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by R.C. Gorman 

"In the old days when a person got ready to be told a story, from the time the storyteller started no one there ever stopped to eat or sleep. They kept telling the story straight through till it was finished. Then when the story was through, the medicine man would tell all about the different medicines. There would be a basket of corn seeds there, and for each line that was spoken, that person who was listening would count out one corn seed. This way there would be sometimes two hundred corn seeds. Then that person would have to eat them all. If he could eat them, then he would remember all the words he had been told. If you fell asleep during this time, then the story was broken and was not good. That's the way we used to do."
Anna Price, Eastern White Mountain Apache

**Children of the Sun
The creation story of the Inkas

App for Chikasha Stories Volume One: Shared Stories
The book and the app are updated with sound and music.
**keeping History: Plains Indian Ledger Drawings
Ledger drawings, a style of visual history, developed by Native warriors from the Northern and Southern Plains in the late 19th century.

*Buffalo Hide Painting
Discover buffalo hide art and create your own painting!

**Youth Interviews Grandmother about Native American Childhood
Grandmother Diana Holder tells a story of racism and struggle as a Native American during the 1940s

**A sermon at the execution of Moses Paul, an Indian  who had been guilty of murder
Written in the 1700s by Samuel Occum  Mohegan
18th Century Letter Writing and Native American Community
Networks of literacy through which Native families cemented their connections across time and distance.
Help archive the wisdom of generations.
/**When Raven Stole the Moon
Watch the video
Developing Culturally  Revitalizing and  Sustaining Pedagogies through Storywork
Read the report
**Cherokee syllabary Braille code*
**7 indigenous comics creators you should know about
Some of the best graphic novel writers and artists from Canada.

Native American Heritage Month Reading Recommendations
From the First Nations Development Institute

Say Magazine's Fall, 2015 Issue
Download by November 6
Published by, and for, Canada's aboriginal youth.
Inca Creation Myth
Australian Aboriginal Creation Myth
**Native American Oral Storytelling & History
Pilgrims in Print: Indigenous Readers Encounter John Bunyan
For all its virtues, something was lost in translation.

*Native American Heritage Month Reading Recommendations
From the First Nations Development Institute

**12 Books By Indigenous Women You Should Read
Poetry, novels, short stories, memoir and young adult: These 12 books by Canadian aboriginal women are amazing reads.
Winds of Change Magazine 2015–2016 Special College Issue
**Nahkohenexahe: The Remarkable Story of Henry Littlewhiteman
As Told by Eugene Limpy

**Center for Digital Storytelling
 Develops programs that helps individuals rediscover how to listen to each other and share first person stories.

Coded Territories: Tracing Indigenous Pathways in New Media Art
Provides a historical and contemporary context for Indigenous new media arts practice in Canada.

**Creation Story: The Crawfish
Video storytells the legend of how Crawfish created the earth. Includes coloring pictures for the little ones!

**Little Ants Help Turtle
From the Choctaw Language Department

**Storyphone Smartphone App
Makes the recording, sharing, and preserving of  your stories available to anyone with a smartphone.

Canadian Aboriginal Books for Schools

aboriginal literatures in Canada
A teacher's Resource Guide
Strong Nations
Brings Indigenous Books into your lives

Storytelling Across the Nations

**Writings by Susette “Bright Eyes” La Flesche (Omaha)
From the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian
**Coyote and Eagle
A story-telling platform to learn, preserve, interact and share our diverse Native languages and cultures.

**Share Your Story
Learn and share information about Residential School experiences that were federally funded and operated by religious organizations across Canada.

**tales from the long house
Perry Ground (Turtle Clan, Onondaga) shares tales from the Longhouse during the NMAI's Winter Storytelling Festival

**Super Indian Comics
The Adventures of Super Indian, a Native American super-hero

Jingle Dancer
The discussion activities for the book  by Cynthia Leitich Smith

The Tears of the Indians: Being an Historical and True Account
A book written in 1656 by Bartholeme dé las Casas

**Mohawk Ghost Stories
Tim Johnson (Mohawk) shares ghost stories from his home community of Six Nations Reserve in Canada.

**We Read Too App
Over 300 books written by authors of color about people of color

**Winds of Change Summer 2014 edition
Read the online edition from the American Indian Science and Engineering Society

**Yellow Bird and the Thunder
On Finding the Earliest Known Poem by John Rollin Ridge, the First Native American Novelist

*Native Storytelling Festival: The Real Story of the Quileute Wolves
Chris Morganroth, a Quileute elder, tells traditional stories geared towards kids and families.

