Miracle's Birthday 2002


Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo, born August 20, 1994.

photo: Heiders

     Native Village staff was honored to attend early birthday celebrations for Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo. Miracle, who celebrated her 7th birthday August 20, lives in Janesville, Wisconsin and is cared for by Dave and Valerie Heider. The Heiders have refused millions of dollars for the purchase of Miracle.  Instead, they work their farm, hold down full-time jobs, and open their land daily to Miracle's visitors. What an honor to meet these good people and their family.

     Events began Sunday, August 19 with greetings and ceremony by a traditional man from Pine Ridge, South Dakota.  (We carried with us the birthday book containing your birthday messages and the list of signatures on Miracle's  wreath.)  Miracle joined us at first. Her gentle brown eyes circled the crowd, then she left to join her partner, JYDB, in a shady corner of the pasture.  

We arrived in Wisconsin late Saturday afternoon to see a rainbow arching over Miracle's pasture area.

     The words of ceremony centered on the importance of women among the People. It was said that men's piercing at Sundance was as close as men can come to feeling women's childbirth pain. It was also said that when women begin piercing at Sundance, that it marks a time in prophecy. A time when women will bring the people back together again. A hand drum was played in honor of Ingrid Washinawatok, a female spiritual warrior, and a song sung to the four directions.     

Over 400 Native Village readers and friends added their signatures to Miracle's birthday wreath. 

  Following the ceremony, we shared a feast, then handed your birthday book to Valerie Heider. She and her husband extend their thanks and gratitude to all of you.  The message book and birthday wreath will be kept in the little museum near Miracle's pasture.  

Recent photo of Miracle. 

photo: Heiders

     After saying good-bye to Miracle, the Heiders, and the many good people attending the events, we packed the van and headed home to our jobs.  Birthday celebrations for Miracle continued into the following day.

 A great big "Megwich" to Miracle's Webmistress, Stephanie Schwartz, for her help in making our trip and Miracle's birthday gift possible. Please visit Stephanie's official website for Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo, to learn more about Miracle, her background, and her importance to the world's People.



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