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Summer 2010 Message to Readers


      Now that the school year has ended, Native Village is taking time off to enjoy a summer break. Our regular publications will resume with the September 1, 2010 issue of Native Village Youth and Education News.

     To keep you updated, however, we will issue a special edition of our popular Opportunities and Websites news in July. You find even more scholarships, grants, events and Internet sites  to keep you busy during vacation.    

   Summer is the perfect time to explore the Native Village website. We have thousands of published works and website links  to inform, enlighten, and intrigue you. You WON'T be disappointed!

     Since its first edition in August 2000, Native Village has flourished as a free online publication. Families, schools, universities, educational departments, and others from across the world are part of the family. In the last year alone, we've had over 4,000,000 hits and more than  1,000,000 visits. Thanks to you all for your support and kind words.

   Thanks also to those  across Indian country whose work, listserves, time, generosity and friendship enable me to continue this labor of love. Let's all walk the same path: one that makes this a better world for today's children and for seven generations to come.


        With respects,
Gina Boltz, Director
Native Village Publications

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