You are invited to:
16th Birthday memorial for
miracle, the sacred white buffalo




August 20, 2010
Janesville, Wisconsin


White: August 20, 1994

Black: Early 1995

August 20th marks the 16th birthday of Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo, who passed into Spirit World in September, 2004.  Miracle was the manifestation of prophecy and carried a powerful message to Indian people, as well as all the world's people.  If you are not familiar with her story, please visit Miracle and Miracle's Second Chance or her official website, Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo.  

Once again Miracle's guardians, Dave and Valerie Heider, invite all to join them in honoring Miracle on Friday, August 20, 2010 -- her 16th birthday.  The Heiders' farm is open for those whose lives have been touched by Miracle in some way. You may offer prayers beside her grave or remember her in your own way.   All are welcome to sit around the fire and talk.

Red: June 1995

Miracle's small museum will be open to all. On display are the many gifts and offerings given her through the years.  Miracle, herself, will also greet you -- parts of her physical body were saved from burial, then mounted to be viewed for the seven generations to come. 

Yellow: November 1995

For those wishing to pay their respects, we welcome you and wish you a safe trip.  Please park in the Heider's driveway.  Seating is limited, so please bring lawn chairs. More information, including directions and phone numbers, is posted at the bottom of this page.

In our yearly tradition, Native Village is offering to collect your messages or prayers and compile them in a book to be held during Miracle's prayers and prayer ceremonies.  The book will then be housed inside her museum with the many tributes given to her from people across the world.

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2739 South River Road, Janesville, Wisconsin 53546
(608) 752-2224

Directions to Heider Farm:  Heiders

Lodging and other information can be found at Miracle’s Website - General Farm and Visitor Information Page

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