"All of the prophesies of the world, all the traditions, are converging now. There is no time for games ... it is up to the people our attitude and actions will determine how harsh or how mild [these changes are.] In fact, these converging native prophecies call for people of the light to come together and unite in some way in the service of healing and survival.

In the new era, a "heavenly energy" will infuse the planet and assist a transition to peace, unity, love, sharing and respect. Separateness and divisiveness will end, and oneness will prevail."    Carlos Barrios, Mayan Elder

The Idle No More Movement
Native American Tribes Successfully Buy Back Stolen Sacred Land
Democracy Existed in the Americas Long Before the Europeans Arrived
Wall in Lauderdale Honoring Native American Woman Contains 8.5 Million Pounds of Stone
"Island of the Blue Dolphins" Woman's Cave Believed Found  

School Shooting Survivors Arrive in Newtown  
Tribal Sovereignty Curriculum Available to Washington School Districts
More Racism at Amherst College, Native Students Speak Out
Awakening Language
Microsoft Releases First Windows OS In An Original American Language

Map Shows Threats, Stress on Great Lakes
Ground Melting Underfoot in Alaska
Young Architects Build Cutting-Edge Navajo Homes
Aboriginal Farming in New England
Giant Sequoia Tree 'The President' Tops 'General Grant'

Aboriginal Snowboard
Nooksack Tribal Member Turns Shoes Into Canvas for Art
Native Arts and Cultures Foundation Awards Fellowships to 12 Native Artists in Eight States
Atlanta Braves Court Controversy With 'Screaming Indian' Caps
Tom Reeves: Living the Rodeo Dream

Fort Robinson Breakout Spiritual Run
NCAI President Keel to Deliver State of Indian Nations on February 14  
Is Wampum Proof of Deal?
Did Giants Once Live in North America?
Project To Restore Tribe's Capitol Building

Education Department Data Shows Low American Indian Graduation Rate
Navajo Prep Students Pledge to Protect Their Culture, Traditions
UTTC Reaches Into Indian Country
Northwestern Students Seek Creation of Native American Studies Program
Cibola Student Soaks Up Inauguration Experience

A Spiritual Sacrifice? Lakota Culture's View of Organ Donation is a Focus of SDSU Study
A Rich Sense of Honor: Learning from Tribal Leaders
Gold Diggers and Indians
Butterfly Wonderland Beginning to Take Flight
Food System Fail: Up to Half of World's Food Wasted

Let Your Heart Talk To Your Brain
Free Webcast: Racist Stereotypes and Cultural Appropriation in American Sports
Radmilla Cody Earns Grammy Nomination
Begay Joins NBC, Golf Channel as Reporter
Australia Set to Launch Indigenous Fashion Week

Indigenous Youth Step Up To Protect Their Roots  
Lumbees Will Keep Their Eagle Feathers Even If It's Against the Law
More Military Honors for the Leader Family
Beloved Native American Murals at Wilson-Pacific may Disappear
Slave Narratives Include Amazing Story of Native American Slave

Five Native Youth Selected as Inaugural Class of Champions for Change
Oneida Music Program Keeps Culture Alive
Secretary Vilsack Confirms Support for Tribes at Meeting with Tribal College Presidents
Museum of the American Indian Launches Website on Mayan Astronomy and Mathematics
Neuroscience, Historical Trauma, and Native Games to Meet At Salish Kootenai College This Summer

Introducing the Earth Hour Forest  
Formation of New 'Native American Sovereignty Alliance' Moving Ahead Following Introductory Webinar That Drew Nearly 200 National Participants
Can Plants Be Altruistic? You Bet, Says a New CU-Bounder Study
Uranium Study Would Be First For Navajo Children
American Indians: U.S. Presidents In Their Own Words

Traveling Exhibit at Lynden Museum Explores Traditional Foods of Puget Sound Natives 
GMO A Go -- Truth About GMOs Explained in New Animated Cartoon  
The 2013 North American Basketball Tournament
14th Annual Native American Music Awards
Jacoby Ellsbury Coaches Navajo Kids at N7 Camp

