Native Village Current Events Library

"We're proud of our culture and who we are. It is important to understand that your people didn't just fade out and not exist anymore. You get a little tired of hearing that you're extinct."  
Quirina Luna-Costillas, Mustun

**Native American Heritage Month
 Public Laws, Presidential Proclamations and congressional resolutions related to Native American Heritage Month.

**2016 Treaty Conference Resolutions
From the International Indian Treat Council Conference
meeting in September, 2016

Model Indian Juvenile Code
The updated BIA publication helps tribes create their own codes that focus on juvenile matters issues affecting American Indian youth arrested for alcohol- and/or drug-related offenses.

Natural Resources Conservation Service Tribal Assistance
Provides conservation programs and technical services to American Indians, Alaska Natives and Tribal governments.
**Taking a Stand: Protecting Water and Native American Cultural Resources at Standing Rock
Video from the House of Representatives
United Nations World youth Report
Explores young people’s participation in economic, political and community life, policies, civic engagement, and more.
United Nations Online Volunteer
Allows organizations and volunteers to team up to address sustainable development challenges
Native American Women Saw the Largest Declines in Wages over the Last Decade among All Women
Download the report

Time Zone Converter

Sunrise and Sunset in Your City

*Opportunity Index
Interactive map of how opportunity measures up in your community

**Amnesty International to Obama: Free Leonard Peltier
“...the prosecution has conceded the lack of any direct evidence that you personally participated in the executions of two FBI agents.”

US Parole Commission

**Casey Foundation Kid Count Data book 2016
A state-by-state accounting of children's well-being.

**First Peoples Corporate Monitor
Reports on key trends affecting companies interacting with Indigenous Peoples

 DoSomething App
Takes breaking news and gives you immediate ways to take action.

*IRI Climate and Society Map Room
A collection of maps and info that monitors climate and societal conditions at present and in the recent past

**The Native Edge
Helps Native American business owners find employees, and job seekers to find potential employers.

**Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act of 2015
From the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs
 **2016 State of Indian Nations Address
Delivered on January 14, 2016 by Brian Cloodsbury, president of the National Congress of American Indians
*Historic Route 66
 American Indians & Route 66 seeks to introduce the tribes living along the route.
**The Native CDFI Network
Native community development financial institutions (CDFIs) that work to increase access to capital in Native communities.
Women's Global Recommendations on Digital Access, Digital Literacy, and Digital Empowerment
Ensures that women  have equal access to digital tools, digital literacy, and the empowerment of globally connected online.
School Environment Listening Sessions Final Report
Results from the first-ever tribal listening tour about ways to improve educational and cultural academic needs of Native students.
First Peoples’ Corporate Monitor
Reports on key trends affecting companies interacting with Indigenous Peoples

**Native One-Stop Portal
Lists 32 programs/benefits available to AIAN tribes and individuals from the federal government.


**Buy Indian Act
Latest government report about improvements needed
for expanding the economic development of tribal entities and their individual members

**Ready REz
Free disaster and emergency preparedness trainings and kits for Indian Country

**The Native Edge
Tools and resources for native business owners and entrepreneurs to help them expand opportunities, customer base and business possibilities
 **Putting Kids First
A new Native children's policy agenda by the National Congress of American Indians; National Indian Child Welfare Association; National Indian Education Association and the National
Indian Health Board
Groundwork for Change
Supporting solidarity and just relationships with Indigenous Peoples
Climate Study: Ending New Federal Fossil Fuel Leases Would Keep 
450,000,00,000 Tons of Carbon Pollution in Ground

Why Youth Matter
International Youth Foundation Report\


Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report
The executive summary on residential schools, survivors’ stories, and the call to action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.

**Winds of Change Job Hunting Guide
Expanding opportunities for AI/AN/NH

To protect the best interest of Indian Children and promote the stability and security of Indian tribes and families

** Replace the word "Redskins" app
Simply install the extension into your Safari, Chrome, or Firefox browser to replace the term “Redskins” with a more dignified term on the web.
**A Guide to International Repatriation
From The Association of American Indian Affairs International Repatriation Project
Time and Date.Com

**NCAI's Analysis of President's FY2016 Budget
From the National Congress of American Indians

2014 Native Youth Report
From the Executive Office of the President of the United States

**Protection Sought for the Imperiled Yellowstone Bison
Read the petition to list the Yellowstone bison as threatened or endangered under the
Endangered Species Act

**Investing in the Future of Tribal Nations
The 2014 White House tribal nations conference progress report.
**FEMA and Tribal Nations: A Pocket Guide
Explains tribal engagement policies, outlines key FEMA/tribal programs, and contact info for FEMA tribal liaisons.

