Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

     Now, the whole of the world of the sickness diminishes the Peace and  Seeds of Hope. However, with Prayer, I still believe we WILL unite as  the Human Family and Pray this Evil out of our world. 

     The Hopi Elders have instructed us to live very carefully. And we must  not pick up our Bows and Arrows in these troubled times. Of course this  is our first reaction. However, everything the Elders have ever taught  is that Humankinds lives are decided by our loving Prayers to the Creator along with the Spiritual leaders of the World. 

     Our elders have left us much wisdom and a way of grace and a path to  Peace. I pray to you all that you find something in their world and  words that touch the Human Heart. Set a side our words of war and help  us pray. Not only for the Living but all those whom have gone before, and especially the Dear Families and Loved ones that so innocently were disregarded. My prayer is for somehow for all of us to find the peace we  pray for, that all the TWO Hearted peoples some way be touched by the  spirit of the Holy Ancestors, Creator, God, Mother Creator or whatever  your prayer is dedicated to. We must keep our prayer vigils and come  together.

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Dream Groves for Peace 
Kids respond to terrorists with Dream Groves.
Smithsonian Institute: Book of Reflections
The Smithsonian Institute invites people to record their thoughts tragic September 11 in their Book of Reflection. The entries will be maintained in Smithsonian archives as documentation of the people's response to this moment in our nation's life.

Can't Cry Hard Enough" 
A Tribute to the Victims of September 11, 2001. An incredible website.

World Peace and Prayer Day
"We have come to a time of great urgency. The fate of future generations rests in our hands"
Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Horse Man, Sun-kan Wan-kan Wi-c'as'ta, of Lakota, Dakota, Nakota nation,
June 21, 2002  Summer Solstice.
World Trade Center Children's Mural Project
Young people participate in an art activity that enhances individual strengths, celebrates cultural diversity, and empowers them to work towards peace.
Perspectives from the Social Sciences

This new site from the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) contains essays by well-known social scientists onthe events of and following September 11. The site aims to "provide the public and academic community with a deeper level of analysis than can be found on Op-Ed pages or talk shows.
Inspired by Children and Proclaimed by the U.S. Congress on 12/15/00
"Peace will start with the children! If we can get the children to lose the hate, we can get the world to stop hating, and with that we can make the world a much better place." - Gregory Smith, January 13, 2001
The US Congress passed a resolution designating January 1, 2001 as One Day of Peace & Sharing. "One Day of Peace" is a grassroots organization promoting every January 1 as a holiday of Peace and Sharing in Oregon. They are also working with national and international groups to get the day officially recognized throughout the US and the world. In support of this goal, they hope to develop a model for celebrations focusing on the creation of an experience of peace and sharing, within the schools, community, and home.
Friendship Through Education

As a response to the attacks of September 11, a consortium called Friendship Through Education has been established to promote communication among students across the globe/ iEARN is a network of 95 countries and 400,000 students working together via the Internet to make a positive impact on the world. Through iEARN, students aged 5-19 go beyond simply being "pen-pals" to use telecommunications in joint educational projects.

War Stories

Ever wonder what it would be like to cover a conflict as a war correspondent for a major media outlet? This site details the experiences of those who have gone to battle with pens, microphones and cameras. War Stories uses artifacts, historic newspaper clips, photographs, newsreels, and radio and television broadcasts to tell the stories of more than three dozen journalists.
Peace Incorporated
Peace Incorporated believes peace starts with each individual and is possible for all.  Their focus is on solutions to major concerns faced by youth based on information insights and knowledge provided by youths themselves.
Everything After 9/11”

High school students from around the United States are invited to participate in online discussions about how their lives have changed since the terrorist attacks.

The Peacemakers Speak

The statements of 17 of the living Nobel Peace Prize winners shared during the weeks following the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Live Life


In response to the Sept 11th tragedy,  the theme of "Care and Unite” encourages the development of student web projects telling stories about local people or community programs that convey a sense of caring.
Healing Arts: 9/11 Through the Eyes of Children
Organizers are seeking children’s drawings and paintings that express children’s feelings about the September 11 events or their hopes for a future. Proceeds will go to the Children’s Aid Society WTC Fund.


"I want to make a promise
to a friend I never knew
From this day on
For all my life
I will remember you...
This website is a heartfelt tribute to all who died on September 11, 2002. (takes some time to load, but the wait is worth it.)

Ham radios in the aftermath of 11 September 2001
Become a lifeguard - Guard our Airwaves. You can save lives by learning Morse Code!.html
America Under Attack
More than 120 national and international newspaper front pages
from Sept. 12, 2001, the day after the terrorist attacks in New
York, Virginia and Pennsylvania..

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