We Remember 2002

"It is part of the Indian community to respect the opinion of all people, a true democracy where every member of society has the right to articulate beliefs and concerns." 
David Martinez

Students Rebuild Hope Through Art
Share a remarkable performance by New York City teens expressing their 9-11 emotions. 


Native Perspectives Since September 11, 2001
The voices and insights of many.

A 911 Moment
Short videos of Native Americans expressing their feeling about September 11. Produced by Navajo filmmaker Lena Carr who produced Kinaalda Navajo Rite of Passage, the Emmy Award-winning War Code, and Geronimo and the Apache Resistance. 
Quinterra Yazzie, youth, Navajo
Louise and Nelson Norberto, elders, Navajo
Billy and Jane Shepart, couple, Navajo

  September 11 Through Children's Eyes
The five elementary students who authored this ThinkQuest site visited New York's PS 89, just a block from ground zero. They interviewed students and teachers, took photos, and collected artwork and creative writing. 

America Attacked: 9/11
This kid-friendly site from ABC News has colorful animations, photographs and short articles help bring 9/11 into focus for younger children. Best of all, kids can explore the information at their own pace, at home or at school. 

The 9/11 Online Memorial Quilt
This quilt is an expression of sorrow & remembrance, and you can become part of it 

Blue Mountain
Many ways to share your Sept. 11 messages and feelings with others.

"If we, as the First Nations, can forgive our history since 1492, everyone else also has the ability to forgive. Forgiveness is the greatest of human challenges. This is my hope for you ... and for the America that we all love." 
Henrietta Mann, Southern Cheyenne

World's Biggest Hug for Peace
September 11, 2002
Originating in Australia, this world event includes 7 one minute actions schools can take for peace.

September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows
Founded by family members of September 11 victims, this site's mission is to seek effective nonviolent responses to terrorism. It also identifies a commonality with all people similarly affected by violence throughout the world. Includes events, news, contact information, and a selection of readings, 40 Ways to Peace, Not 40 Years of War. 

Voices of September 11th
Created by family members of those killed at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and on the four hijacked commercial airliners. The site includes news, a timetable of September 11 anniversary, events, building safety, and links to discussions of proposals for a World Trade Center memorial. 

/ In the Light of Memory: A Spherical Panorama
Six paintings, based on photographs, taken from the SouthTower of the World Trade Center. 

The Rolling Requiem
Worldwide concert performances of Mozart's Requiem are planned for September 11, 2002. Started by members of the Seattle Symphony Chorale. 

Document New York: New York City 9.11.01
An online documentary with photographs and words. Over two hundred images and stories.

"We ... share (the government's) desire to protect this land from activities and behaviours that are unjustifiable and threaten life, liberty and public security. At the same time, we must be certain that our rights are preserved." 
Larry Sault, Grand chief of the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians. 

Remembering September 11
Free materials to help promote the ability of children and youth to cope with the anniversary of September 11. 

  9-11 Archive A Changed World 
Collects, preserves and presents stories told by individuals from around the world\,  in writing, video and audio clips. Add yours.

  9/11 NYC Services Center
Environmental and safety reports, video clips of ceremonies, assistance resources, and more.

The September 11 Digital Archives
Electronic media that preserves and presents the history of the September 11 attacks.

"Peace and harmony are the foundation of all Indian cultures." 
David Martinez 

"Amazing Grace" by R. Carlos Nakai
Canyon Records

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