**The Indigenous Rights Risk Report
Assesses U.S. oil, gas, and mining companies with projects on/ near Indigenous territories against risk indicators to determine their risk of violating Indigenous Peoples’ rights.

**Intertribal Youth
Helping Native youth grow through academics, leadership, culture, and more

National Intertribal Tax Alliance Conference
The materials and tax conference info available in this handbook
**BIA Regulations
Comment areas for NA/AN/NH to voice their opinions on BIA and government issues regarding the people.
**Native American population in your state or city
An interactive website from the U.S. Census Bureau
Measuring the Circle: Emerging Trends in Philanthropy for First Nations, Métis and Inuit Communities in Canada
Population in Perspective
A social justice curriculum on population, food, the environment, & climate change
International Youth Foundation Annual Report
Ensuring that today’s youth gain the skills, knowledge, and access to opportunities they need to succeed.
**Foundation Funding for Native American Tribes and peoples
Published by Native Americans in Philanthropy
The Native American Intellectual Property Enterprise Council
Supports invention and innovation in the Native American community by providing quantitative patenting, copyright, and trademark assistance.

**Winds of Change Spring Digital Job Hunting Guide
Expanding opportunities for American Indians and Alaska Natives

**Voices of Native Youth Report Vol. III
Summarizes/shares what the Center from NA Youth has learned during youth roundtables in Indian Country.

**Fast Facts on Native American Youth and Indian Country

The Forum for Youth Investment
 Helps adults get young people ready for life.

Food Deserts, Food Insecurity and Poverty in Native Communities

**2013 American Indian Population and Labor Force Report
From the U.S. Department of the Interior
A Human Rights Framework for Intellectual Property Rights
From the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
**Can Do
The spirit of youth-led social innovation

**Indian Country Today Media 2013 in Review
Hall of Fame/Wall of Shame Awards…Top Stories of 2013…Year in Pictures…Memorials…

Native Voices Rising Report
Focuses philanthropic attention on the need to invest and support in grassroots community organizing and advocacy in AI/AN/NA communities
**Native Youth Leadership Alliance
Invests in young Native American leaders to spark culturally based community change

Covers opportunities and challenges facing youth and invigorate global conversation about youth and global development

**Taking It Global 2012 Report
Focuses on digital youth engagement, global education, and social innovation.

**My Green
Native youth: take charge of your money!

**Global Employment Trends for Youth 2013
 The ILO's  annual report on global youth employment trends.

The Tribal Procurement Institute
Provides training, technical, assistance, events, and opportunities for Tribally and AI-owned businesses

**North American Youth Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics
View archived courses or register for new ones.

**First Nations and Aboriginal Rights
Free and easy tools to spread the word, find supporters, raise money, and build momentum.

Native American Finance Officers Association
**Know Your Rights!
UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples for Indigenous Adolescents

**USA Jobs
The Federal Government's Official Jobs Site

**2013 Children's/Youth Inaugural Address
What do young people want the president and Congress to prioritize?

Voices of Native Youth Report: 2012
Volume 2

Creating Opportunities for Youth in Hospitality
Spotlights the struggles facing youth and key issues to address to solve those challenges

Understanding the Federal Budget: A Primer

International Funders for Indigenous Peoples
A free resource guide

**Protect Native Money
A timely website, especially for those receiving Cobell settlement funds, PNM addresses financial education and consumer protection in Indian Country.

American Indian and Alaska Native Summary File
Comprehensive statistics for NA/AN groups with detailed info on tribes throughout all the Americas
International Indian Treaty Council
Working for the rights and recognition of indigenous peoples.
**Adobe Youth Voices Aspire Awards
Check out this year's winners
From the 2012 White House Tribal Nations Conference
Maine's Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Maine and Tribes join in an unprecedented way to heal

MyTaxBurden Calculator
Compare your federal tax burden regarding the "Fiscal Cliff"

Tribal Justice & Safety
From the United States Department of Justice
California Judges Bench guide: Indian Child Welfare Act
The 2012 edition is now available.
**The Honor Tax Toolkit
A simple toolkit for starting an honor tax project where you live.

