Summer 2009 Message To Readers

Dear Friends,
             Hooray!   After a long year of classes and homework and just being busy, the 2008-2009 summer break  has finally arrived.    It's time to  spend time with family and friends, powwow, and just enjoy life. You deserve it.
            Native Village joins you in taking a brief vacation, too. This summer's publishing schedule is listed below. In the meantime, feel free to browse the Native Village website.  We have thousands of pages and links to keep you interested and entertained. And, as always, our website is free.      
             I'd like to take this time to thank Native Village readers for your interest and support.    Now in our 9th year, Native  Village is a labor of love dedicated to all who wish to learn about and celebrate America's and the world's indigenous people and cultures.  You, friends, are the most important part of our work.
             Also, thanks to the many individuals, friends, listserves, educational institutions, graphic artists, and news services that freely share their talents, knowledge and research with others. If you haven't scoured Indian Country on the Internet, give it a try. Generosity comes in many sizes, shapes, colors.
            To all of you, have a wonderful safe summer. Spend time with family ... do good things for yourself ... become active in your community.  Use your vision and heart to guide you.  We are living in the generations prophesied to heal the world.  Together, we can do it!
              Thank you again for your support and generosity.
                                                            Gina Boltz,  Director

Native Village summer schedule:

May's Native Village News publication is the last news edition this school year. The next News issue will be published in September, 2009.

Native Village will publish June, July, and August updates listing special monthly highlights along with an Opportunities update in July.

 Native Village will be updating the international council of 13 indigenous grandmothers. It is an honor to serve our youth and the Grandmothers in this way.



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