American Indian Cello Project Comes to NDMOA
Mariah Watchman of "America's Next Top Model" Boosts Crow Congressional Candidate  
 Rock Legends Cruise II: Foreigner, Paul Rodgers Will Take to the High Seas
UN to Begin Contentious Investigation Into Native American Rights First Yellowstone bison calf born on Fort Peck Indian Reservation
Poncas hope to rescue rare native corn
Wounded British servicemen honoured by Native American tribe in unique ceremony at the Grand Canyon
Traditional Healing Meets Western Medicine
In Time of Drought, Mexico'
s Tarahumara Turn to Tradition
Ocean Springs marks 313th birthday with landing celebration during Weekend of Discovery
Tulsa Ballet co-founder Moscelyne Larkin dies at 87
Obama names Standing Rock Sioux tribal member
VA Begins Tribal Consultation Sessions
Tuck program aids Native businesses
Ottawa socking it to First Nations institutions
Coushatta Tribe strives to revive native language
Lame Deer School Chosen for Arts Program:
Newly crowned Miss Teen Navajo wins after wowing crowd by speaking fluent Navajo
First Nations teen using Miss Teen Canada World Pageant to fight racism
Foraging First Nations class disrupted by police
On Tribal Lands, Digital Divide Brings New Form Of Isolation
University Supports Native American Higher Education Outreach
American Indian cooking traditions - with new twists - featured at UND Time Out
Artists Show Their Skills on Sidewalk
Federal Court ruling could open door to equal funding for native kids
Former Genesee County landfill owner looks to white buffalo for future business growth
Inupiat tribal leader wins prize for opposing offshore drilling
Russell Means: Have No Fear
Indians given 164 acres by Save the Redwood League
A Park on Pine Ridge: A Longtime Partnership May Finally Lead to the United States' First Tribal National Park
Community celebrates Appaloosa Express expansion
As Ice Cap Melts, Militaries Vie for Arctic Edge
USGS: Recent Earthquakes 'Almost Certainly Manmade'
Kickstarter Documentary 'Between Earth And Sky' Follows Family On Healing Journey
Combating Elder Abuse in Indian Country
Feasting on First Salmon
10 Maya foods that changed the world's eating habits
The 15 Grossest things you are eating:
Use of Common Pesticide Linked to Bee Colony Collapse
Research Firm Blames Monsanto for Bee Deaths So…Monsanto Buys It
Brains of tiny spiders fill their body cavities and legs
Scientists Prepare To Find 'Iceberg,' Thought To Be Albino Orca
 Gathering of Nations powwow in Albuquerque draws thousands
Native Youth Olympics, 2012
Coeur d’Alene Tribe celebrates jazz great’
s reservation roots
Was the first pro football halftime show used as a way to sell dogs?
Museum of Man Hosts Opening Event Launching Ramp It Up: Skateboard Culture in Native America
Why You Don’t See Indians on Television
America’s Most (and Least) Peaceful States
The Whole Universe In One Photo

Long Run Up to the Trail of Tears  
Change Christopher Columbus Day to a National Indigenous Holiday
Maya Archaeologists Unearth New 2012 Monument
Mantle Site, Ancient 'New York City' of Canada Found on Lake Ontario Shore
Alaskans Celebrate the Native Language Restoration Bill
Google Begins Effort to Help Preserve Languages Nearing Extinction