Youth Work
Brings employment and entrepreneurship programs to young people, ages15 -29. across the world.

World's Indigenous Tourism Alliance
An international network of indigenous individuals and groups dedicated to tourism development
Recommendations to Increase Opportunity and Decrease Poverty in America
From the National Council of Young Leaders
**Environmental Voter Action Tool
An organic, growing list of local environmental questions on the ballot in every city and town in America.
55 Years at Work for the Planet
A timeline from the Student Conservation Association
A Day in Pompeii -- The Last XXIV Hours
Don't miss: Pompeii's final hours before Mount Vesuvius erupted, burying it burying the city and all its residents under ash.
Earth Watchers
A ground breaking tool for youth to monitor the forests and provide stop deforestation.
Oh Ranger! Parkfinder
A free mobile app to help you find nearby parks.

What a Wonderful World
By David Attenborough. Stunning

National Native American Human Resources Association
A non-profit organization comprised of HR Professionals working for Tribes

Tribal Net
A vast array of resources that bring tribes and technology together
First Nations Institute's 2011 Annual Report
A flexible and powerful online space to share and collaborate about what you're working on with the world.

**Just Economy
An interactive map to learn more about injustice in the world's labor markets

*New Video Aims to Mobilize Rural Native Youth to Register to Vote

**State of the World’s Minorities and Indigenous Peoples 2012
Concrete evidence of how "progress" is often at the expense of the rights of Indigenous Peoples.

**Winds of Change Job Hunting Guide
Opportunities for American Indians and Alaska Natives

**Interactive Tax Calculator
How much are you paying for certain tax programs?

Native American Statistics
Check the AI/AN/NH populations by state and their counties.

**Indian Law Newsletter
Read the Spring, 2014 edition.
Tackling global youth unemployment
A video about the barriers between young people and their opportunities for a decent livelihood

**Niijii Radio -- The American Indian Law Update
Listen to archived weekly radio broadcasts.

Native American Jobs
Find and Post Jobs

**Jobless Generation Hungry for Change
Spotlights the growing role of young people in setting their country’s social and economic agendas.

**White House Web Page for Native Americans

*Alaska Native youth talk about the future
From the First Alaskans' and Elders Youth Conference: Click on the photo tl learn what Alaska Native Youth have to say.
**Do It Yourself Democracy Guide
Make friends (and allies) and influence public policy in four relatively easy steps!
**Youth Employment Inventory
Search for jobs across the world!

**We the People
Anyone 13 or older can create or sign a petition, then build support and gather signatures for the White House to consider.

**What's YOUR Number
Enter your birth date to map yourself and figure out what number you are in 7,000,000 people.
 **National Indian Justice Center
Providing Services and Training for Tribal Personnel
Foundation Funding for Native American Issues and Peoples
Much needed research about the philanthropic investment in Indian Country and Native issues.
Participation of Indigenous Peoples in the Inter-American System: Mechanisms and New Tools Proposed.
A guide from the Organization of American States

*Winning the Future: President Obama and the Native American Community
Helps tribal leaders navigate the federal government and communicate with President Obama

2010 Kids Count Data
Provides national and state-by-state info on the conditions of American's children and families.

**Growing Up Indian
Video: Chronicles the lives of Native American children on South Dakota's Indian reservations.

**Spark Action
Features thousands of "youth voices," articles and opinions written by young people themselves.

**Mapping the Future
Anticipates the obstacles and opportunities we may navigate through 2012

**Voices in Action Resource guide
From the National Youth Summit, the guide lists organizations, scholarships, social media, and more.

**What Happened at the December 2010 Tribal Nations Conference
Listen to the report
**Not Just Stones and Bones
Online video:  Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation are improving Native involvement in the management of archaeological and cultural resources.

**We Indigenous Peoples
A collection of indigenous peoples’ declarations about Economic and Social Development, Culture, Education, Human Rights, Health and Environment."

