Native Village Health Library


“The blood has run long enough. We have to care about the little people. It is not adults that own this world — it is the children.”
 Agnes Baker Pilgrim, Takelma/Siletz


**Model Indian Juvenile Code
The 2016 BIA publication helps tribes create their own codes that focus on juvenile matters issues affecting American Indian youth arrested for alcohol- and/or drug-related offenses.

**StrongHearts Native Helpline
Helps Native victims of domestic violence find safety in a culturally relevant manner

**the roots of racism Animation
From Indigenous youth wellness

**LGBTQ - Two Spirit, Loved & Accepted. #WeNeedYouHere
Designed in collaboration with AI/AN LGBTQ and Two Spirit community members across the U.S.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015-2020
From the USDA

How Much Do You Know About the Need for Dental Care for Native Youth?
Take the quiz!

The Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women

*A Roadmap for Making Native America Safer
Advocates for tribal justice systems

31 Long Forgotten Native American Herbal Remedies
Feverfew, aspen, and honeysuckle  are only part of this list!

**The National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition
Supports healing efforts for those affected by the U.S ’ and various Christian denominations’ Indian Boarding School policy.

"Native Strong: The Social Determinants of Health of Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity"
Existing research on the social determinants of health from an Indigenous perspective

*Get Knowbullying
A free app from SAMHSA that can prevent bullying

**Healing Ways
Hear the voices of indigenous people tell their stories and express their ideas about health and illness.

**Ready REz
Disaster and emergency preparedness trainings and kits for Indian Country

**Waabooz: Birth of an Ojibwe Superhero
The birth of an Ojibwe superhero with really big ears...

**The journal of ethnobiology and ethnomedicine
Disease concepts and treatment by indigenous peopes

Clear Skies: A Family Violence Story
Video and community/legal resources to help you leave an abusive relationship.

Many Native American nations have ancient practices which can help to heal warriors from the traumas of war

Native Wellness Assessment Tool
From First Nations Development Institute (link found at bottom of article)

Significance of Biodiversity to Health

Darkness Calls Graphic Novel
Kyles faces social problems and criticism from authority figures at school. From the Healthy Aboriginal Network

2015 National Tribal Public Health Summit Sessions
Many of the over 80 presentations are available to watch online

Native Wellness Assessment self-report
From First Nations Development Institute (link found at bottom of article)

**National Unity Council: Resolution to Address Suicide

Indian Child Welfare Act: Measuring Compliance
Read the report.

**Diabetes Risk Test
One in four Americans with diabetes has it and doesn’t know it. Are you at risk for type 2 diabetes?

Native Food ahd Health Fact Sheets

Native American Parent Technical Assistance Center
Provides effective, culturally responsive services to Native families of children with disabilities, as well as youth with disabilities.

First Nations Inspired Daily Physical Activities
 Free online resource inspires indigenous youth to become active and inspired.

Video designed to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases among American Indian teens and young adults 15-24 years old.

With Help Comes Hope
Support for persons living with suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts

Tools to track your foods, physical activities and more. Personalize your experience by creating your profile, and get a plan tailored for you.

**Circle of Life Curriculum
A holistic health promotion model to help students, ages 10-13, learn about making healthy choices to prevent diseases.

Physical Literacy Assessment for Youth (PLAY) Tools
Physical Literacy assessment for youth.

**American Indian Health and Diet Project
A website devoted to recovering the health of indigenous peoples.

**Native Voices iPad app
Video interviews with tribal elders, healers and other prominent people who practice traditional medicine

USDA Cost of Raising a Child Calculator
How much will it cost to raise a child born in 2013 until  the age of 18?

Patterns of Native Health and Wellbeing
10 videos from the Smithsonian NMAI

**Video: A Roadmap for Making Native America Safer
From the Indian Law and Order Commission, watch the video here.

**Native Children's Research Exchange
For those studying child and adolescent development in Native communities in the U.S. and Canada.

The Global Youth Wellbeing Index
Ranks 30 countries in five regions that represent nearly 70% of the world’s youth.

Heart Disease in Native Communities
Heart disease is the leading cause of death among American Indians and Alaska Natives.

**Native Youth & Bereavement
From the Center for Native American youth

Resource Basket: Gathering and Sharing for Alaska Native Youth Success.
Serves rural communities with tools that support healthy, successful, culturally-connected youth.

