Quotes: Grandmother Maria Alice Campos Freire


"Our sacred plants that are healing so many people that come from all over the world. They are not respected."

"When you say, 'the moment is now,' we have to put our voice, this is what we have to do, I believe."

"I am happy to live on the earth. To live in harmony with all creatures."

" When we met first time, the grandmothers, we all of us we cried and we, we had this feeling, all of us, we shared this feeling of, uh, being guided."

" We are living this kind of big imbalance in the world, but so many beautiful things are happening."

" You are flowers in my heart.  I always pray very early in the morning, during the whole day for everything I do I am praying.  And my way of praying is almost singing.  The fire sings, the wind sings, the water sings, the earth sings, so we sing also to give thanks to Creator."

"In our prayers, our spirit is powerful, it's global presence, and so when we pray together it can transform any kind of disagreement energy, because this intention is absolute."

"We are not invited to be alive on this planet just only to suffer, but to blossom." 

"We have all arrived at the point where we are very sure about what is good for us, what is good for humanity. ... We have this force and certainty about what is good for all of us humans. We know we don't need violence, money, struggle, or competition. We just need to surrender and consecrate God's Creation. We need to be happy, love one another, and receive what God has to give us

"I am thankful for this Holy Mother, our planet the Earth, who received all of us, for the destiny we have here to be this channel for eternal live in receiving the knowledge from our ancestors to give to future generations.

"I believe we have all been guided to be here, and we will be guided to do what we came here to do. We cannot say we are of this race or that one. We have all been everything in our many lives, and now our paths cross for us to connect from many different faiths and cultures. But we are all the same flame in life."

"Whenever it seems we are moving in different directions, something comes up and we are drawn together."

 "Humans have so much to clean out psychologically to match the peace and beauty of the forest.  Our community is dedicated to bringing ... happiness to people, to show that such joy is possible. We are happy, because we are devoted."

I am collecting confirmation of prophecies that I have heard since I was a child from old people in my country. This prophecy about the Brazilian land-- that we would be a land to join all cultures, all faiths, all religions peoples of the world to be in to peace. And this we are seeing in our country.

"Although we are old ones, our voice is very important for the world at this moment. The misunderstanding in this world is that some men think they are very big. We are small ones with this love, which is the only big thing we have. We can give good words for the world. I have a very big faith that we are able to change something that we are going to be able to give hope for our next generation. "   

 "All of my grandmothers lived on another level and this is what I am, also/ I live more on those level, too. I live much more with the grandmothers on the other side ... [They] are my spiritual group and a very strong influence in my life."

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