Native Village Editorials

September 2016: Remarks by President Obama at the 2016 Tribal Nations Conference
December 2014: Hand Drum Christmas Song 2014
 December 2013:
Changes Coming to Native Village
October 2013: Administering Colonial Science: Nutrition Research and Human Biomedical Experimentation in Aboriginal Communities and Residential Schools 1942-1952
 March 2013: American Indians: U.S. Presidents In Their Own Words
October 2012 Fast Facts on Native Youth and INdian Country
October 2012 The Canadian Holocaust: The Indian Residential School
September 2012  Indian Entities Recognized and Eligible to Receive Services From the Bureau of Indian Affairs
July, 2012
Top Ten Ways to Destroy the Earth
2011 Mass Genocide of Mohawk Children by UK Queen and Vatican Uncovered in Canada
May 2011 2011 Diversityinc's Top 50 List of Corporations

May 2011 Magical Illusion From Lost City Magic
May 2011 The Canadian Holocaust: The Indian Residential School
May 2011 13 Products Most Likely to Be Made by Child or Forced Labor

October 1, 2010 2009-2010 Locations of Native Village Visitors
October, 2010 Oodham to National Guard: "We Do Not Want You on Our Lands"

September, 2010
Twenty Worst Crimes of the Europeans

May, 2010: 2010 Native Village Summer Break
May, 2010Pow Wow Etiquette
May, 2010: Ancient Human Metropolis Found in Africa
May 2010
: Remarks by Ambassador Susan E. Rice, U.S Permanent Representative to the UN, at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, April 20, 2010
March 2010: A Most Interesting Story
February, 2010 2010 NIEA State of Education Address

December, 2009: Happy Holidays from Native Village
November 2009:
 President Obama's Remarks at White House/Tribal Nations Conference
November 2009: 2008-2009 Locations of Native Village Visitors
June 2009: (National Geographic's  Personal Invitation to Native Village Readers: All Roads Film Project
May 2009: 2009 Summer Break
Jan 2009 Harvey Arden: Open Letter to Barack Obama
Jan 2009:
Changes to Native Village News
Jan 2009 EarthHour 2009
Dec. 2008: NAMA Toy Drive


Dec. 2008: NAMA 2008 Helping with Winter Item Needs
Dec. 2008:Barack Obama: Full Partnership with Indian Country
Nov. 2008: Power of the pen in early America
July 2008: Our Children Are Dying
June 2008
: Ohio Police Attack Long Walkers
March, 2013Native American Issue Still Salient in Today's Society
December 2007:  The Night the FCC Came to Town
October 2007: Murder on a Reservation
2007-2008 LCF Utility and Heating Assistance
July 2007
Toxic Trailers and Smallpox Blankets /Deja Vu
July, 2007: Immigration Then and Now
June, 2007:NEA Seminar Presentation Information
May, 2007 2007 Summer Break
May 1, 2007:   Transcendent Magic: The World Premiere of "My Life Is My Sun Dance
December, 2006:
2006 Happy Holidays
October, 2006: 4th Annual Winter Holiday Toy Driver
June 1, 2006
 An Immigration Viewpoint
January, 2006: Write to Benefit Teachers and NAME
December 2005: 2005 Winter Break Message
November 2005: In Honor of Vine Deloria
September/October 2005:
: Vote for the Greatest Native American
September 2005: Jim Thorpe's Rediscovered Photograph
September 2005:
Accountability and Sovereignty in American Indian Education by Vine Deloria Jr
April 2005:
: Spring Break
February 2005: Passing of Grandfather Gerry
January 2005: Tsunami Disaster Relief
Fall 2004: Vote 2004
Fall 2004:
Photo Album from Grand Opening of the Smithsonian's National museum of the American Indian

Summer 2004: Summer 2004 Message to Readers
May 2004: Darrell Scott Testimony to U.S. House Judiciary Committee
April, 2004: Native Village Update

March 2004: Hidalgo: Fact or Fiction?
March 2004 NAME March in Smithsonian NMAI Opening
October 2003 Mysterious Picture
October, 2003: Petition for American Indian Day
October, 2003: Papal Papal Bull, Columbus Day and European Invasion
May, 2003: Publication Dates
April  2003: Spring Break
December 2002: The Huron Carol
June 2002: Percent of Population Under Age 18 that is American Indian or Alaska Native Alone
May 2002: Native Village Language Library featured in American Indian Review
April 2002: Eco Activists Tips to Preserve National Parks
December 2001: Merry Christmas in Native languages
November 2001: The REAL Thanksgiving
May 2001: Message from Columbine parent, Darrell Scott

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