The National Drug IQ Challenge
Test your knowledge on drugs and drug abuse by taking the interactive quiz!

Facing HIV/AIDS with Native Communities
A video and full press kit are available.

 Walk This Way Kit
Supports healthy communities by promoting walking as the single most sustainable physical activity.

Drugs and Your Body -- It isn't Pretty
Discover how drugs affect the body

**Everyone Jump!
A fun, school-based diabetes awareness program for students in Grades 1-6

Restoring Safety to Native Women and Girls and Strengthening Native Nations
A report on Tribal capacity for enhanced sentencing and restored criminal jurisdiction.

**Eat-And-Move-O-Matic App
Learn about the foods you eat and how they help fuel your body for your favorite activities

**Exploring The Invisible Universe That Lives On Us — And In Us
In many ways you're more microbe than human.

*Native Health Alliance
Sharing the path to indigenous health

**Tips From Former Smokers Featuring Native Americans
The hard-hitting videos show people living with the real and painful consequences  of smoking

Circle of Life
Multimedia HIV/AIDS/STI prevention curriculum for AI/AN youth

**A Sweetgrass Method of Bullying Prevention for Native American Youth
Published in the Journal of Indigenous Research

Introduction to Physical & Health Literacy Video
Children ages 4-9 will learn the concepts of physical and health literacy.

Exploring Physical & Health Literacy
Youth, ages 8-13, will learn how physical and health literacy relate to the world around them.

Applying Physical & Health Literacy Video
For youth, ages 12-18, to apply the concepts of physical and health literacy in their own world.

Native HIV/AIDS Awareness
Fact Sheets for American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians

Nicotine Is a Drug: Protect Your Health by Quitting
Informative article with many resources about nicotine, smoking, and being drug free.

Culture and Closing the Gap
Culture is an important factor in improving outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Six Nations Running Pilot Project Report
Results from a year-long running project among Canadians aboriginals

**National Indian Council on Aging
Information on employment, healthcare, conferences and more or American Indian and Alaska Native elders.

Diabetes Guidelines for Children
The first-ever guidelines for Type 2 diabetic children ages 10-18, released by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

**Beat the Quake
Interactive game: Make your home safe during an earthquake. But hurry!

**TeensHealth: Making a Change
Use this interactive toolkit to plan, then print out, your personal health goals.

2012 KIDS COUNT Data Book
National and state-by-state data on key indicators of child well-being.

**Aboriginal Physical Activity Cultural Circle
Creates a community of people who promote physical activity as a way to health and wellness.

**Spiritual Healing Around the World
A photo gallery of spiritual healings across the planet.

**2011 Mother's Index
Ranks 164 countries in terms of maternal and child well-being

**The Eagle's Nest
A safe place where Native youth can learn more about healthy living and diabetes.

**Ain Dah Yung Center
A healing place for American Indian youth and families.

Native Youth Sexual Health Network
An organization by and for Native youth that focuses on sexual and reproductive health

A health text messaging servive for Native teens and young adults

For First Nations youth ages 16-30 to reduce incidents of cancer and chronic disease.

**American Indian / Alaska Native Suicide Prevention
Successful prevention and treatments proven to be adaptable to local tribal culture and history

**John Hopkins/Bloomberg Center for American Indian Health
Works with AI/AN communities to improve health, self-sufficiency, and health leadership.

**Dollars for Docs
Is your doctor on the pharmaceutical companies' spending lists?

**Makahiki Games
Traditional Hawaiian games that challenge a healthy body and mind.

Free Eagle Books Animated Videos, CDC-TV
Animated diabetes awareness videos for Native children. Watch or download for free.
Through the Eyes of the Eagle [ 6:36 minutes]
Knees Lifted High [7:36 minutes]
Plate Full of Color [8:09 minutes]
Tricky Treats [10:50 minutes]

March Point
Three Swinomish students make a coming of age film. Watch for free.

**The Challenge in Old Crow
Online film focuses on the health and behaviors of Aboriginal youth living in Old Crow.

The Healthy Aboriginal Network
Comic books which focus on health and social issues for Native youth.

Tribal Law and Order Act of 2010
Video of President Obama's signing.

