Quotes: Grandmother Bernadette rebienot

"Every morning at sunrise, I go near the forest. In Africa, nature and plants --those are our parents. The traditional medicine is as old as the world."

 "The modern medicine only considers the physical side of man. It has nothing to do with the spirit. But you can't drive a car without the engine."

 "So we are fighting to conserve the environment. This is our pharmacy. "

"Nothing happens in my country without consulting the woman. For the simple reason that the gentle power, the gentle strength, the conserver of our beliefs, is the woman".

 "We can't go backwards anymore."

 "Please, let's try to create this alliance, hand in hand."

"The night before last, I had prepared my altar on the ground and a woman spoke to me and she said to me, 'Woman, you are a woman like me.  Look at my belly, how it is.'  It was a star.  The star was so strong that it was difficult to look at, and in this light the woman spoke to me.  'You must pray. I don't know where, but what is sure - the Grandmothers will find a place for themselves'"  ...  The woman told me with a big voice, three times, "You must pray.  You must pray.'"
"For those perhaps who are listening to me, just look at nature simply.  By looking at nature you can only believe in the existence of something greater than yourself."

I converse with the wind. Everything is air. I call the wind as God. They sit with us and they sit on my tongue and they speak through me.

"What I do today does not surprise me. I saw it all a long time ago. I didn't deduct anything from all I saw, and I haven't added anything. The temple that we build is from all that is inside us. This little voice within that each one of us has is our own advisor."

"Disease is a foreign thing. It inhabits us to bother us into making necessary spiritual changes."

"We are the holders of this plants secrets."

"In Gabon, when the Grandmother speak, the President listens. There is war all around us, but there is no war in Gabon."

"This morning, as I watched a deer in these beautiful woods, a spirit called my name twice. The voice of the spirit assured me this is very very big work we Grandmothers are doing."

"The spirits of the forest of Gabon have said that we can't go backwards anymore. We don't have fear anymore. Time is short. Time is calling us. Spirit exists. It is much stronger than the body. ...spirituality is no different among the races. No one chooses where they are born. Only destiny. ... We all share ancestors because humanity is humanity."

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