Summer Break, 2007



     Now that the school year is over and the powwow circuit is in full swing, it seems life gets busier than ever.  To allow myself time to explore and pursue new opportunities, Native Village will suspend regular news publications until September, 2007.  We will, however, publish an Opportunities and Website edition in July to keep our youth updated on scholarships, grants, and events of interest.

     Please use the summer break to explore the Native Village website where thousands of published works and website links are available to inform, enlighten, and intrigue you. You WON'T be disappointed!

     Since its first edition in August 2000, Native Village has flourished as a free online publication. I'd like to thank ALL those in Indian country whose work, listserves, time and generosity have allowed me to continue this labor of love. And many thanks to the Native Village readers and friends for your kind words and support.  Let's all walk the same path: one that makes this a better world for our children and seven generations to come.

        With respects,
Gina Boltz, Director
Native Village Publications

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