**Inspire, Motivate, Lead
Gives Native youth meaningful tools to master leadership on various platforms.

**National Indian Youth Council
To provide and ensure that Indians have an equal opportunity to become a viable member and asset to his/her community.

tribal Justice and Safety at the Department of Justice
A one-stop shop for tribal communities to help further improve public safety.

Native American Mentoring Initiative
From the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Organization,

**National Drinking Water Database
Research, tips, and list of cities with best water

**The Story of Iktomi
Tribally-relevant diabetes cartoon clips and educational materials from Goodhealth TV.

**Smoking Cessation for Kids
From the Healthy Aboriginal Network

**Lakota Legacy:
Native Women Must be Respected
A video presentation by Tillie Black Bear from the White Buffalo Calf Woman Society

Measuring America
The Decennial Censuses from 1790 to 2000

**Save The Child / Save The Teenager
Specializes in Native ways of preventing school violence, youth drug use, and increasing a student’s self esteem

**Swine Flu Prevention for Mexico's Indigenous People
Hear the swine flu prevention information for 15 native languages of Mexico. From Mexico's Instituto Nacional de Lenguas Indígenas

Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans
For youth and adults

***The Capturing Spirit Project
Strengthening American Indian Mother and INfant Attachment

**alu Like Inc
 Serving Native Hawaiians, their families, and their communities across the state

**State and Congressional District Resource for Well-Being Index
How does your state rank in several important life/health areas?

 **Health is Life in Balance
 Free American Indian diabetes educational materials and program for K-12 schools

** HEALTH map
Brings together aggregate data on diseases around the world.

**A Health Center Toolkit For Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders
For Community Health Centers and researchers interested in collaborative research projects.

National Children's study
Online Video of a study on youth, birth-21, and the effect the environment has on their well being.

**Teen Dating Violence Prevention in Native Communities
A brief overview of the Teen Dating Violence Prevention Curriculum for Native American Girls

Coyote Medicine
Lessons from Native American Healing

A Collective Responsibility, A Collective Work
Highlights the systemic risks that youth in distressed communities face

**Sacred Smoke Project
Student-created public service announcements about commercial tobacco in the American Indian community

**One Size Does Not Fit All
Meeting the Health Care Needs of Diverse Populations

NCAI's National Indian Country Methamphetamine Initiative
Fighting Meth in Indian Country

**Chipper and His Pal Talk Safety
A coloring book from Phil Konstantin and the California Highway Patrol

**Girls Helping Girls
An international organization that empowers girls worldwide to engage in cultural exchange, gain a global education, and create and lead social change.

He Wo Un Poh: Recovery in Native America
Film about seven Native Americans  on the road to recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.

Native American Outreach Center
Ways for Native Parents to talk to their children about health and social issues.

**The Air We Breathe
A free coloring book

**Active Children, Active Families
Helpful Guide to American Indian Caregivers

Preliminary Results of the American Indian Dads and Daughters Survey

** Manoomin Project
Indian, teens talk racism, wild rice, hope

Colombia: The rights of internally displaced children

Nabi, the endearing Message Carrier, helps prevent at-risk behavior.

**Complementary and Alternative Medicine Index (CAM)
Collection of material about different types of CAM

*How would you budget if your family lives in poverty?Poverty USA
Indian Health Service Photo Gallery

The evolution of global standards for traditional medicine
The need for universal standards for indigenous medicines is greater than ever

Indigenous Diabetes Education Project
Promotes better physical health and wellness as a traditional value of Native peoples and a mainstay of their cultural heritage.

**The First Peoples Child & Family Review
An e-journal that focuses primarily on First Nations and Aboriginal child welfare practices, policies, and research.

Creating a Truancy Reduction Program: Tool Kit
Covers the basics about drop-out and delinquency, and shares promising interventions such as youth service learning and teen courts.

Drunk Driving Commercial for Indian Country
by Chris Eyre & Gary Farmer

The Water Haulers:
Watch online: 70,000  people without running or safe water on the Navajo reservation

Are You Tobacco Wise?
Commercial tobacco is a Killer. Traditional tobacco is a Healer!

**The Multicultural Health Series
Includes the Navajo "Walking in Beauty" approach to health care

**Top 275 Most Hazardous Substances 
CERCLA Priority List of Hazardous Substances for 2001

Feelings about Sex, Pregnancy and Parenting

Ask the Experts: American Indian/Alaska Native Health
View a 2004 webcast about health issues concerning American Indians.