**2012 - Apocalypse or New Sun?
Grandfather Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, Grand Elder of the living Maya, shares his comments about the coming years 
Consolidate knowledge and information on youth policies across the world,

**American Indian Policy Center
Provides accurate information about the legal and political situations of AI nations, including historic info.

**Census Toolkit for Parents and Child Care Providers
Featuring Dora the Explorer, Nickelodeon's popular children's cartoon character,

**The International Space Station Comes Together
Follow the step by step animation from 1998 to 2010 as as the space station is built.

**Digital Youth Council
Sustainable Community of Dedicated Young People from Across the Globe


State of the World's Indigenous People
From the United Nations[tt_news]=296282&cHash=05db55e523

Tense Anniversary for Overthrow of Hawaiian Kingdom
Hawaiian Natives protest the overthrow of their Queen

**Creation's Journey and All Roads are Good
Created by students from Native American Schools

How Young Indigenous People are Faring
A report about the learning and work situation of young Indigenous Australians.

**Made in the USA
A partial list of companies and products from the USA

Indian Religious Freedom, to Litigate or Legislate?

Tribal Nations Conference Videos
From the November 2009 Tribal Nations Conference with President Obama and administration in Washington, D.C.
President Obama Opens Tribal Nations Conference (includes interactive discussion)

Tribal Nations Conference: Public Safety and Housing Panel

Tribal Nations Conference: Education, Health Care and Labor Pane

Tribal Nations Conference: Economic Development, Natural Resources, Energy, Environment and Agriculture Panel
Closing Remarks
State of the World's Minorities 2008
Looks at issues such human rights and security of ethnic, religious or linguistic minorities and indigenous peoples[tt_news]=283887&cHash=1ec843cdb5

**US Debt Clock
A second-by-second account of the U.S. financial status, population, trade deficites, and more.

**Has Grand Canyon Skywalk Helped the Hualapai?
Listen to the NPR story.

**Securing the rights of indigenous communities
UN chief 's Ban Ki-moon message on the International Day of the Indigenous People[tt_news]=283956&cHash=4d26fde156

*Obama's message to American Indians
Watch the video yourself

**Business Planet
Take a trip around the world to learn how easy or hard it is to do business in  other countries.

**Create your own Dreamcatcher
Show you remember American Indians by creating your own virtual dream catcher.
**United Nations International Days, Weeks and Years
Helps focus the world on the issues in which the UN has an interest and commitment
NativeWeb Events Calendar
Searching for something fun to do? Search through the Native Events Calendar. Have fun!

**American Indian and Alaska Native Programs
Works to promote the health and well-being of American Indians and Alaska Natives

**Fargo rally for Leonard Peltier
Do not miss: Russell Means speaking at Nov. 28, 2008 rally for Leonard Peltier
**Urban Indian America; the Status of American Indian & Alaskan Native Families Today
A broad overview and snapshot of urban Native people
Help us find them!  Updated list of stolen Native Art items, objects, and other treasures.

*Zip Skinny
Find the statistics and demographics of your home zip code!

**World Food Situation   
Offers latest information on food commodity prices, supply and demand and factors that affect world food markets.
 **The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization   
Frequently asked questions about the Bigfoot/Sasquatch mystery
2008 American Indian Resource Directory
Provides accurate data that reflects the American Indian community and improves the quality of life for American Indians.
Voting Rights in Indian Country
A Special Report of the Voting Rights Project of the American Civil Liberties Union.

**Youth Philanthropy Worldwide
Inspires young people in the United States to contribute to the global community.

The Netherlands Centre for Indigenous Peoples
A NGO based in Amsterdam that supports, promotes, and protects the rights of Indigenous Peoples world-wide.

*Indigenous Caucus Website
UN General Assembly and the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples:

**congress votes database
Wondering how your congress representatives are voting? Check out here!

**The Universal Flag
We are one with all

**2007 World's Most Ethical Companies
Selected from more than 5,000 companies across 20 industries

**Fairness Fighters
Kids who stand up for what's right, and you can, too.

**Strike The Root
Sometimes the "truth" is not only merely wrong but dangerously and bizarrely wrong.

**International Decade for Action: Water for Life, 2005-2015
From The United Nations General Assembly

Canada and International Indigenous Affairs
Canada's Indigenous Peoples are taking an increasingly active role at home and on the world stage
**Billion  Tree Campaign
Join the world in planting trees to offset global warming.
**My Wonderful World
From National Geographic, this website expands geographic learning in school, at home, and in communities
**Australia: Indigenous Youth Leadership Programme
Demographic Profile of Independently Incorporated Native American Foundations and Selected Funds
Basic demographic information on sixty Native controlled organizations, foundations, nonprofits and tribal funds.

