The INNstitute at Sedona Gathers Visionary Native Americans, Scientists and Futurists in Sedona Arizons

Mona Polacca At Forum In Sedona Arizona
Mona Polacca, Hopi/Havasupai, speaks of the journey to unity.

Sedona, AZ: The INNstitute at Sedona, a forum for uplifting evolutionary ideas in Sedona, gathered an international group of visionaries at the VISIONING THE FUTURE forum on personal and planetary transformation in January, 2008.

The Wise Ones came together for the first time and shared stories and cosmologies late into the night.

The unique daylong workshop combined heretofore disparate perspectives into a cohesive whole, showing a path to peace and freedom.

Incans Wachan Bajiyoperak and Martika Qorichayna with their young daughter Shiqwarkenty brought the South American Condor’s message of unity to this gathering of North American Eagles: Ralph Abraham, Ph.D., mathematical philosopher and a father of Chaos Theory; John Renesch, internationally-recognized business futurist; Woody Vaspra, Hawaiian Elder and President of The World Council of Elders; Chief Sonne Reyna, Yaqui elder, musician and messenger of Peace; Mona Polacca, Hopi/Havasupai elder and member of the 13 International Indigenous Grandmothers, Sakina Blue-Star, Sedona wisdom-keeper and Uqualla, Havasupai Spiritual Emissary. 

Incan Messengers brought the music and vision of the South American Condor to the Gathering of Eagles at the Sedona Creative Life Center.

“We will only have a future to the degree to which we can imagine a sustainable and peaceful future,” states Ralph Abraham in IN SEARCH OF THE FUTURE.

Sean Ahearn, Director of the 30-year old Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa, came from California. Pamela Rolfs, daughter of visionary philanthropist Henry Rolfs, and a founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, came from Virginia.  The local visionaries and others each contributed their input to the mosaic of ideas that began a process of envisioning the peaceful, joyful, abundant future that is our birthright. A perfect ear of Hopi blue corn was passed around as a “talking stick” and each member of the forum gave his or her vision of the future.

“This forum intended to bring each person’s piece of the puzzle together to form a picture of the future we cannot see yet and won’t see until we each rise into our highest selves and come together and in the words of Grandmother Kitty, Nakota Elder, ‘Fit the pieces of the hoop together and create the hoop of life,’” states Marlow, long-time creator of forums for visionary Native American Elders.

Marlow has been creating these forums since 1990 when she first came in contact with Wallace Black Elk, Lakota Elder. "When we come together with the indigenous peoples as equals, as family,” continues Marlow, “and we each open our hearts and our minds to the other, the melding of our gifts will bring a new perspective that is invisible at this time. This new perspective will allow us to see the path to true unity, peace and freedom."

The forum began on a clear, cold January morning with a blessing ceremony in the Peace Garden at the Sedona Creative Life Center. The group gathered in front of a large bronze replica of Mother Earth and a four-direction pole asking for Peace on Earth in several languages. Incan dancers brought ancient song and blessings from their land.

Woody Vaspra spoke a Hawaiian blessing chant, Sonne Reyna offered tobacco to the Earth, Mona Polacca offered water and Uqualla called in the ancestors of the land and reminded us that life is good.

This set the stage for the daylong discussion during which John Renesch encouraged humanity to step into its power. Ralph Abraham spoke of the importance of this time in history as seen in mathematical formulae –a bifurcation potentiality – where each person’s choices make a difference in the matrix and the Butterfly Effect is in full force: we can each influence the future with our thoughts and actions.

There was a common thread shared by the Wise Ones at the forum who represented a cross-section of the human experience, from Peruvian Incan messengers to an American business executive:  A vision of a broader reality than the one that is plaguing our lives as we struggle with the challenges of our times.  The distinguishing features of this reality are unconditional love, connectedness, transformation, awakening and an evolutionary leap in consciousness.

Woody Vaspra spoke of unity and the power of this time to bring humanity together. Sonne Reyna asked that humanity stop pretending it is something it isn’t and acknowledge the love and magic that we are. Forum organizer Marlow suggested that the group sing the words to the song “Imagine” and understand that they actually describe the true nature of things. Forum moderator Bailey pointed out that we are all one, simply different aspects of the same consciousness and that each person brings vital wisdom to the circle.

The following summarizes the message that came out of the daylong forum. These words are taken from the visions spoken during the day:

A powerful time of synthesis exists now for humanity to come together to create a new future:

Messengers from throughout the Americas gathered in Sedona. In this unique time in history when one person can shift reality, we can co-create a future for humanity that synthesizes the knowledge carried from the trust-based world of the ancient ancestors with the universal mathematical patterns expressed in the technology that is facilitating world-wide transformation and integrate the understanding that the Creator of all life guides our footsteps as we surrender to the perfection of all that is. The Future is NOW. We each carry a unique piece of the puzzle and must step into our authenticity and network and support each other. We must live together in gratitude for the Love that drives all things. It is a good day.

The day closed with an evening of music set to a slide show of Edward S. Curtis photographs and the screening of the film IN SEARCH OF THE FUTURE. 

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