Magical Illusion From Lost City Magic

Oklahoma: Bobby and Jeramy Neugin are the only professional Native American magicians in the world. The Cherokee father and son team call themselves  "Lost City Magic ."
Jeramy Neugin is sharing a Lost City Magic illusion with Native Village readers. Thanks, Jeramy!

Set Up Your Trick


Here is a list of materials you need:

1. A Pen
2. A Notebook.



To set up your trick, you need to open your notebook and flip to the first page.

On this page you draw an empty cage, but make two of the bars slightly bent.



Now, flip to the second page of your notebook, and draw a little stick figure of a man.


Your notebook is now prepared and ready to be your
stage prop.  This is what we magicians call a “Gimmick”


Finally, close your Gimmick(notebook) and draw a little stick man on the palm of your hand, the one you use to hold your pen with.


Now you're ready to perform!

To begin, hold your notebook in one hand, and the pen in the other, (remember to hide the stick man drawn on your palm!) You can do this by holding the pen in your hand, like you would when your ready to write something.

This is a variation of what we magicians call Palming, and it’s a move that is the basis of nearly all magic tricks.

Your speech, or story you tell to describe your trick is called Patter.

the Patter (story) you use for this trick

Open the notebook to the SECOND page and point to the stick man.

You say:
“Here, let me show you something."

(By saying this, you put people at ease and get them ready to see a trick)

You say:
“There once was an Native American named Geronimo who was captured by the Cavalry. He was placed in a jail cell and locked away. “

(Now draw a cage over the stick man)
 You say:
“Geronimo told the men that they could not hold him, he knew magic, and would escape. The soldiers laughed at him, and closed the jail for the night.

 (When you say “closed the jail”, close the whole notebook)

You say:

“During the night, people could hear tapping inside the building”

(Now tap your notebook cover a couple of times. This is what we magicians call Misdirection.
Misdirection fools people into following something else, and not the thing that makes a trick work.)

You say:
"The next morning when they opened the jail, Geronimo was gone! He escaped!"

(When you say this part, open your notebook to the FIRST page, the one with the empty cage drawn on it)

Set your notebook and pen down, shrug in an “I don’t know” gesture.

You say:

“No one knows where Geronimo went!”

"When you shrug and say this, pretend you just now noticed the drawing of the stick man on your palm, point to it.

You say: 
“Here he is! He DID get away!”

 Then take a bow! You’ve just performed a great magic trick!

If you want to perform this trick again, just rip off the second page and draw another stick man on the page beneath it.

If you want to become a magician, you must take:

the sacred oath of all magicians

1. NEVER reveal how the trick is done.
Never repeat a trick
Practice. And finally:,

 Good luck! And have fun!  

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