Producer / Director
Carole Hart
is a television and film producer/writer. She won an Emmy as one of the original writers of Sesame Street. She and Marlo Thomas produced Free to Be ... You and Me, a Peabody Award-winning television special, children's album, and  best-selling book. She and husband, Bruce, created and produced Hot Hero Sandwich, an Emmy-winning NBC series for teens.
Carole's other credits include many movies and docudramas:  Sooner or Later, a movie with a top ten song and Platinum soundtrack album;  Leap of Faith,  about a woman who brought her cancer into remission through alternative means;  Our Heroes, Ourselves, [With Marlo Thomas] , a multi-award winning documentary.
Bruce Hart
was a producer, director, and screenwriter. He also wrote song lyrics including the title songs for Sesame Street, Free To Be...You and Me, and Bang the Drum Slowly. He and wife, Carole, created  the Psychology Today film series, Sesame Street, (Peabody Award) Free To Be...You and Me, and Hot Hero Sandwich (Emmy Award)
Bruce directed and wrote the book and lyrics for  Sooner or Later on NBC which introduced the hit song, You Take My Breath Away. His teleplay for Leap of Faith on CBS was nominated for best long-form drama from the Writers Guild of America.
Bruce Hart passed away on February 21, 2006. For the Next 7 Generations: The Grandmothers Speak is dedicated to him, with the blessings of the Grandmothers).
Roberta Morris Purdee has worked on  projects such as Down and Out In America (Academy Award), Nobody's Child (Marlo Thomas won an Emmy,) Wanted: The Perfect Guy, A Modern Fairy Tale, Baghdad ER (multiple Emmy's, DuPont Award for HBO,) and Talk, Listen, Connect for PBS. Other documentaries include the film, Wallowitch & Ross THIS MOMENT, and festival favorite Praying with Lior.
Director of Photography
Slawomir Grunberg
has been a contributing director of photography and editor for the PBS series Frontline, American Masters, NOVA, AIDS Quarterly and Health Quarterly. He has also worked for ABC, NBC, HBO, Lifetime and Discovery. Other works include School Prayer: A Community at War (EMMY), Legacy, (Academy Award Nomination), and Sister Rose's Passion (Tribeca Film Festival Winner, Academy Award Nomination).
Director of Photography
Geoffrey O'Connor
is filmmaker and writer. His film, AT THE EDGE OF CONQUEST, was nominated for an Academy Award. He works regularly for the BBC and has collaborated  with Michael Moore. His 1997 book, Amazon Journal: Dispatches from a Vanishing Frontier, was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year.
Director of Photography
Douglas Crawford
is  Peabody and Emmy award winner. He worked on the PBS film, Surviving Columbus: The Story of the Pueblo People and the TBS series The Native Americans. He's also worked for-Animal Planet, ABC, A&E. THE White House, WETA, and the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian.
Peter Buffett
is an Emmy-Award winning musician, producer, and composer. Peter scored the song Fire Dance for the Oscar-winning film Dances with Wolves (ACADEMY AWARD)  and contributed to the score for The Scarlet Letter. He composed the full score for the CBS miniseries 500 Nations, (EMMY) which Kevin Costner produced. Additionally, Peter created the soundtrack albums An American Portrait (EMMY)   and Ojibwe (EMMY). Buffet is a philanthropist who works with numerous organizations and charities
Susan Ades
has edited for
award winning directors including Douglas Keeve (Unzipped), Mirra Bank (The Last Dance), Lisa Ades (Miss America) and Carole Hart (Free to Be...You and Me, Hot Hero Sandwich). Her latest projects include  BLIND FATE SWING STATE and  FAST COMPANY.

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