Tamang Tradition

The Tamangs are an ancient and major indigenous people of Nepal. Many oral and written sources on Tamang history have been recorded which say the Tamang originated in Tibet. Today, they live mainly in the high hills north of Kathmandu. In the 2001 census, Nepal's Tamang population was 1,282,304 people --5.6% of Nepal's total population. 

The Tamangs have their own language, which they speak among themselves. The Tamang language is the fifth most used language in Nepal.

In the Tibetan language, "Tamang" means horse traders, which suggests that their ancestors traded horses with a northern community, the Newars, and later settled and intermarried among them. The Tamang are also good mountaineers and mountain-guides.

Tamangs are Lama Buddhists. They have gompas (monasteries) in every sizeable village and retain jhankris (shamans) in addition to their lamas (priests).

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