International Polar Year
From 2007-2009, thousands of scientists from 60 nations will examine research topics that deal with the Arctic and the Antarctic/

Human Development Report 2005 [pdf, Macromedia Flash]

Speak Out!
Tell PBS what's been bugging you and read what other kids have to say.

**The Battle for Aboriginal Treaty Rights
From the CBC archives
NCAI’s Policy Research Center Website
Focused solely on issues facing tribal communities.
The Battle for Aboriginal Treaty Rights
Canada's native people say treaties have been ignored and their rights — from logging trees to fishing eels — have been limited.


*Hand Made: Three Stories from Guatemala (Hecho a Mano)
**Message Stick
Quarterly newsletter that highlights the efforts and activities of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

**World Statistics
Updated in Real Time

**Global Forum on Service, Democracy, and Reconciliation
A webcast presented by President Bill Clinton, former World Bank President Jim Wolfensohn, and a panel of young leaders.

*Youth Around the Globe
A website for youth to examine issues with international themes and offer their perspectives on important topics.

**US National Debt Clock
The National Debt increases an average of $2,440,000,000 per day

**Covering Indian Country
This 2005 publication from Harvard University contains a lot of material in its 115 pages.

**We the People: American Indians and Alaska Natives in the United States
Features data about size of population, age, household types, languages spoken, educational attainment, and more