*Hiawatha and the Peacemakers
Watch the book trailer for Hiawatha and the Peacemaker, which features an original song by Robbie Robertson
Yellow Bird and the Thunder
On Finding the Earliest Known Poem by John Rollin Ridge, the First Native American Novelist
The Creation Story of the Maya
The Popol Vuh narrates the Maya creation story, the tales of the Hero Twins, and the account of the creation of the sky, the Earth, and all life.
**The Whales of Noepe
Womsikuk James (Wampanoag & Lakota) reads his winning essay from the 2014 Youth Native Writers Essay Contest
One of the first Native American women to publish traditional stories derived from oral tribal legend
**The Turtle Story, a Native American Account of Earthquakes
From the Gabrielino-Tongva Tribe

Lexiconography 1
Short poem written by Heid E. Erdrich  and translated into Anishinaabemowin by Margaret Noodin

Our Cause Will Ultimately Triumph
Examines the history of American Indian tribal sovereignty from a peoples' perspective

Zona Loans Arrow
Zona tells the story of her great grandmother who was captured by the Blood Band of the Blackfeet Nation.

TCJ and AIHEC Student Congress Poetry Slam
Watch the video!
**Sharing Traditions
Story and Audio by Mallory Black (Navajo)

Cultural Survival Quarterly
Read the latest issue online for free!

Native American Oral Traditional Evidence in American Courts: Reliable Evidence or Useless Myth?
A rule of evidence to guide American courts in making informed decisions regarding Native American oral traditional evidence.
**Assikinack, Legends and Traditions of the Odahwah Indians
**Santa Fe Indian School Students Explore Identity Through Verse
 Members of the Spoken Word Club articulate identities both modern and traditional.
**The Beginning They Told
The Cherokee creation story told in the Cherokee language
Oral History of the Dakota Tribes
As told to Col. A.B. Welch, the first white man adopted by the Sioux

theresa webb
The Anishinabee storyteller tells how she became a keeper of spirit flutes and produced healing music on them.

**Native American Plant Mythology

*The Duke Collection of American Indian Oral History
Interviews with hundreds of Indians regarding the histories and cultures of their respective nations and tribes

Standing Bear e-book
Free download from Itunes

Ka Wai Ola Newspaper
Newsletter from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.!

A  Life in Beads
The Stories a Plains Dress Can Tell

**Te Ata -- Chickasaw Storyteller
She performed at the White House, for the King and Queen of Great Britain, and on stages across the United States.

**Top Ten American Indian Books for Middle School
From American Indians in Children's Literature

**Wellbound Storytellers
Native people sharing their journeys to wellness

Anishinabemowin picture books

**Tribal College Journal Student
Tribal College Student Art, Writing, and Expression

**18th Inuit Studies Conference Guide 2012
Program from the event held at the Smithsonian
YOUth Magazine
The Spring, 2013 edition from International Youth Foundation
**Cultural Survival Quarterly
Read the Open publication online

**Discovering Our Story
Shares the stories of our people.

**Top Ten American Indian Books for High School
From American Indians in Children's Literature
Top American Indian Books for Babes
From American Indians in Children's Literature
**American Indians in Children's Literature
Top Ten American Indian Books for Elem School
From American Indians in Children's Literature
**Aboriginal On the Move
Digital storytelling by Aboriginal youth

Commentaries of the Inca
Perhaps the earliest and most important literary work of the Americas.

**Dakota Language Christmas Cards

**Storytelling in a digital age
Digital storytelling as an emerging  narrative method for preserving and promoting indigenous oral wisdom

**Seya’s Song
Using traditional Clallam words, a young Indian describes the surroundings and activities of the S'Klallam people

**Traditional Cherokee Stories
Why the Owl Has a Spotted Coat, Legend of the Wren, The Birds and the Animals Play Ball, and more!

**Active Circle Media
Videos from their Digital Storytelling Workshop and more!

**Native American Oral Traditions
Read the book online

**Inhabit Media
An Inuit-owned publishing company that promotes and preserves stories of the Canadian Arctic.
**The Girl Who Married the Moon
An animated Film created by the Alutiiq Museum
Tribal College Journal Digital Edition

**American Indian Library Association
Addresses the library-related needs of American Indians and Alaska Natives

**Audio Storybooks
Audio Stories in several Native Languages
**Myths and Tales of the Southeastern Indians
Stories from many SE tribes
**Online Native American Books with Full Text
From the WWW Virtual Library
**Maui and the Creation of the Islands
Watch the storytelling video
**ANPA Tribal Writers Digital Library
**Native American Night Before Christmas
An excerpt of a Christmas classic told from a Native American perspective
**Storytelling: Tales of Everyday Life Learning Center
A collection of storytelling lessons
**Native American Books Online
From the Open Library
**Virtual Books from the Louisiana Cultural Development
Read full books about the Tunica Trail, Caddo Indians, Poverty Point, and more

**The Eskimo Cookbook
Written by students from Shishmaref Day School in 1951. Are the recipes still used today?

**Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws: Tall TaLES
Check out the latest in the graphic novel series of youth which uses Traditional Ojibwe teachings
**Native Literatures: Generations
Original literature by indigenous writers form North America and Hawaii.
** International Storytelling Library
People across the world are turning to the ancient tradition of storytelling to produce positive changes on our planet.

