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The Sacred Buffalo: Miracle's Second Chance

August 20, 1994-September 18, 2004

 August 25, 2006-November 26, 2006

For several years Native Village and Native Village readers have joined the celebrations and memorials for Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo.  Share the memories with us!  Native Village honors Dave and Valerie Heider, the caretakers for Miracle and now for Miracle's Second Chance. Creator has chosen these two people for a reason.  Their integrity and altruism are a lesson for us all.

  Return of the White 
The return of Miracle, her prophecies, and the white animals who followed her

2012 Miracle's Birthday Wishes
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Meeting Miracle, the Sacred Legend
2010 Miracle's Birthday Wishes
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2008 Birthday Celebrations for Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo
2007, Birthday Celebrations for Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo Birthday
2006 Birthday Celebrations for Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo
  2006 Memorial Tribute to Miracle,  from Native Village friends  (book cover only)
  2004--Notes from Miracle's Birthday Party
  2003 Notes from Miracle's 9th Birthday Celebration 2002 Miracle's Birthday Trip
  1994: The Birth of Miracle



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A Second Chance for a Miracle

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 News Announcement: Miracle's Second Chance

Lightening Kills White Buffalo Calf

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  2004: Miracle Walks On

  Directions to Heiders' Farm

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