2013 State of Indian Nations Address
Potawatomi Archbishop Reacts to Naming of First Pope from the Americas
Federal Agencies Announce Action Plan to Guide Protection of Indian Sacred Sites
Native American Veterans By The Number
International Women's Day 2013: Smiling American Indian Women Warm The Heart
Newfoundland's Birds Were The Heart of Extinct Beothuk Nation's Religion
Photographing Vanishing Cultures With a Huge Camera

Native Youth Declare 'We Are Indian! We Are Proud!"
Program Nurtures Native Kids, Gardens
Tonight Is About Hope For A Nice Rite Of Passage On Cheyenne River Reservation
Tribal College Journal Announces Winners of 19th Annual Student Creative Writing Contest
American Indian College Funds Student of the Year Awards Ceremony
The Coca Cola Foundation Honors First Generation Scholarship Recipients
Deloria Lane Many Grey Horse Voilich Wins National Indigenous Education Award 

The Story of Glass Gem Corn
New CFS Report Exposes Devastating Impact of Monsanto Practices on U.S. Farmers
Tribe Warns That Children Might Play With Illegally Dumped Filter Socks
Bolivia Designates Worlds Largest Protected Wetland
Study Shows Mother Earth Heading Toward Highest Temperatures in Human History By End of Century
Worst Bee Die-Off in 40 Years

Ponca Songs Find New Voices
First International Traditional Games Conference
The Indians Are Coming...Back to London
Four Weeks To Get In Shape For 30th Shiprock Marathon
US Tennis Association Reaches Out to Get More Native Youth To Play Tennis
Battle of Little Big Puck: Cowboys vs. Indians on a Hockey Rink

Indigenous Activist Fights To Save His Tribe And The Amazon Rainforest  
Hopi Katsinam and Nazi Art Theft: An Expert Discusses Principles of Repatriation 
Descendant Talks About Chief Pontiac's Legacy /American Indians Gather In Lincoln Park To Honor Chief Pontiac
A Flag Of The Fathers
Two Men Translate, Publish Native American Prisoner of War Letters

Native American Youth Language Fair Has Record Attendance
Turning the Page At The Page High School UNITY Contest Powwow
Science Bowl and Science Fair Winners!
Jill Biden Will Deliver Navajo Technical College Commencement Address
Attorney General Tom Horne Wins Federal District Court Case Against Tucson's Ethnic Studies Program

UN Fails to Accommodate Lakota Genocide Complaint
Jim Thorpe's Sons Win Federal Lawsuit Against Jim Thorpe, PA
Trees Bent By American Indians Being Identified And Preserved
Standing Still: Running Water Remains A Dream For Most On Six Nations
Two Bedroom Home That Housed 13 on Pine Ridge Reservation At US Capitol

Rare, 1920 Film Featuring 300 Comanche and Kiowa Actors To Premier In Kansas
Baseball: More Than A Pastime For S'Klallam/Noo-Kayet, Our Village
Inuit Throat Singers
Native American Fashion Goes Beyond Buckskin and Headdresses
Arizona Highways: Flying High On Apache Skateboards Designed by Arizona Artist

US Overhauls Process For Recognizing Indian Tribes
Breakthrough DNA Study Links B.C. Woman And 5,500-Year-Old "Grandmother"  
The Mohawks Who Built Manhattan
013 Potawatomi "Trail of Death" Commemorative Caravan
Navajo Code Talker David Patterson Takes Military Honors at MLB All-Star Game

PathFinders Novels For Teen Readers
Native American Charter School Finds Home On Indian School Campus
Young Native Writers Contest Winners Announced  
Grants Pave Way For Native American Teachers
NIEA & Harvard Study Shows Promising Practices For Effective Teaching  

Tribal Colleges Demonstrate Winning Strategies for Prosperity in Indian Country
Two More Indian Health Service Hospitals Designated As Baby-Friendly  
Native American Myopathy: A Breakthrough In A Rare Disease That Only Affects Lumbees
World Indigenous Conference: Melding Conservation and Land Rights  
Science vs. Traditional Knowledge In Climate Change: Can't We All Just Get Along?   