**The Mashantucket Pequot Children's Library
Materials for youth by and about Native people of North America

*Talk Stories
Celebrates and explores Asian Pacific/American Indian/Alaska Native stories through books, oral traditions, and art.
***Memories of Naala Nappaaluk
Drawings and stories from students at Arsaniq School after meeting with community elder, Naala Nappaaluk.
*Storytelling and Culture
Learn about the roles of storytelling in different culture

**The Raven Story
Video: A Tlingit Story told by Shirley Kendall
The Raven Story

**Video: Miami-Peewaalia Winter Stories
From the 2008 Myaammiaki Conference

ANPA Tribal Writers Digital Library

**Family Stories from the Trail of Tears

**Indian Humor
Exhibit from the NMAI

**MesoAmerica's Classic Heritage
Read the book online

Wisdom of the Elders
Native American radio programs offering oral history and storytelling from indigenous elders along with special features

**Abraham's Diary
Listen to Abraham Ulrikab's diary, written during his time as part of a zoo exhibit in Germany during the 1880s.
Luci Tapahonso
The Navajo author and winner of several major awards
**Joseph Bruchac
His appearance at the National Book Festival at the Library of Congress

*The Wolf at Twilight
Listen to Public Radio interview with Kent Nerburn about his new book exploring American Indian Boarding Schools.

**Kitokiiaapii Tells the Elk Woman Story and more stories
Video from the Blackfoot Digital Library
**Telling the Story of Storytelling
An interactive knowledge quest from the Library of Congress

**Reading and Writing Indians
Native American literacy in colonial New England

Virgina Driving Hawk Sneve
A Rosebud Sioux tribal member who has written dozens of books.
Cynthia Leitich Smith
Smith is a children's author and enrolled member of the Creek Nation

A toolkit for Bridging Differences and Creating Community.

**Duke Collection of American Indian Oral History
Interviews (1967 -1972) conducted with hundreds of Indians in Oklahoma regarding the histories and cultures of their respective (and MANY) nations and tribes.

**National Storytelling Network
Serves individuals and organizations that use the power of storytelling in all its forms.

**International Children's Library
Featuring free online books for children across the world

**California Maidu Oral Histories and Music

Writing to Bridge the Mixed-Blood Divide
An American Indian Perspective

Simple Memories as Poetry
by Ofelia Zepeda a Tohono O’odham poet and educator

Teaching the Art of Being Human
Ancient Indigenous Storytelling Thrives

**Reclaiming Our Heritage: The Monacan Indian Nation of Virginia  
Online video: The story of the Monacan People

**Doris Jean Lamar, Last Wicheta Speaker
Doris Lamar tells a Wicheta story in the Wicheta and English Languages

Surviving Lewis & Clark: The Nimiipuu Story   
Online video: The history of the Nimiipuu (Nez Perce)

**A Clatsop Winter Story 
Online video: The Clatsop of Oregon welcomed traders and  explorers  they called  “cloth men.”

Proving Up and Settling Down: Stories of Life in Hells Canyon    
Online video: Stories told by historians including Horace Axtell, descendent of Chief Joseph's band of  Nez Perce;

The River Has Many Stories.   
Online video:  Conveys the value of cultural sites in Hells Canyon from the Native American perspective.
**Storytelling Project
Analyzes race and racism through storytelling and the arts

**1400 Native American Legends
Organized by tribe

LitSite Alaska
athering place for families , teachers and community members to share their stories

The Reading Circle
A free tribal teacher workshop online for reading
Mirrors and Windows
The native experience in literature for children and young adults in K-12 classrooms.
“Rabbit’s Wish for Snow” story
Listen to the Narragansett story
**Pahin Sinte Children's Library
Watch the online video of opening day

**Jane Johnston Schoolcraft
The first known American Indian literary writer

**House Made of Dawn
Watch an interview with author N. Scott Momaday about his award-winning classic.

YOUTh Magazine
A magazine of the International Youth Foundation

**Storytelling: Performance and Art
Introduces students to narrative traditions and storytelling from Alaska, Hawaii, and other cultures

**The Story of Flies High
Hear the story in the Arapaho or English language

The Indian Sentinel
Collection of magazines from 1902-1962 about Native Americans and their evangelization by the Catholic Church.
Storytelling: Tales of Everyday Life
Audio Storybooks
Audio Stories in several Native Languagesmaterials/story_books.html
**Maui and the Creation of the Islands
An online video features storyteller Kealoha Kelekolio
Storytelling: Writer's workshop:
Draws on student understanding of different types of narratives to inspire and enrich their own storytelling. I
The Voyage of Kealoha
Video story about Hawaii's whale hunters
Oral Traditions
Online video features Cecilia Kunz, a Native elder from the Tlingit people of Southeast Alaska,

The Raven Story
Online Video as told by  Shirley Kendall (Eagle Moiety), originally from the Alaskan village of Hoonah