**World Public Opinion
How do our world neighbors feel about certain issues?

**Native Earthworks Preservation
  Devoted to stopping the destruction and desecration of American Indian sacred  sites and burial mounds, has launched a new Web site:
**Turning Point
Turning Point offers cyber-space for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in Canada to have open and direct communication with each other.
**think MTV
Informs and empowers young people to take action on today's issues
Rural Poverty: Is There Truly a Rural Effect?
Only one-fifth of the nation’s 35 million poor people live in non-metropolitan areas
** Rural Communities: Legacy & Change
Discusses issues now facing Indian communities
An environmental campaign to support indigenous people's struggle in protecting and caring for their lands.
** The 100 Best Communities for Young People, 2005
Covers 40 states in locations from 850-2,000,000 people
** All is One
Share with someone who needs perspective
**2005 KIDS COUNT Data Book
Free and online. Generate custom graphs, maps, ranked lists, and state-by-state profiles about kids.
**Annual General Report on Global Youth Service Day 2005
A full report about 2005's GYS events held in 100 countries throughout the world.
A great student resource for ideas and information for self-expression and democratic change.
** NDN Petitions
A list of some current petitions from Indian Country.
** Kennewick Man on Trial
Online information from the Burke museum, which is currently holding the Kennewick man's remains.
*Numbers Through Time
Trace the dramatic growth and spread of human populations on an interactive global map
*Resources for Aboriginal Youth
Includes Inuit Circumpolar Youth Council, UN Indian Tribal Youth, and Young Indigenous People's Circle.
National Math Trail
The National Math Trail encourages students to share the math they find in their local communities with others via the Internet. 
*Youth Policy Action Center
Offers youth and their supporters an opportunity to make their voice heard.
*Federal Children's Watch
How Does the Bush Administration's 2006 Budget Affect Children in Your State
Maneuver around a U.S. map to get a snapshot of Native Americans today.
A G.I. Bill for the 21st Century
A webcast about developing leaders and expanding access to the American Dream.
An interactive site that invites young people to explore the world of poverty, development, and conflict
*Indian Gaming in CA
Video Archive from the Tillie Hardwick Lecture Series
Transcript by Professor Francis A. Boyle's
A critical analysis of the Akaka legislation for federal recognition of Native Hawaiians
Audio (WAV file):
* World Population to 2300
Human population projections to 2300 for  the world, its nations, and its major areas.
Code Talk
Electronic information from government agencies and other organizations for Native American communities.
**Human Numbers Through Time
An interactive site that shows about the world's growing populations and its impact upon the Earth.
National Priorities Project Database
State data on socio-economic needs and  federal expenditures, and allows you to create customized tables, graphs and reports.
**Coolest Inventions of 2004
From Time Magazine
Racial Profiling
Features the 2004 report on racial profiling. From Amnesty International USA
**Beyond the Fire
15 teen survivors from 7 war zones tell of their hopes for peace
Youth Employment: A Path to Economic Opportunity and Poverty Reduction
85% percent of the world's 88.2 million unemployed youth live in developing countries
* Effects of Walmart
View Frontline's entire expose on the retailer online.
*The State of Our Nation's Youth 2004
From the number of hours teens report spending on homework to how many say there is at least one teacher they can confide in,
Activism IS patriotism
Vital tools and resources to feed your MIND, leverage your MONEY, strengthen your VOICE, and exercise your VOTE
Thunder in the Foothills: The State of Indian Gaming
Information about Indian gaming in California and its impact on Nevada's gambling industry
Income 2003
Poverty is on the increase. Read the reports here.
*Native Student Elections Network Forming
A listserve for Native students to build community connections with organizations conducting voter work
*Aboriginal Youth Business Council
A volunteer youth-driven council of First Nation, Metis, & Inuit entrepreneurs created as a resource for youth to learn about business.
*Kids and Politics
Track the issues that matter most for kids and families, updated every week.
America's Children in Brief 2004
Detailed information on a set of key indicators of child well-being.
*Supporting Human Rights and Democracy: The U.S. Record 2003-2004 -
highlights U.S. efforts to promote  human rights and democracy in countries and entities with the worst human rights records.  
*Congress For Kids
To help students learn about the foundation of the federal government and how its actions affect U.S. citizens.
Youth Gangs in Indian Country
Describes the nature and makeup of youth gangs in Indian country.
Native Lens
* Searching for Zapatistas
Author Arturo Perex visits Chiapas to learn more about the Zapatistas, the indigenous warriors fighting to protect their cultures and lands.
WireTap's new section devoted to the upcoming elections!
Encourages registration, engagement and participation regarding campaign issues and voting on election day.
* Terra: Brazil's Landless Movement
Exhibit of photos by Sebastião Salgado of Brazil's landless  workers movement

*Survival for Tribal People
There are over 150 million tribal people in the world, and almost all are persecuted relentlessly. Survival is currently working with around 80 tribes.

*Online NewsHour Extra
A Newshour special for students by Jim Lehrer.
Project Vote Smart
Covers candidates and elected officials in five basic categories: biographical information, issue positions, voting records, campaign finances and interest group ratings.
Time 100
Time magazine recognizes the world's most influential men and women who have made a major impact on society, for better or worse.

