The Girl Who Silenced the World for 6 Minutes

Severn Cullis-Suzuki was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. Her mother is author Tara Elizabeth Cullis. Her father is David Suzuki, a geneticist and environmental activist.

Today Severn is a world renown environmental activist, speaker, television host and author, but her fame began young in life ...

At age nine, Severn founded the Environmental Children's Organization for youth who are dedicated to teaching others about our environment.  In 1992 at age 12, Severn and other ECO members raised funds to attend the UN's Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro and speak to delegates.

There, a hushed and deeply moved audience listened to Severn's passionate and eloquent plea to protect our planet and world.  The next year, she was honored in the United Nations Environment Programme's Global 500 Roll of Honour

Severn's speech was taped and has since become a viral hit.  Enjoy.

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