2005 Remembrances for Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo
By Debbie Rodgers and Sue Nelson



Editors note:  This page is dedicated to Sue Nelson, a longtime volunteer and friend of the Heider family and  Miracle.  Despite serious health problems, Sue has overcome challenges to travel to, appear at and help organize Miracle's national birthday and memorial events. She constantly inspires us with her love and enthusiasm, her remarkable upbeat attitude, and her faith in the people and in Creator.  Sue: from the Heiders, from Miracle's family and friends, and from all who care about Miracle and a better world, we extend our healing prayers and gratitude.  Megwich, Sister. We love you. 

Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo, was born August 20, 1994, and  passed away  September, 19, 2004.  In August and September, 2005, friends gathered at the Dave and Valerie Heider farm in Janesville, Wisconsin, to honor Miracle's birthday, then later to remember her passing. 

August, Miracle's Birthday

During Miracle's birthday celebration, many people appeared over the course of the day.  Most were familiar faces who warmly welcomed new friends and folded them ' into the flock like family.  Art Shegonee, from the
the Menominee & Potawatomi Nation, led a talking circle at the gravesite. Laura Sobey made a wonderful lasagna lunch for everyone which included salads and garlic bread. Teri Csanady made soup, and others brought dishes to pass.  Sensing our great fellowship around the evening fire, we agreed to do it again next year.

Also, Miracle's body was mounted and placed in her farm museum just in time for her birthday celebration.  Even those who had reservations about her mounting remarked that Miracle’s body looks exactly like her, and they were glad that the Heiders had it done.  At the talking circle, Mr. Shegonee discussed the fact that as a result of this, the physical evidence of Miracle’s existence will be preserved for future generations.

September: Miracle's Memorial Ceremony

September 18: On Sunday morning, with  help from Teri Csanady,  Sue Nelson performed a brief ceremony.  She asked participants to share what Miracle had meant to them.  Chuck Davis did an afternoon pipe ceremony with Rocco Sherman’s help. Chuck’s mom, Doreen Brown Eagle was the elder there.  There was also a give-away  from Val Heider in the early evening.  Again, guests enjoyed Laura Sobey's lasagna and Teri's Csanady wild rice soup. Friends gathered around the evening fire, and several camped out at the farm for the weekend. Others stayed at nearby motels, including the Belmont Inn, which continues to honor Miracle by reducing motel prices for the friends and visitors who travel to Janesville to see her.

On Monday, a pipe was smoked.  We determined the year of grieving was ended, and now it is up for those of us remaining behind to carry on Miracle’s legacy.  We also honored Grandpa Gerry (Pierce) and all the other elders who left this past year.

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