/Election 2004
Issues in Depth
Material World
Open your eyes to the rich-poor divide with these photos showing average families and their possessions.
*Destination America: Little Bighorn Reborn
With a new Indian memorial, the site of Custer's last stand draws descendants of victors and vanquished alike .
*Peace for Turtle Island by Kanatiiosh
Built on the philosophy that Peace can be obtained for all the sacred colors of mankind
* Children of Conflict
   A site about children in war zones told in articles, letters, quotations, and  in audio files of their own voices, in many languages.
* The U.S. Election For The Rest Of The World
Who do world voters support for U.S. President? Read the voting breakdown by country.
Native Vote 2004
Working to coordinate Native voter education and mobilization efforts on a national, state, and tribal level.
Indigenous conflict management
Focused on community-based/traditional/indigenous mediation and grassroots approaches to peace.
* Chat the Planet
Connect in new ways to other people all around the world, join chat sessions or schedule your own
* Taking It Global
A global online community providing information and inspiring youth across the world to make a difference
Girls Go Tech  
Encourages girls to consider all their options when it comes to employment
Lakota Mall
Browse through a variety of interesting offers at this online mall.
Native Voter
Keep up with voting initiatives in Indian Country
National Conference of the New Civil Rights Movement.
Video from affirmative action march and conference..
Oreo Cookie Budget
This political satire explains the U.S. educational budget in terms of oreo cookies.
Presidential Match
Wondering which presidential candidate best matches your views? Take the quiz.
Department of Education Forecast of Funding
Lists virtually all programs and competitions under which the Department of Education has invited or expects to invite applications for new awards for FY 2004,
PBS Kids Democracy Project
Tour he government, follow the President for a day, and decide which election issues are most important to kid.
Farm workers and Colonial Community
Rural communities and neighborhoods located within 150 miles of the U.S.-Mexican border that lack adequate infrastructure and frequently also lack other basic services.
Indigenous People and the Draft Declaration on the Rights of the World's Indigenous Peoples
Degree Confluence Project
A trip to each latitude and longitude intersections in the world. The pictures and stories will then be posted here.
Guatemala Human Rights Commission/ USA 
Monitors, documents and reports on the human rights situation in Guatemala
"Contemporary issues of Native Hawaiian identity"
by Randall Quinones Akee
Development Gateway
News items from five Country Gateways: Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela 
Focusing on business in tribal communities.
INDIGENOUS PEOPLES: How Globalization Impacts a Poor and Excluded Population 
highlights the effects of globalization on indigenous peoples
Indigenous and tribal children: assessing child labour and education challenges
According to estimates, 211,000,000 between 5-14 are economically active.
Unearth archaeological secrets as scientists conduct groundbreaking research.
Population Statistics 
A historical, demographical and statistical overview of the population of all the countries in the world.
Diversity Career Fair Calendar
The Hours Before The Horror
Thuraya, a brilliant, young Iraq, shares her diary with the world.
State Budget Gaps: How Does Your State Rank? 
Ranks states  by the percentage of deficit they face.
Displays a momentary or instant estimate of Canada's population, based on recent trends.
Urban Native Youth Association
UNYA's mandate is to help Native youth in the urban setting. 
Action Center for Child Advocates
Allows you to view legislative agendas and learn how to stay involved.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Children's Version From the United Nations
State of the World’s Children 2003
Showcases examples of meaningful child participation—the right of all children to have their voices heard .
Waging Peace
Opportunities for youth to contribute toward a world at peace, free from the threat of nuclear weapons.
Youth as Resources: A Year of Headlines 
Highlights from a 2002 collection of “Kids on the Wire.”
Runaway/Thrownaway Children
National Estimates and Characteristics
Tex Hall on Washington Journal
Watch Hall's interview about the the TIME magazine Indian Gaming report.
FBI Files
Includes Osage Indian Murders.
Runaway/Thrownaway Children
National Estimates and Characteristics
Beyond Tradition: Today's Native Youth Organizing
From the rez to the block, from British Columbia to Albuquerque -- hear from youth about the next wave of Native organizing.
As the world Turns
If we could shrink the earth's population to a village of 100 people, it would look something like this.
The Kennewick Man virtual interpretative center
Provides s articles and links to other resources about this hotly contested topic. 
Indigenous Peoples, Forest and the World Bank
This report summarises the findings of a workshop on nine case studies from Central and South America and more
International Indian Treaty Council
Working for the Rights and Recognition of Indigenous Peoples
Animation about the Department of the Interior
Online political cartoon about the Department of the Interior by Mark Fiore, cartoonist.
Take a quiz, then explore the imaginary world of Politopia
High Speed Chase
An NPR radio program about a group of white boys shooting at a car of Native American girls. [Second audio story]
Planet Ark
up to 40 World Environment News stories every day from the Reuters news agency
Defenders of wildlife Magazine
An online resource dedicated to protecting those which cannot speak for themselves.
FORTUNE's fifth annual Best Companies for Minorities list
Pulse of the Planet
Daily sound Portraits
Youth Discuss
ReActions, an all-youth discussion group from Media That Matters.
A Native American Business Network
Begun on the Cheyenne Indian Reservation in 1987, KOLA offers current information, important topics, and petitions at its website
Assessment of Technological Infrastructure in Native Communities
This government report examines the access of Native peoples to essential technologies, including computers and the Internet. 
Get Your Web License
Take a fun quiz on the rules of the cyber-road and earn your very own license.
Six Billion & Beyond
What impact will an additional billion people have on our world, future generations and the rest of life on earth?
Speak Truth to Power: Dianna Ortiz
A call to action for holding governments accountable for human rights abuses. 
Outreach Journal: 90 Miles
A personal documentary about how the rift between the United States and Cuba affects a Cuban family.