**The Jade Canoe
Bill Reid tells the dramatic legend behind his masterpiece the Spirit of Haida Gwaii
**Melt the ice in the heart of man
Ancient prophecy told by the Eskimo-Kalaallit

American Passages: A Literary Survey
Features of the work of Simon Ortiz, Leslie Marmon Silko, and Luci Tapahonso

Mark Anderson on Brazilian Literature
Video from the Library of Congress

**Red Ink Magazine
Highlights Native American poetry, short stories, creative non-fiction, scholarly articles, artwork, poetry, and photography

A World Fit for Chipmunks and Other Living Things
A free online coloring book.
The Expanding Canon: Teaching Multicultural Literature in High School
Discover the work of Native authors such as James Welch.

The River Has Many Stories

**A Yupiaq Worldview
 Memories of a Yupiaq grandmother's teachings compared with science taught in Western schools.

**Share Your Story
Share your story by submitting your memory of a place or landscape to which you feel connected.

Rare Book Room
Examine and read some of the great books of the world."

Hopi and Seminole Stories
David Washington tells Hopi and Seminole Stories.

YOUth Magazine
Offers interviews, personal stories, and essays focused on youth development around the world.

**International Children's Digital Library
The mission is to have every culture and language represented so we can appreciate children's literature from the world

The Escape
Author Harvey Arden reads from Leonard Peltier's PRISON WRITINGS: MY LIFE IS MY SUN DANCE

**Hopi Water Wisdom
Hopi Elder Vernon Masayesva shares stories of the Hopi relations with water.

Nehiro-Iriniui Aiamihe Massinahigan Uabistiguiatsh, 1767
This prayer book in Montagnais (Innu) was the first book published in an Indian language in Canada.

The Cherokee Beetle Bailey

**Diaries and Religious Texts Written in the Mohegan Language, 1902-1904
Written by Fidelia Fielding, the last speaker of the Mohegan-Pequot language

Mamvsse Wunneetupanatamwe Up-Biblum God, 1685
A translation of the Bible into the Natick dialect. This is the first Bible in any language published in North America.
**A Primer for the Use of the Mohawk Children
An 18th century bilingual attempt to teach Mohawk children the alphabet and Christian doctrine.
Kamloops Wawa. Kamloops, British Columbia, 1891-1923
A mimeographed newsletter offering "Indian news" in English, a  Chinook jargon, and the jargon written in Duployan shorthand
**Dakota Word Book
The Wicoie Wowapi
Book of Marriages from the Convent of Quauhquechola, 1620-1639
A record of local marriages written in the Nahuatl language
**American Indians in Children's Literature
The Healthy Aboriginal comic books series dealing with Aboriginal health issues
Rabbit and Bear Paws
A humorous and amazing comic strip by Chad Solomon of the Ojibway First Nation in Ontario!

**Navajo Spaceships, Star Mountain and Rez Memories
Many wonderful stories in this online writing journal by John Rustywire

**“The Cooking Spirit” story
As told by Rosella Goodwill Archdale, Lakota

**American Indian Fairy Tales (audio)
Collected by Henry R. Schoolcraft and retold by William Trowbridge Larned Read by Chip

Podcast: Around the Corner
Reflections on a different approach to digital storytelling in K-12 schools
**The Song My Paddle Sings
Offers fourteen audio versions from the collection Flint and Feather by E. Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwake,) Mohawk.

In Beauty May I Walk James Curran
A audio setting of a traditional Navajo poem recorded in 1995 in Glasgow,Scotland.

Joy Harjo lecture, Native American women writers, August, 1985
Audio of Harjo's talks about Native culture, history, oppression, and worldview
Pt 1:
Part 2:

**Lone Dog's Winter Count
The oral culture and history-keeping of the Nakota people, who made the Lone Dog winter count.
Bridges to Understanding
Teaching photography, technology and digital storytelling to youth

Peace Party
Learn more about the graphic novel.

**The Truth Comes Out on the Air
A groundbreaking broadcast of elders.

.... Ndé Migration Story
By apachean Elder Bernard Second of Mescalero

Apache Captive
By Meredith Begay, Lipan Apache

**The Water Song Story
Told by elder Corbin Harney

Life's Purpose
By Meredith Begay, Lipan Apache

“Rabbit’s Wish for Snow” story
Listen to the story by Tchin, a Narragansette from the Northeast Woodlands
**The Five Sacred Medicines story
Told by Hoskie Benally,  Diné (Navajo) spiritual leader

