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The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

  "We come together to nurture, educate and train our children. We come together to uphold the practice of our ceremonies and to affirm the right to use our plant medicines free of legal restrictions. We come together to protect the lands where our peoples live and upon which our cultures depend, to safeguard the collective heritage of traditional medicines, and to defend the Earth herself. We believe that the teachings of our ancestors will light our way through an uncertain future."

clara_shinobu_Iura.jpg (32638 bytes)
Grandmother Clara
Shinobu Iura

Amazonian Rainforest, Brazil
South America

Grandmother Maria Alice Campos Freire
South America

Grandmother Margaret Behan
North America


rita_pitka_Blumenstein.jpg (41622 bytes)
Grandmother Rita
 Pitka Blumenstein
Yupik Eskimo
Arctic/North America
beatrice.jpg (38345 bytes)
Grandmother Beatrice Long Visitor Holy Dance
Oglala Lakota
North America
ritaHolyDanceLongVisitor.jpg (38098 bytes)
Grandmother Rita Long
Visitor Holy Dance
Oglala Lakota
North America
Rebienot.jpg (4720 bytes)
ernadette Rebienot
Mona.jpg (31833 bytes)
Grandmother Mona Polacca
North America

Grandmother Agnes Baker-Pilgrim

Takelma Siletz
North America

Grandmother Julieta Casimiro
Mexico/North America
  Flordemayo.jpg (42286 bytes)
Grandmother Flordemayo
Central America

Grandmother Aama Bambo
tseringdolmagyalthong.jpg (4326 bytes)
Grandmother Tsering Dolma Gyalthong
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2009-2013 Grandmothers' Schedule
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Scenes from Dharamsala
Three scenes from the Grandmothers Gathering in Dharamsala, India,

Scenes from the Grandmothers' Gathering in Dharmsala, October, 2006
Online movie

world pulse magazine
The Grandmothers are on the editorial council of this effort to  unleash the power and leadership of women and youth through media.

THE center for sacred studies
Supporters and friends to the grandmothers

international Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers
Notes from the Fourth Council Gathering in Dharamsala, India on October 11-26, 2006

Grandmothering the World
 by Cassia Berman

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An beautiful tribute to the Grandmothers

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Joanna Hartcourt-Smith's trip with the Grandmothers

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Free online movie about the Grandmothers from Link TV.

Travel with the Grandmothers
See a prayer in motion

Turning Prayer into Action
An online video of the Grandmothers from Dharmansala, India

For the Next 7 Generations: The Grandmothers Speak
Meet the grandmothers in this video clip by Carole Hart

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june 2007 Grandmothers' gathering
A photo gallery

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Features Grandmothers Flordemayo, Beatrice, and Rita Blumenstein

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