ParentDish's 27 Top Web Sites for Kids
Condensed by Native Village

1. National Geographic Little Kids
Ages 4 and up
Introduces kids to science and nature with many educational games and activities. Something for everyone.

2. GridClub
Ages 5 and up
Subscription (Free Trial)
 Fun and games linked to actual educational curriculum. Covers math, science, history, geography, art, music and more
3. Kidnetic
 Ages 7 and up
Helps kids and families set positive health goals and shares the tools to achieve their goals.

4. Google Scholar
Ages 15 and up
A search engine that limits results to educational content appropriate for teens. 
5. ZiggetyZoom
Ages 4 and up
Sweet characters invite children to come in and learn with games, pictures, and cute new friends . 
6. ThatsNotCool
Ages 13 and up 
Quirky videos and moderated chat teaches teens about digital dating abuse and how to deal with it.
7. JSYK Ages 13 and up 
A great place for kids to find the positive focus on their favorite celebrities.  Also links to Teen Ink where kids can critique the poetry and fiction submissions of other kids.
8. StudyJams!
Ages 8 and up
Membership (Free Trial)
 A fun math and science resource designed for kids in grades 3 - 6.

9. Time for Kids
Ages 8 and up
 A great place to learn about social, political and environmental issues. Offers worksheets, quizzes, as well as  fun and educational games.
10. PBS Kids
Ages 4 and up 
Games, videos, music and activities featuring familiar PBS show characters. The fun, colorful site will have kids learning and playing at the same time.

11. Britannica Kids

Ages 10 and up
Browse categories including arts, geography, religion, science, sports, current event
s, and celebrity happenings.

12. How Stuff Works

Kids 12 and up
A treasure trove for curious kids. Covers everything from Adventure to Science in a fun and engaging way.

13. Readergirlz

Ages 12 and up  
Connects girls who love to read. Features book recommendations, reviews, book club questions and chats with popular authors.
14. Storyline Online
 Ages 4 and up 
Features actors and actresses reading beloved children's books in online streaming videos. Also offers  suggested activities.
15. The Yuckiest Site on the Internet
Ages 8 and up
A fun place to learn about the inner workings of the human body. Also shares cool information on bug bodies, as well as fun games and activities.
16. The Rudiments of Wisdom Cartoon Encyclopedia
Ages 9 and up
Information on may subjects is presented in a fun-to-read cartoon format. Also has an experiment section with interesting and fun activities. 

17. Nick News
Ages 11 and up
An online news show for kids with weekly features and message boards. It's a great place for kids to keep up with current events.

18. GoGoddess

Ages 8 and up
 Offers advice and activities that promote self-esteem in young girls. Offers blogs, games, polls and quizzes, girls earn "goddess gold" points for virtual shopping or sharing.
19. Giggle Poetry
Ages 8 and up
Includes hundreds of works by children. Kids can write and rate poems and even attend a virtual poetry class. 

20. FunBrain
Ages 5 and up
  Math and reading activities presented in an easy to use and colorful format. Includes flash cards, quizzes, games and more.

21. Earobics/Gamegoo
Kids 5 and up
 Fun games promote early reading for preschoolers. Cartoon characters help kids navigate through games and activi
ties at different levels.

22. KOL

Ages 12 and up
Get homework help, learn about sports and animals  watch videos, play games and explore fashion and makeup.
A KOL Jr. tab links to PreK content.)
23. CoolMath
Ages 13 and up
 Fun puzzles and games help kids master everything from pre-algebra to finance to geometry to trigonometry. A special area helps parents become involved in their child's learning.
24. Ramogames
Ages 7 and up
A portal to hundreds of educational games, puzzles and more. From improving typing skills to boosting vocabulary, this site has something for everyone.
25. BrainPop Jr.
 Ages 5 and up
  Videos and games that cover a wide range of subjects. Easy for younger kids to navigate

26. Moshi Monsters
 Ages 8 and up
A unique approach to logic, reading and math. Players adopt a monster and play games, earning points as they advance to higher levels. It helps to safely introduce kids to online socializing.

27. Meet the Greens
Ages 8 and up
 Using cartoons, games, puzzles and blogs, kids are introduced to green ideas they can use in their own lives. 


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