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Quotes by Grandmother Margaret Behan

"My parents were not able to be there for me.  But, in our culture, we don't have aunts and uncles. We have a lot of mothers and fathers, so I have been parented, even though my own [parents] often needed to be absent."

" I had my first grandchild fifteen years ago, and my aunts remembered the grandmother blessing, so they all ordained me to grandmother-hood.

"My people, we make relations immediately, and son - we need to talk about the pain. We need to talk about solution; how we are going to heal this wound.  So, grandson, by you having courage to come to the world and to talk…talk to the Grandmothers, the world, about your feelings, that is the beginning.  That is where the healing will start.".

"I feel like as a Grandmother, I am a warrior for life."

"Even before I was born I was prayed for.  My mother wanted to have another baby, so my grandfather had a pey
ote ceremony. I was the third generation to be conceived through the medicine, and I have been brought up with the medicine. Peyote has been an integral part of my life."

"My father would tell me how the Creator loved us so much that he gave us a star and the star was the fire, so we are the Star People. He also told me that the Eagle is really an angel, and I should always pray to him. These gifts from the Creator have helped me to be here now."

 "If someone is dealing with anger, they go through the whole process of being angry. The counselor follows them all the way through. Medicine men and women do the same thing."

"We can turn back to being the very powerful people we were. Powerful people are free and liberate people ... I know the ancient ways that we bring to this table from each of our traditions will make a difference.

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