Yakama Tribe Elder Becomes U of O's Oldest-Ever Graduate
Lakota Speakers Looking to Start Immersion Day Care
Oklahoma Schools Are Doing Something Right for Native Students
Students From Akron School See Similarities With Northern Cheyenne After Trip to Montana
Tribal College Journal's 2012 Student Writing Competition Winners
2012 AISES Professional Awards Winners
Earth Tipping Point Study in Nature Journal Predicts Disturbing and Unpredictable Changes
Native Americans Strive for Health Against Alcohol, Chaos, and Trauma
Wild Elephants Mourn Death of Elephant Whisperer
Coyotes are Native American Symbols Against Arrogance
Gujarat's Indigenous Tribes To Get Brand Registration For Tribal Medicines
U.S. Forest Service Employees Vandalize Native American Town Site
Moments That Speak: Stories and Images of Connection
Pottery Donated to Goodwill May Be 1,000 Year Old Native American Artifact
New Navajo Sci-Fi Film "6th World" Gives a Glimpse into Navajo Creation Story
What's in a Name? The Top 10 Greatest Nicknames for American Indian Athletes
Definition of Indigenous Peoples Used in International Law
Slain Ambassador Was Member of Local Chinook Tribe
Native Americans As Slaves, Slave Owners in North
New Zealand Grants a River the Rights of Personhood
NCAIED Announces 2012 National "Native American 40 Under 40" Awards  
Ojo Amarillo Elementary School is a Little School Showing Big Success
Preparing Native American Students for the Workforce of the Future
Native American Spiritual Beliefs Influential in Spurring Youth to Avoid Drugs and Alcohol
Solving Shortage At Tribal Schools
Rising Star: Tiarra Little
Native American Sorority Empowers Women and Promotes Culture
Some Outrageous Facts About Inequality 
Indigenous Tourism Organizations from Six Countries Have Agreed to Form a World Indigenous Tourism Alliance
Bolivia Set to Banish Coca-Cola to Mark Mayan End of Capitalism
Leonard Peltier Celebrates His 68th Birthday in Prison
Chief White Eagle Memorial Dedication
Indian Affairs Committee Hangs Native Hawaiian Art for the First Time
Pine Ridge: Movement on the Rez
Native Young Documentary
NB3F Receives 2012 Patterson Award for Excellence in Sports Philanthropy
Ojibwe Women Singers Learn From Their Ancestors' Voices

Congressional Gold Medals to Be Awarded to Sioux Code Talkers 
Guard Places At Competition
Honoring Indigenous Veterans
Last of the Mohicans Star Mourned by 1,000 Native Americans in Traditional 12-Hour Memorial Along Historic Pass
First Native American Saint Stirs Pride, Skepticism
Honoring Paulette Ka'Anohiolkalani Kaleikini
Indspire Announces 2013 Indspire Award Recipients  

Being Young in Rural Alaska: Learning Indigenous Language
Northern Cheyenne Nation Visits Akron School
Aboriginal Youth Hope to Inspire Others at Annual Conference
Target of Hate Says He's Staying at SDSU
Shinnecock Member is First Woman to Graduate from England's Oxford University
Santee College Has a New Place to Call Home

Native American Corn Now Feeds the World
Native American Ancestors' Diet Part of Study and Challenge
 Top 10 Foods of the Mayan World
You Can't Drink the Oil, You Can't Eat the Money
Great Lakes Invasive Species Grant Given to UT
Antiquated Law Banned Native Americans from Boston Until 2005
Advocates Push to List Louisiana's Poverty Point as World Heritage Site

Native American Fashion Magazine Launches Online
Native Cowboys Combat Diabetes: Indian National Finals Rodeo Plans Awareness Events 
IAIA "Birthplace of Contemporary Native Art" Celebrates 50th Anniversary
Rare Book Fetches Fortune at Auction
Bigfoot Protected Species?
"Lady Snake Lord" Tomb Discovered: Mayan Warrior Queen Believed Found in Guatemala

White House Tribal Nations Conference Set for December 5
This is Indian Country
PopVox: Stay Up to Date With American Indian Issues in Congress
Code Talker Shares Birthday with Veterans Day
Boy's Miracle Cure Makes Native American Saint
 The Newest Face of Gerber Is Native
Taken: Maine Addresses Native Child Welfare Issues
Crazy Cash Gives High Schoolers a Taste of Managing Money
Gmail Now Supports Cherokee, It's First Native American Tribal Language
CSU Little Shop of Physics Teams Up with Oglala Lakota College This Week at Pine Ridge Reservation
Suicide is Epidemic for American Indian Youth
The Most Important Fish in the Sea is 88% Gone
Native American Food Security Project  
10 Recipes and Partnerships Promote Healthy Eating for Nunavummiut  
Paintings Created Hundreds of Years After Feast Aren't Historically, Factually Accurate
Dakota 38+2 Documentary
Smart Songs Gives Lesson on Native American History
A Journey of Culture: The Tribal Canoe Journey in Olympia, Washington
Soboba Player Shares Thanksgiving With Obamas
10 of the World's Biggest Unsolved Mysteries

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