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April 1, 2013 Headlines

Solomon Enos, Native Hawaiian

''The indigenous people have so much to share with this planet.  We are an important part of this earth.  We have been the guardians, and it is an important role with which we must continue.   We cannot let this responsibility fall into other hands.  We must not let the corporations take these resources because this is the legacy for all people, not just a few.'' 
Jesus Leon Santos, Mixteca

2013 State of Indian Nations Address

  Potawatomi Archbishop Reacts to Naming of First Pope from the Americas

Federal Agencies Announce Action Plan to Guide Protection of Indian Sacred Sites

Native American Veterans By The Number

International Women's Day 2013: Smiling American Indian Women Warm The Heart

Newfoundland's Birds Were The Heart of Extinct Beothuk Nation's Religion

Photographing Vanishing Cultures With a Huge Camera

Native Youth Declare 'We Are Indian! We Are Proud!"

 Program Nurtures Native Kids, Garden

 Tonight Is About Hope For A Nice Rite Of Passage On Cheyenne River Reservation

Tribal College Journal Announces Winners of 19th Annual Student Creative Writing Contest

 American Indian College Funds Student of the Year Awards Ceremony

The Coca Cola Foundation Honors First Generation Scholarship Recipients

Deloria Lane Many Grey Horse Voilich Wins National Indigenous Education Award


The Story of Glass Gem Corn

New CFS Report Exposes Devastating Impact of Monsanto Practices on U.S. Farmers

Tribe Warns That Children Might Play With Illegally Dumped Filter Socks

Bolivia Designates Worlds Largest Protected Wetland

Study Shows Mother Earth Heading Toward Highest Temperatures in Human History By End of Century

Worst Bee Die-Off in 40 Years


Ponca Songs Find New Voices

First International Traditional Games Conference

 The Indians Are Coming...Back to London

Four Weeks To Get In Shape For 30th Shiprock Marathon

US Tennis Association Reaches Out to Get More Native Youth To Play Tennis

Battle of Little Big Puck: Cowboys vs. Indians on a Hockey Rink

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Some of last month's Postings:

Native Americans To New Pope: Recant The 'Discovery Doctrine,' Which Gave Catholics Dominion Over New World
Indigenous Russian Delegation Shares Concerns At Akwesasne
Feds 'Blackmailing' First Nations Into Signing Away Their Power Over Water, Resource Development
Delaware Tribe Might Move Headquarters To Kansas
Preparing For The World Conference On Indigenous Peoples
Duwamish Get Another Shot At Recognition
Man Who Stole Grave Marker Of Comanche Code Talker-To Prison
Controversy Surrounds Prince's Plan To Release Bison In Germany
Giant Crack Opens In Northern Arizona On The Navajo Reservation
US Senate Seeks To Eliminate Bureau Of Indian Education Building Funds
Celebrating The First Native American Female Engineer
Psychology Student Explores The Healing Power Of Digital Storytelling
Children First: Red Cloud Students Aim For Ivy League
Beaded Vest Found At Goodwill
Center In OH Boosts Reclaiming Of Tribe's Language
First Woman American Indian Dentist Encourages Native Students To Explore STEM
Last Surviving Original Code Talker, Chester Nez, Speaks During Northland College's Indigenous Cultures Awareness Month
Recent Heat Spike Unlike Anything In 11,000 Years
Native Farmers Gather To Protect Seeds
Outrage: Obama Signs Monsanto Protection Act!
GMO Foods May Alter Organ Function
Navajo, Israel Conference Seeks Farmers
What's Killing All The Bees?
Canada Quietly Pulls Out Of UN Anti-Droughts Talks
One Mans Diagnosis Leads To Major Type 1 Diabetes Discovery
Doctor Wants Traditional Healing On First Nations Reserves
Rare Release Of Florida Panther Could Help Save Species
Where Have All The Monarch Butterflies Gone?
Brazilian Chief Uses Technology To Help Save His Tribe And Curb Deforestation
Aborginal Comfort Food Bannock Key To Burger Business
Maya Bring Baseball Passions To U.S.
The Chinle Valchinley Singers Just Returned From A Very Successful And Enjoyable Tour Of China
CBS Sitcom Mike & Molly "Furnace Full Of Drunk Indians" Comment Draws Criticism
Blind Aboriginal Hockey Player Is A Sniper On The Ice
Saving The Dance: Hopi/Winnebago Dancer Louis Mofsie Is Striving To Preserve Pow Wow Tradition
Rez Radio: Indian Tribes Gain Sovereignty Over The Airwaves

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