**Idaa trail
Listen to a story as the Dogrib travel their traditional routes
**Olelo No'eau
Proverbs of Hawai'i
**Black Indian Interviews
Interviews with more than 25 Black Indians
**Storytelling of the North Carolina Indians
From the Lumbee, Cherokee, Occaneechi
Rosella Archdale
Listen to Rosella tell of the past traditions that live on in her kitchen today, and learn about  the sacred herb,  sweet grass.
**Hoskie Benally
Listen to Hoskie tell the story of “The Five Sacred Herbs,” and learn more about Navajo beliefs, language and the sacred relationship to their lands.
Find out how and where Tchin first learned his stories, the ways he enriches his own cultural knowledge, and the history of the Narragansett’s land reclamation.
Many Voices
Native American stories are as varied as the trees on the Earth and yet have many common themes.
Native Voices
Features distinguished Native American authors
** Artifacts & Fiction: Workshop in American Literature
How Native American Pomo baskets enhance American literature text
** Native American Author James Welch
* Native American Author Mourning Dove
North American Native author Joseph Bruchac
** Literary Visions
Interview with N. Scott Momaday, who discusses Native American mythology in his Pulitzer Prize-winning book, "House Made of Dawn."
** North American Native author Laura Tohe
Native American Author N. Scott Momaday
**Storytellers Online
Resources for and about Native American Storyt/storytellers/
North American Native author Shirley Sterling
World Myths and Legends in Art:
Mayan Rattle in the Form of a Ballplayer
Digging up the Past
Audrey and Adrian Chase's diaries about their work at a dig site in the ancient Mayan city of Caracol
U. Of Virginia Library Etext Center
Offerings on many older texts regarding American Indians.
**A Critical Bibliography on North American Indians
Compiled by the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History
Native American in Basal Reading Texts: Are There Enough?
**Whaling: A Way of Life
A free online book based on the traditional knowledge of David Umigluk Frankson
The Legend of the White Buffalo Calf Woman
World Myths and Legends in Art:
Navajo Ketoh (Wrist Guard)
World Myths and Legends in Art:
Lakota Woman's Dress
**Mayan Mythology
Mayan among the ruins--an interactive website
World Myths and Legends in Art:
Haida Chief's Rattle
**The Indian Bible 1661, 1663, 1680 1685
The first complete Bible printed in America was translated into the Natick-Algonquin language called Massachusetts.
*The Indian Reading Series:  Stories and Legends of the Northwest
A downloadable collection of authentic materials developed for Indian children by Northwest Indian people
**My Life with Leonard J. Mountain Chief, Blackfeet Elder from NW Montana
Read the entire book online
*Spirit of Trees
A collection of folktales, poetry, and essays which have tree-related themes.
Cherokee-Blackfoot stories
An interesting perspective on what Blackfoot (NOT the Blackfeet Nation) may mean.
*The Snake that Lived in the Santa Cruz Mountains and Other Ohlone Stories
A collection of Native American legends from the Monterey region of California in an online book.
*Tjatjakaymatchan (Coyote)
An online book and legend that explains why the coyote howls at night.

IHS Native American Tales
From Wigwam Evenings: Sioux Folk Tales Retold and Indigenous Peoples' Literature
*La fábula quechua
An online Quechan tale written in the Quechan language
*IHS Recommended Native American Lore
Native American Indian Lore from several Tribes across Turtle Island.
*How did we get here?
An online collection of true and make believe stories about Jamaica's history and culture.

