Her Holiness H. H. Sai Maa Lakshmi devi
Adapted from "Grandmothers Council the World" by Carol Schaefer
Trumpter Books, 2006

Her Holiness, H. H. Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi is considered a blessed Indian Saint and revered spiritual teacher. Her Holiness was awarded a very rare and significant title, 1008 Mahamandleshwar, which means "Master of Many Ashrams."  H. H. Sai Maa is among the few women to ever receive this title. She is the only non-Indian to receive it in the title's thousands-of-year-old history.

H. H. Sai Maa was born of Indian Parents on the African island of Maurtitus. She was a very sensitive child who felt much pain over world injustices. It was like a knife piercing her heart. Her parents and teachers worried about her. 

"I was uncomfortable on this planet until I was fourteen," said H. H. Sai Maa, who knew she held answers for a better way of life. The problem was, her inner world transcended time and space; the outer world constricted her. But it soon became this unbearable contrast that brought to light her spiritual awakenings.

H. H. Sai Maa already had a strong spiritual background. Since age 4, she was visited by siddhas, a form of humans who visit through light. She also had memories of incarnations. And she trusted her inner deep feelings.

In her early 20s, H. H. Sai Maa visited Europe. She missed her family deeply. During intense sobbings, H. H. Sai Maa became closer to God and found herself hoping to find a way to uplift humanity and become a better human being.  "There is a perfection in all of us that we must tap into," she believes. "A consciousness of beauty, abundance, purity, and harmony.

 H. H. Sai Maa says it doesn't matter what your religion is. What's important is moving away from the material world and finding the Divine within ourselves. She believes we deal with two energies: hate (jealously, anger, disharmony) and love (peace and harmony.) Our hearts are constantly beating with one or the other. "There is nothing else," she says, "Everything in between is a mixture of the two.

Today H. H. Sai Maa has many disciples from across the world. Addressing the Grandmothers she said, "The grace of divine Love of the Great Mothers has brought us together again. Let us cherish each other with great respect."

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