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Utility and Heating Assistance Program

For the Lakota Siouxan Elders, the Disabled or the Sick

Who Live On the Reservations of South Dakota


  2007-2008 is the third winter in which Link Center Foundation has strived to make a difference in the lives of the Elders, disabled, and ill of the South Dakota Lakota Reservations.


  9 Siouxan Reservations in South Dakota:  Pine Ridge Reservation, Cheyenne River Reservation, Crow Creek Reservation, Lower Brule Reservation, Rosebud Reservation, Sisseton-Wahpeton Reservation, Yankton Reservation, Flandreau Santee Reservation, Standing Rock Reservation


  Among the poorest indigenous people in the United States.  As example, the average income on the Oglala Lakota Sioux Pine Ridge Reservation is only approximately $3500.00 per YEAR with unemployment hovering around 85% on this 2.7 million acre Reservation housing approximately 35-40,000 people


  Over 60% of the homes are severely sub-standard, many without running water or electricity


  Winter low temperatures in South Dakota average 9* F (November through February)
Made worse with bitter wind-chill factors and Record Temperatures reaching -44* below 0*F (1996)


  Lakota have died from hypothermia due to inability to pay for heating


  The majority of funding goes to help the Elders only.  However, there are those occasions when the disabled or sick are in crisis situations and critically in need of heat.  Even though they may not be actual Elders, Link Center Foundation finds it cannot, and will not, turn away from them.  Therefore, this project will now also include those rare and reasonable instances of severe need by those who are disabled and/or sick.


Help Us Help the Elders, the Disabled and Sick!


All applicants screened and documented

Payments made directly to utility, propane, wood, or heat equipment companies

Donations carefully tracked and accountable


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Otherwise, all donations will be placed in the General Operating Fund which supports all projects of the organization and operating expenses.



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