Sione's talo
An online story about Sione who found a huge talo growing on his plantation
Magic dogs of the volcanoes = Los perros mágicos de los volcanes
An online book about magic dogs that protect the Salvadorean villagers and how they are saved by two ancient volcanoes
 Indian Storytelling for Christmas
Video Archive from the Tillie Hardwick Lecture Series
CA Indian Storytelling
Video Archive
From the Tillie Hardwick Lecture Series
* Caribbean Children's Literature
   Includes descriptions of collections of stories, proverbs, picture   books, poetry, and other children's books on the Caribbean.
Aiani and the Pia Ghost
An online Maori Book about Pia, a sacred food, and protecting it from the ghost.
**Native Literature
Children's Books about Native Americans
**The Tale of Mong the loon and Kaikak the hawk
Hear the Ojibway legend, Why Birds go South in Winter, about how a lacross game resulted in the onset of winter.
Sisters in the Blood
Read the book online
*On Tribal Beliefs and Traditions Surrounding the Rice Harvest
By Paul Schultz, Ojibwe tribal elder
Tracking Sasquatch
Rene Dahinden seeks the elusive giant man-ape of the North American wilderness. (TV; runs15:00)
**Getting Started in Oral Traditions
Research Oral traditions research--free, and online
Examining Multicultural Picture Books for the Early Childhood Classroom
Possibilities and Pitfalls
Project Gutenberg Consortia Centers
Helps people legally exchange eBook collections under the various new copyright laws.
On the Relationship Between Rice and People
By Paul Schultz, Ojibwe tribal elder
Moore video from the Library of Congress Bookfest
The cybercast of Marijo Moore, Eastern Cherokiee author and Native Village advisor, reading from her latest novel.
The Role Elders Play in the Rice Harvest
By Paul Schultz, Ojibwe tribal elder
Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers
Bringing the oral storytelling and written traditions of Indigenous Native literature to students atall educational levels.
River Otter Pack (Sacred Pipe) goes to Italy
The historic lands and generous, amazing people of Italia give as good as they got.
Sister Nations
Heid E. Erdrich and Laura Tohe and others discuss their book on this online cybercast
A native storyteller relates a legend about Nokomis, Winona and the birth of the shape-shifting spirit Nanabozho. (Radio; runs 9:46
Smithsonian Folklife and Oral History Interviewing Guide
Guidelines for collecting folklife and oral history from family and community members
*Omushkego Oral History Project
Louis Bird, Aboriginal scholar and  storyteller shares samplings of Omushkegowak stories.
* Caribou Man
Download the book for young children
Works for Children & Adults, 1800-1872
Provides transcriptions of lesser known book and magazine materials from American children's literature from 1800   to 1872,
Pablo Neruda
Chilean poet Pablo Neruda who won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1971
Buffalo Robe and the Internet Turtle
A story about the very early Internet. It involves raising money over an internet newsgroup to gift a tribal elder a Buffalo Robe.
Stories of the Sacred Pipe(Volume 24, Fall 2001)
Parts One and Two. Summer 2001. 38 pages lavishly illustrated.
*Taos Pueblo Day school stories
Historical fiction stories by fifth grade students researched by talking to parents, elders, and educators
Internet Turtle and the Sword of Heaven
 Describes a series of 4 sacred ceremonies involving the Sacred Pipe and a Sacred Sword being used in a Shinto World Ritual for peace.
Found Magazine
Features lost photos, notes, homework, love letters, audio and other things.
*Ha'i Mo'olelo - Hawaiian Storyteller
Stories about Hawaiian history, people, culture, sovereignty and land; features an interactive discussion area.
*Story Corps
Listen to extraordinary stories from extraordinary lives.
*The Native American Bedtime-Story Collection
Bedtime stories from many nations
*Monacan Nation
Stories from the tribe's chief, historian and two elders include the 1608 encounter with Captain John Smith .
*America's Story from America's library
Interactive website exploring history of the U.S. from the Library of Congress
*Yomumul and The Tall Tree
Anita Endrezze tells a traditional Yaqui creation story of female Creator,
*Zona Loans Arrow
The story of Zona's Dakotah great grandmother who was captured by the Blackfeet in the late 19th century
*Healing Story Alliance
A story dat base searchable by author, title, format, and category.
*Beyond the Fire
Stories of teenaged refugees from seven worldwide war zones
International Journal of American Linguistics
A world forum for the study of all the languages native to North, Central, and South America.
An online book for children about the importance of water and how to find it for the Inupiaq people
In Motion Magazine
Multicultural, online U.S. publication about democracy.
*The Native American Bedtime Story Collection
Whimsical Bedtime Stories for Children of All Ages
Story of Gramma Sophie
Athabascan Rose High Bear tells the story of Gramma Sophie and her early twentieth century life along the Yukon and Kuskoquim Rivers of Alaska.

Turtle Island Storytellers:
the Dakota legend of the old woman who lives in the sacred earth in an ancient cave with her dog
*Turkey Girl
Story of the Pueblo orphan girl who was honored by the wild turkeys she watched over
*Grandmother Cedar.
Johnny Moses, Tulalip, tells the story of the lonely little tree
Studies in American Indian Literatures
The only scholarly journal in the United States that focuses exclusively on American Indian literatures
**Joseph Bruchac audio stories
Listen to traditional American Indian stories as told by author Joseph Bruchac.
Directory of Open Access Journals
Free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals.
Being Indigenous -- Storytelling
Mapuche, Atacameino legends and more at this animated website.
Renaissance Indian Magazine
Title: Stories of Dreaming
stories based on "dreamtime" when the universe was created and the Australian culture and the ethics became based on oral tradition
PIKA: Canadian Children's Literature Database
Provides bibliographic information for the over 35,00 titles held in the National Library's Canadian Children's Literature Service Collection
Circle of Stories
Uses documentary  film photography, artwork and music to honor and explore Native American storytelling
Christmas Alphabet
Native Writers Digital Text Project
Thousands of long-lost or never-found novels poems histories articles and other written works by Native writers
The Osage:  A Historical Sketch
Writings by the founder of The Osage Magazine, which later became The Oklahoma Magazine.
Indian Voices from the Trail of Tears
A collection of writing by American Indians who were involved with the removal of Indigenous Nations from their traditional homelands in the nineteenth century.

The Newspaper Writings of Susette La Flesche
Nationally known speaker and writer who helped publicize the Poncas’ plight and to establish Standing Bear’s right to remain in his homeland.

