Notes from Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo's, 10th Birthday Party

by Sue Nelson, organizer


What a Spiritual Event. We were blessed this year with over 300 hundred visitors on this beautiful, 72-degree day.

The women were up till 2:00 a.m. the night before getting things ready, then up again at 4:00 a.m. The Women's Dawn Ceremony was right on time. Joy Buck, Ho-Chunk and a Buffalo Warrior Woman, shared her message with us. There were a lot of new faces and a lot of ones that have been there before. The ceremony was followed by morning coffee and rolls and bananas brought by friends. We sat around for a little while, and Art Shegonee of the Menominee & Potawatomi Nation did storytelling.

The noon feast was great, too. People brought food, and we had plenty to feed everyone who was there. Art Shegonee led a talking circle for the many people in attendance. Then Chuck Davis, Lakota, led us in a moving afternoon ceremony. He asked us not to forget the children, but to bring them back into the circle of life. After this, we enjoyed Miracle's birthday cake. There were no leftovers!

Art Shegonee and sculpture of Miracle

The Birthday Book compiled by Native Village friends was in attendance for the ceremonies and the party.

It seems like every year we are growing more as a group.  Again I want to thank all the volunteers who helped out, allowing me to also enjoy the activities.

Thank you to the Baymont Hotel for the rooms they donated for the Women Elders
Thank you to Joy Buck and Dorine BrownEagle , Lakota.  I was blessed by being with these great woman at the hotel.
Thank you to Art Shegoni and Chuck Davis.
Thank you to all who offered food donations.
A special thank you to the Heiders for letting us stay on the farm and help out, and for the breakfast and dinner Val Heider fixed before we left for home on Monday. They made us feel we were at home.

Dorine Browneagle, Sue Nelson, Joy Buck and friend

I want to share a special moment that happened while I was taking down my tent. Grandfather Jerry Hawk flew by and touched my face with his wing. I knew then I was in the right place and time. I took a different way home, and it was a good thing because there was a big accident on the road I usually take. Creator is with us all if we are paying attention. Thank you, Creator, for being in my Life!!!!

Love & Light,                                 
Sue Nelson         


Miracle's Birthday Cake

Dorine BrownEagle, Sue Nelson, Joy Buck

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