Local Teen Jobs helps teens search thousands of jobs in their area.

Tribal Court Clearinghouse 
Information and resources concerning tribal courts and other issues related to justice in Indian country. 
National Priorities Project Database
Socio-economic needs and federal expenditures which can be customized into tables, graphs and reports. 
The National Priorities Project
Analyzes the federal budget and its impact on providing the resources and information they need to help meet the needs of most Americans, promote welfare, and provide justice.

Survival International
Working for Tribal Peoples since 1969

Sign the petition
Justice and the Generals
Explore the complex forces behind El Salvador's civil war abuses and the hurdles facing those seeking justice
Census 2002 Brief - The American Indian and Alaska Native Population:
The Canada-Colombia Solidarity Campaign
The Canadian Campaign is committed to the safety of the people of Colombia and their social movements.
Youthnoise is a Web site for young people with ideas and tools for taking action, helping those in your community or making your voice heard in Congress.
A good education, one that overcomes the burdens on children of racial discrimination and poverty.
   What Do We Learn From The Repatriation of Native Alaska Artifacts?
None of the Above
Teen-ager La Mer Stepptoe's heritage is a mix of Caucasian, African-American, and Native American. She says she's unable to choose any one racial label. 
Camp Anna Mae's Sundance Destruction
Traditional peoples of both the Navajo and Hopi nations have said there is no dispute between them, yet other continue to enforce the relocation 
Children's Rights Across the World
The Peace Project 
The Peace Project is an interactive website that was started in Eugene, Oregon by a group of middle school students in 1995.

United Native America...
Standing up for America and the American Indian Community.

Third Wave 
Third Wave strives to combant cultural inequalities. It is the only national philanthropic organization for young women 15-30.

Aileen Leblanc reports on a controversy surrounding an outdoor drama performed every summer in Ohio. Tecumseh is about the Shawnee warrior chief's struggle to protect his land from white settlers, but critics say the play is marred by historical inaccuracies.

Children's Express
News and comments by young people for everyone.

Teen Immigrants: Five American Stories
This program is about five teen immigrants and why they came to America The program portrays the variety of challenges young immigrants face, but it also emphasizes what we all have in common. 
UNICEF: State of the World‘s Children 2002
Native American Support Group of New York City 
Native American Support Group of New York City was founded in 1988 to present current American Indian issues from the United States, Alaska and Hawaii.

Taos Teen Network
A web site built and maintained by the students of Chamisa Mesa

The Sixth Sun: Uprising in Chiapas 
Visually interweaving the Mayan past and the Mexican Revolution with contemporary reality, this documentary portrays an epic confrontation pitting impoverished peasants against large landowners and government forces in Mexico's poorest state

 FTAA Summit in Quebec City
Orion > From the Front
Online NewsHour Extra: News for Students 
Check out this by-teens for-teens online publication from the News Hour. Get involved!
Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief
"Poll: Should Non-Indian schools change mascots that are offensive to
American Indians
Take the poll."
To vote in the CNO poll about mascots, go here: 
For voting results, go here: 
This Amnesty 2001 International Report
Documents human rights violation during 2000 in 149 countries and territories.
 Native American Children Recognize Media Stereotypes
What are our Native Youth's observations?  
The End Of Mir 3-D
This extraordinary event has been filmed in VRML and is
available for the whole world to see.

Native American Business Alliance 
Promoting Indian business while educating all communities

United Native America 
 Formed in 1993 as a nationwide grass roots movement to bring about a Federal National Holiday for Native Americans
 To:  All people of the world
An alliance of Indian and non-Indian groups supporting Native American sovereignty.
The Chandra satellite 
Observes lightrays originating 14 billion years ago. 
Aboriginal Youth Network's Employment Centre
Search for jobs and make career decisions
Aboriginal Youth Network 
Excellent Online Network created by youth for youth.
Canada's SchoolNet / Rescol canadien
Reap the benefits of new technology on the internet.
Children's Express News
Native American Youth Concerned about Rez life
 how you can help your Indian and Alaska Native tribal and village governments. 

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