Antiquities of the Cherokee Indians.
Compiled from the Collection of Rev. Daniel Sabin Buttrick, Their Missionary from 1817 to 1847;

Selected Works of Charles Gibson
Historic ritings by a Muscogee newspaper and short story writer
Three California Writers
Three California Indians reflect ideas shared by their peers and give us a rare glimpse of a special time and place in American history.
Serving Native American First Nation Youth Populations in Libraries
Presented on June 21, 2003, during the 2003 ALA Annual Conference:
Selected Works of Mabel Washbourne Anderson
Writings by the granddaughter of John Ridge, the well-known leader of the Treaty Party of Cherokees.
American Memory website of American Notes: Travels in America, 1750-1920
253 published narratives by Americans and foreign visitors recounting their travels in the colonies and the United States.
Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography
Over 2,000 articles, books, and other sources t useful in understanding scholarly electronic publishing efforts on the Internet.
Words Without Borders
Promotes international communication through translation of the world's best writing
World of Reading
An open collection of book reviews written by kids
International Youth Parliament (IYP)
A monthly newsletter distributed in over 150 countries.
Literature for Children
A full text online collection of children's books.
Redwire Native Youth Magazine:
For native youth, by native youth. 
Handbook on Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property  
Intellectual property concepts and exercises to help identify and classify types of knowledge, cultural aspects, and community goals related to specific knowledge claims.
Mammoth Trumpet 
Quarterly news from the Center for the Study of the First Americans
Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
award-winning site is "an   interactive, menu-driven, online writer's guide and
   handbook" designed "to be useful for all writers, from    inexperienced to advanced."
Tribal College Journal
For everyone interested in American Indian Higher Education 
2003 Spring issue of EMME 
The Electronic Magazine of Multicultural Education has articles, children's books, websites and videos., and more.
   The next STEP Magazine
The ultimate website for life after high school.
The Electronic Magazine of Multicultural Education
Understanding Native Perspective
Encompasses essays, articles and book excerpts about the world as seen through Native eyes by primarily Native authors.
Cherokee Bible Project
An effort to share the Scriptures in the Cherokee language in an accessible digital format.
The Indigenous Global Writing Exchange
Enjoy monthly selections from indigenous youth writers around the world.
Ancient mexico
 Ethnic and Special Audience Newspapers of the Pacific Northwest
   A listing of ethnic and special audience newspapers produced in Washington State, Oregon, Montana,    Idaho, Alaska , British Columbia  and the Yukon.
Speakers of the Earth
Publishing, Producing and Promoting American Indian Languages and Cultures.
Free Children's Books Offered Online
Thousands of children's books from 100 different cultures available for free to kids around the world. 
Circle of Stories
Documentary film, photography, artwork and music to honor and explore Native American storytelling
"A Turtle"Story in the Highland Chortal Language
Told by Clemente Zarate of the Mountain Tesquistlateco, Hokan
  A World of Books
Important and interesting books published abroad that an American public may have  "overlooked." From the Library of Congress.
Native American Voices 
First person writing and reports about Native American, from times of European Invasion until today
A Turtle Story in the Highland Chortal Language
Told by Clemente Zarate of the Mountain Tesquistlateco, Hokan
The Indian Territory
By Henry L Dawes. 1900
Legends of the Kiowa
The Kiowa Indians of southwestern Oklahoma were one of the tribes known as Plains-type tribes
Recent Writings by American Indians circa 1902
American Indian Myth Poems
Books, Literature, Storytelling 
Campfire Stories with George Catlin: An Encounter of Two Cultures
Uses art, artifacts, and texts to bridge American history, environmental conservation, and multicultural studies
Blackfeet Tales
The Blackfeet are made up of three tribes; the Siksika, the Blood, and the Piikani (later corrupted to Piegan.
Circle of Stories
Meet storytellers, hear their thoughts on oral tradition, access classroom resources, browse a multimedia gallery, and more
Over 400 historical and current maps of Indian country
Public Domain Works
Books available for printing 
Page by Page
Electronic versions of hundreds of the "best public domain books, available in easy to read format.

Yellowstone Animal Alphabet
"D" is for deer, "M" is for moose and "Y" is for yellow-bellied marmot.
Legends and Storytelling from Canadian First Nations
[Click "Kids" button] 
Aboriginal Planet
"Aboriginal Planet" monthly online magazine, reports on Canadian aboriginal events around the world.

Creek Folk Tales
Traditional Tales, sacred stories, and personal narratives.
used Lunchbox Stories
By John Rustywire, Navajo
Civil Disobedience
Henry David Thoreau wrote "Civil Disobedience" Its themes" have been cited by the world's most revered peace advocates including Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.
Tribal Writers Archives
Emphasizing the writings of American Indian and Alaska Native writers before World War II.
Center for Oral History
This site "preserves the recollections of Hawaii's people through oral interviews and oral history transcripts.

