Dakota Kwiecinski

     Dakota Kwiecinski is three years old. Earlier this year the Navajo/Caucasian boy was diagnosed with Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis. HLH is a rare disorder primarily affecting young children.       
     A world-wide call for bone marrow donors began in May, 2003. After months of prayers, cells were found in an umbilical cord. Although not a perfect match, the new cells have been transplanted and Dakota is celebrating a healthy recovery and faces a good chance of survival.
     Dakotas mother and grandmother have honored Native Village  by sharing an update and pictures of this beautiful boy.  Please enjoy the information and photo pages, which have been designed with Dakotas favorite pictures, colors, and sounds.

From Dakota's mother, Tristan Kwiecinski:

    I'm Dakota's mother and I wanted to give you the good news about Dakota. His prospects for overcoming HLH are now very good. He was admitted to the Baby and Children's Hospital of New York on September 7. Her received a stem cell transplant using cells from an anonymously donated umbilical cord on September 16. Since then, we have been helping him in the healing process everyday. It would appear that his new stem cells are doing what they need to in the bone marrow. He is making new white blood cells and he his spirit is optimistic. He has a little beaded ball that he holds in the palm of his hand. It is beautifully designed in bright colors. When he holds it, I tell him to think about making new blood in his body to "get all better." He understands that he is healing. 

     The long hospital stay is difficult on us, however. We spend our days playing with toys and watching cartoons. Dakota is tired of the doctors and nurses checking up on him. He wants to go outside and play in the park. But he understands that he has to spend some more time getting better. 

      We will probably be in the hospital for at least another two weeks while he heals from some common complications of the transplant. The path to recovery from this disease is a long one, but we are traveling with beauty and love.

      I am very touched by the generosity that we have received. So many people I will never meet have prayed for my son and have helped us in so many ways. I will never really be able to say thank you to the individuals, so I thank the Spirit that unites every one of us in life. 

         Tristan Kwiecinski, Dakota's mother

Dakota's photo album with comments by his grandmother, Kathleen Holmes.

Dakota Kwiecinski Home Dakota saying Breakfast Prayers Dakota At Breakfast With Miss Indian World Dakota in Park Dakota After Transplant

Dakota' homepage: http://www.dakotakwiecinski.org/

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