Viewpoint adapted from:
Native Village


1) THEFT OF OUR LAND is the European's first crime. We never gave up ownership of our lands, nor did we invite Europeans onto our lands.

2) DECEIT AND DISHONOR by Europeans included violating laws and showing  unethical, immoral behaviors towards Natives. They killed most of our people, enslaved the rest, and committed uncountable crimes against us.

3) Europeans used RACIST TERRORISM to shock us into giving them control of our land and lives.

4) European PIRACY stole our people's wealth of good land, precious jewels, gold, silver, and other valuables.

5) VANDALISM was carried out against our civilizations, cultures, physical landscapes, and the psychological well-being of our peoples.

6) The KIDNAPPING of our people violates a nations' sense of decency, law, and civilized behavior.

7) Europeans use EXTORTION  to get our lands. They usually killed their victims, even when ransom was paid.

8) MURDER OF OUR LEADERS was a vicious, dishonorable crime.  Deceit was often involved in the murder of our leaders.

9) European MASSACRES of unarmed Native civilian men, women, and children first happened in the dozens, and then the hundreds. That led to the routine slaughter of thousands. 

10) GENOCIDE was made possible because diseases that Europeans were immune to were often fatal to Natives.  This biological weapon was 90% - 98% effective in killing us.

11) TORTURE AND MUTILATION was first used to force Natives to surrender their gold. Later, the church used these methods to force confessions or church conversions out of our people.

12) GRAVE ROBBERY is a way of quickly stealing unguarded wealth.

13) ENSLAVEMENT OF OUR PEOPLE to do their work has been another nasty European habit.

14) The total DESTRUCTION OF CITIES to remove the pride in our heritage was almost a successful European crime.

15)The BURNING OF LIBRARY BOOKS --in the tens of thousands--  is among the most devastating crimes.

16) Europeans DESTROYED NATIVE UNIVERSITIES & SCHOOLS to promote our ignorance and serve their own interests.

17) RACIAL BIAS defiled us as nations and created racism that says:
More European blood is better.

18) CULTURAL GENOCIDE was created through laws which prohibited Native people from having their cultures, languages, and identities.

19) PROHIBITION OF OUR THEOLOGY which forced Christianity on our people.

20) The CONTINUATIONS OF THESE CRIMES continues to the present day. 


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