Metis Song and Prayer

Li Bon Jeu, not Creatoer, li courage miyinauwn, paray chee itayhtamawk, kwayesh kapimouhtayhk, marsee chee itwayak ka kishcheetaimoyak.

God, our Creator, give us courage, let us be of one mind, make us righteous, thankful and proud.

Lee Michif Weechihik awnsawmbl chee atoushkaychik, sourtoo lee vyeu chee awpachihayakook li zhen chee kishnamawachik pour li tawn ki vyaen.
Help the Métis to work together especially utilizing our Elders as teachers and preparing our youth for the future.

Li Bon Jeu la diresyoon miyinawn, itayha chimiyouitayhtamak, li shmaen chee oushtawyawk pour la Nawsyoon dee Michif ota dans not Piyee.
Lord provide us with direction and inspiration as we build a road for the Métis Nation in this Country.

Sa prend lee famee di Michif chee shoohkshichik kispin la Nation di Michif chee shoohkawk.
We must have strong Métis families in order to have a strong Métis Nation.

Marsee d'twnanan.
Thank you and Amen.

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