Former Jamestown College Prof Bases Games On N.D. Tribes
25 Magazine Covers Featuring Beautiful Native Americans
Navajo Speech Comes To Life In 'Star Wars'  
Must-See Video: Taiwanese Animators Take On The Racist Redskins
10 Things Native Americans Can Do Better Than You

Native American Leaders To Hold Leonard Peltier Tribunal Oct. 2-4. Plan to Put U.S. Government on Trial
When Did Humans Come To The Americas?
 What Is An Indigenous Nation?
The 1491 Census: Native Creates Tribal Nations Map of Turtle Island
Oldest Fort Built By Europeans in U.S. Interior, Spanish 'San Juan' Garrison, Found In North Carolina
Denouncing the Doctrine of Discovery

New Effort by Clinton Global Initiative To Assist Authors of Native Children's Books
2013/14 AISES Student Reps, Google Scholars and NSF Geosciences Awardees
SCSU Professor Annette Lee Helps Viewers See The Sky As Native Americans Did
American Indian College Fund Names 2013 Blanchard Faculty Members of the Year
Getting Smarter About Indian Education: Who Has the Power?

Watching The People That Have Landed
Hungry Aboriginal Kids, Adults In Canada Were Subject of Nutritional Experiments
Youth Honoring Native Life Release Suicide Prevention Video
Dream of Wild Health Saves Traditional Indian Seeds and Health
Apaches' Dispute With American Museum of Natural History

11 Adorable Children Wearing Award-Winning Native American Clothing
Did You Know They're Native III? Opens At The Mitchell
Vatican Discovers First Ever Depiction of Native Americans
Oneida Indian Nation Launching Radio Ad Against Redskins
A Tradition of Craftsmanship: Pendleton Blankets

White House Tribal Nations Conference Set for November 13
A Dutch Massacre of Our Lenape Ancestors on Manhattan
McDonnell Conserves Werewocomoco

The Day Tecumseh's Prophecy Rocked The World  
GH Man Documents Truth
TB Vaccines Tested on Natives  
Why Queen Recognizes A US Tribe But US Government Does Not  

Minneapolis Indian Education Program Faces Challenges of Poverty, Homelessness, History
Use Your Voice: Ta'Kaiya Blaney Speaks -- and Sings -- Her Hope for the Future
Indian School Calls Out Redskins Owner
Five Native American "Champions" Call For Change  
3rd Annual "Rock Your Mocs!" on November 15
Amherst College Acquires Rare Native Book Collection

Indigenous Woman Gives Birth On Hospital Lawn In Mexico After Doctors Denied Her Care
Native American Legal Nonprofits: "Stay Away from Supreme Court" 
Impact on Washington: WINS 20th Anniversary!
Native Tribes' Traditional Knowledge Can Help US Adapt to Climate Change  
Chickasaw Craftsman Upholds Ancient Hunting Tradition  
2013 "Native American 40 Under 40" Award Winners

American Indian College Fund Teams With Midwestern Tribal Colleges To Preserve Native Art
Cherokee National Youth Choir in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Native Students and Community at Teepee Tailgate Gathering 
AIM West Screens "A Good Day To Die" At It's 2013 International Film Festival
A Successful First International Native Games Conference in June 2013
Plymoth Plantation Makes Replica of Native American Canoe for Smithsonian

NCAI Resolution to Repay Improperly Taxed American Veterans
Oklahoma Honors Choctaw Code Talkers
Turkey Emerges As Unlikely Benefactor For Warm Springs Tribe Tree Downed By Storm May Be Trail Marker From 1800s
The Band of American Women Who Tried to Stop Andrew Jackson's Native American Removal Policy

Tlingit Ventriloquism, A Way To Keep The Language Alive
A Cheyenne Odyssey" Gives Middle School Students a Plains Indian Perspective
Last Original Code Talker Shares Story, Accomplishments with SFIS Students
UTC ROTC Plans Collaboration With Cherokee
NEO's Native American Graduates Continue To Increase

8 Tribes That Are Way Ahead of the Climate-Adaptation Curve Senator Vitter Takes Aim At Historic Agreement To Protect 757 Species
5 Native American Herbs For The Cold and Flu Season
What's In a Name? Map Shows "True Names" Of Michigan Cities

2014 NACF Artist Fellowships 
Film Series Grounds Itself in Sacred Lands
Indigenous Games: Holistic Alternative to the World Cup and Olympics
Redwood Empire's Forgotten NBA Big Man
Capitol Christmas Tree Felled in Colville National Forest

Mayan Calendar Fine Art Print by Erika Keisersot

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