Native Writers Digital Text Project
Brings the works of Native poets and writers of fiction and other prose to readers world wide.
Paul Begay
Navajo language interpreter, lecturer, and storyteller shares stories in video format
The Northeast Native American Librarian's Forum
A continuing dialogue to meet the needs of Native peoples.
Database of Award-Winning Books
Over 3,500 records from 49 award
Living Voices/Voces Vivas 
Audio profiles of Native Americans and Native Hawaiians. 
Written by a Chilean-Canadian female not readily accepted as a Hispanic because of her fair skin color.
Weaving the Light -- 
Poems about Navajo and Northwest Coast weaving.
Listening to the Stone -- 
Poems about sculpture, sea mammals, and baskets.
Hear sound clips from Native Storytellers.
Library Service to LA Native communities
Identifies and describes tribal libraries and public library services for Louisiana Native American communities.<
Full text books and e-texts online about or by Native Americans. Includes "Indian Boyhood" and stories by Zitkala-Sha.
Kodiak-Aleut (Eskimo) primer [and prayer book], 1865
Traditional Stories From the Cherokee Nation
Over a dozen stories for you to enjoy.
Myths and Legends of California and the Old Southwest
Compiled and Edited by Katharine Berry Judson[1912]
The Myths of Mexico and Peru
written in 1913 by Lewis Spence
Indian Myths of South Central California
A. L. KROEBER. [1907]
Zuñi Folk Tales [1901]
A story of history from the Incan Empire
Coyote Bites Back (an audio file)
Comedian Drew Lacapa (Apache/ Hopi/ Tewa) and artists address
the question, "What makes something funny to you?"
Many Swans: Sun Myth of the North American Indians
based upon a Kathlamet legend
Cherokee Phoenix site, Spring 2002 Issue
Myths and Legends of the Sioux
McLaughlin, Marie L. (1916)
Fact, Fiction & the New World
A fascinating look at the influences of early books in the making of America.
Aleut-Kodiak [Eskimo] primer, 1868
Center for Rural Librarianship 
 "Native Americans and Library Services"
Individual Mingo Stories
Mingo Stories with an English Translation
The Popol Vuh
The Mythic and Heroic Sagas of the Kichés of Central America
Redwire magazine 
Canada's only Native Youth magazine 
Final Report of the Minister's Advisory Committee on Library Services for Aboriginal People 
From Saskatchewan Libraries

Northeast Native American Library Forum
To improve information services to native peoples in the Northeast United States and Southeast Canada

Voces Americanas / American Voices
A Celebration of Writing by American Authors of Latino Heritage - for Readers of all Ages
From the Gabrielino Indians from the San Gabriel Valley in southern California,
Potawatomi Fables
Native American Indian fables written and illustrated by Jack Wooldridge
Native California Indians maintain their traditions
Worldwide directory of links to magazines and newspapers with online access (a mix of free and fee-based).
Dane Wajich
Dane-zaa Stories and Songs: Dreamers and the Land
From Lakota Oyate
The books listed are intended to provide accurate points of reference. Also a list of "Not recommended" authors.
Storytellers: Native American Authors Online
This site was conceived with a very particular aim: to make the writing of modern Native American authors, particularly the poets, both more visible and more widely available.
Kegedonce Press
Information on Kegedonce Press, new releases, author profiles, event information, and more.

From Iroquois to Salish, visit this page to read each region's legends
North American Bigfoot Legends 

Myths and Legends of California and the Old Southwest
Compiled and Edited by Katharine Berry Judson[1912]
From Nineteenth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology 1897-98,
The legend of the first totem pole.
Read and listen to this story in English or the Haida Language.

Native American StorytellerS

Some who have shared their traditions at National Museum of American Indian, United Nations, and other highly respected institutions.

Old Indian Legends
by Zitkala-sa
The Soul of the Indian
Eastman, Charles Alexander (1911)
From Muskogee Creek children's author Cynthia L. Smith
native tales as told by Zitkala-Sa

Iktomi's Blanket, the Badger and the Bear, and the Warlike Seven... 

Who Will Sing for Us?
Hear and see their own story in the words of Grandfather Frank Thomas,
Warrior Chief of the Mi'kmaq
American Indian Library Association Home Page
American Indian Review 

A quarterly magazine containing articles and stories, both traditional and contemporary issues primarily written by American Indian authors.

Sunday School Books: Shaping the Values of Youth in Nineteenth Century America
From the Library of Congress, this collection presents 163 Sunday school books published in America between 1815 and 1865.
The Indian Chief and the Little White Boy, 1857
An Indian's Thoughts; or, All Men are Sinners
Indian Missionary Reminiscences: 1845
Memoir of Catharine Brown, a Christian Indian of the Cherokee Nation,1831
Native American Authors
Native North American authors with bibliographies of their published works
Reading List from Native AMericans

A reading list for those who would like to learn about real Native Americans, from Native American writers

Muscogee Nation's young people, grades 1-12: this is for you!
Diaries, poems, and overviews by Native American women.
 Bibliography of Books by Native American Women
Indian "Why" Stories
Tales of the North American Indians
Cartoons from Bob Freeman in American Indian Review.
Origin Myths of the Navaho Indians


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