August 20, 2003 Photo of Pre-Dawn Sky overlooking Miracle's Pasture
Thanks to Teri Csanady

Notes from the 9th Birthday Celebration for Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo
from Sue Nelson, volunteer for Miracle's museum and gift shop

August 20, 2003:  Just thought I would let you know about the 9th birthday party for Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo. We had a beautiful day even though it was hot. People stopped by to celebrate with Miracle throughout the day.

Diane Wetsit did the Woman's Dawn Ceremony, and we had a nice turn out. People are starting to come back every year. Then there were quite a lot of new ones. There were a few different Nations there....and they shared their culture with us. It was a very spiritual!!!! 

The birthday book was at the Ceremony...then returned to the gift shop. Then we all sat around enjoying the morning together and talking. 

The feast was great...a lot of people brought food, and we had plenty to eat and then some. Chuck Davis and his family came...he did the afternoon Ceremony. He told the story of what Miracle was all about, and it really touched those in attendance. 

Two boys...Justin and Julian-- sang and drummed for us in Ojibway." Then the birthday cake. It was a beautiful way to end the day.

Love & Light,                               
Sue Nelson   

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