Grandmother Julieta Casimiro Quotes

"If we're going to be able to speak our voice, and if our voice is going to be heard around the planet, and our voice is going to take wings, then [I am joining the Grandmothers."]

"In my homeland, in my village, there is violence. What is happening in my village is happening in the world."

 "In my village, there is violence, so I stay in prayer all the time."

"This is new for her, but she t
"We are all sisters in my house.  We're here together to pray for peace throughout the world."

 "The people are happy with the wisdom they gather.  They gather this wisdom and elevate themselves to the Lord to reach the light of understanding."

 "For the work to go well, I am always invoking God. This way the people feel well and are also able to express what they are experiencing."

“The work I do is good. I always invoke God and the earth, the rivers and mountains- and of course the angels and saints- with songs and prayers in my maternal language, Mazatec.”  =

"We pray for peace for all people."=

"All of us here want the same thing. We want to walk in peace, and we want no more war. We don't need war. All the suffering and pain that is going on in the world, especially of little children and elders, really hurts me inside. Our Mother Earth is hurting. They are destroying our Mother Earth. They are destroying our Mother. They need to have respect for Her. We need to walk with respect, especially during these times we are living in now.  I pray hard all this time for this to change."

"We need to keep hope alive. It is like a never-ending story. In my village there is violence. What is happening in my village is happening in the world. At this moment, we need our faith. We need to make that faith stronger so we can continue doing our spiritual work and continue helping others.


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