Quotes: Grandmother Tsering Dolma Gyaltong

"When Tibet was still independent, women were very powerful. Uh, they could hold the spiritual teaching as the male teachers did. They were also, uh, active as warriors."

"I think  it's important that we have an organization that speaks for peace and for the well being of all that the Grandmothers are able to pass along  these teachings to the next generation."

"Make the Spirit that has not arisen in our heart arise, and when it arises, may it not diminish but increase."

“Every morning I get up and I pray for all sentient beings…humans, animals, even birds-- they all need happiness.”

"...We were a very happy people. Our minds were very happy. We could take care of many children. Many generations lived in one house."

 "Women had a difficult time in Tibet.  I was fortunate, being that I was a girl, to be sent to school. So, in gratitude I would read and write letters for women who couldn't."

"Our mind is what we have to be really happy within. If everyone really did a true spiritual practice, which develops into a positive mind, the world would not be in the dire situation we find it in today."

"As the Dalai Lama says, a child's first teacher is the mother. The mother is the one who teachers them right from wrong and how to be a good person in the culture. Children must be instructed and trained to be kind. They need to be taught to have reverence for life and for spiritual traditions. Such lessons are highly valued in Tibet."

 "People wish for happiness but do not find it.  A person might, through much suffering, gather a great deal of money during their life ... but money doesn't bring a person well-being in the end. The real problem is we do not love each other. We do not have this deep pure love that makes the positive connection. There's not enough of that"

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