**Circle of LIfe Medicine Teaching. Sharing the Spirit-Warrior Way
Audio description of medicine teachings.\

**Ya'xotch'xolik People Telling Stories
Online video Addressing Native Community Health Issues through the Healing Power of Stories

Best Practices in Transcultural Competence
Highlights projects serving ethnoculturally and socially diverse groups.

Childhood Matters: Cultural Differences in Raising Children - June 29, 2003 -
Audio commentaries include those from Larry Swimmer, Lakota-Oyate

Child Information Gateway
Provides easy access to programs, research, statistics, laws and policies, and training resources.

**School Foods Report Card
What grade does your state get in its school lunch program?  Only one state earned an "A"

The Happiness Formula
An interesting series from the BBC

**Through the Eyes of the Eagle
Read this K-6 book about diabetes prevention.  Written by Pueblo students and approved by elders.

HRSA Cultural Competence Web Page
Highlights approximately 40 HRSA-supported projects on the critical subject of cross-cultural health care.

Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, & Cancer
Statistical Cancer Facts

Transracial and Transcultural Adoption   
Addresses issues arising from adoptions "placing a child who is of one race or ethnic group with adoptive parents of another race or ethnic group."

Don't Mess with Mercury
An action plan for reducing human-caused mercury contamination.

The Truth Comes Out on the Air
House Calls online video that brings elders into the station for a live broadcast.

**Story Medicine
Tribal elders successfully managing Type 2 diabetes share their inspiring stories on Wisdom of the Elders Radio.

**Ho Te’ca: Young Voice
Nine South Dakota teens tell their own stories on audio to inspire healthier lives (audio)

Hey Girlfriend Listen Up!
The Healthy Start team uses considerable skills to promote health in mothers and babies

K'üülm Goot –Of One Heart:
Preventing youth suicide through youth and community engagement.

National Council of Urban Indian Health | Home
Provides assistance to Urban Indians who face extraordinary barriers to accessing mainstream health care.

Native American Resource Directory for Juvenile and Family Court Judges

The Journal of Native Aging and Health
Contains scholarly articles that address aging, health and related issues for American Indians.

An emotional resource for Native women in the fight against breast cancer.

*Center for the Improvement of Child Caring
One of the nation's largest and most productive nonprofit parenting and parenting education organizations

**The Community Guide to Helping America's Youth
A step-by-step guidebook to help disadvantaged young people overcome the challenges they face

**Seminole Medicine
Medicine men and women still play a vital role in the lives of Seminole Indians.

**Child Safety Kit
Teaches abduction prevention without scaring your child--or you!

Fourwinds Lodge
Teaches respect for one’s self by maintaining a life of sobriety, saying no to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

** Food Safety 101
USDA offers food safety tips for college students

Harvard Family Research Project
Resources and information about family involvement from over 100 national organizations.

** ACE Exercise Library
Create your own workout depending on the amount of time you have and the equipment available to you.
Sacred Circle
National Resource Center To End Violence Against Native Women

*Native American Fatherhood and Family Association
Enhances the responsible involvement of fathers to become actively involved in the lives of their children

** Native American Elders Health Care Series
Modules and directions for this award-winning program for elders' health is available online

The use of traditional health care among the Mapuche in Chile
Behavior and Perception

**Tobacco Use Prevention Education
Sacred Use, Not Abuse

Declare War on Diabetes
Native American Diabetes Initiative (NADI):

* Kids Cuisine
Browse your favorite restaurants to see what's healthy to eat.

*The healing power of the game of lacrosse
From CBC Television, how lacrosse saved the Nunavummiut community of Kugluktuk
* Dental Health for All
Aims to improve oral health-especially among children- in underserved communities throughout the United States

American Indian and Minority Health
Bringing together yesterday's wisdom with today's technology for a healthier tomorrow.

Teen Workers
Provides "teen worker safety and health  information," as well as facts about teenager rights and  responsibilities while working

Hidden From History: The Canadian Holocaust
The first of many oral testimonies from native eyewitnesses to Genocide

National Native American Families Together Parent Center
Outreach program for Native American families with a disabled child and the professionals serving their children.

Mercury in Fish: Your Questions Answered

Free Rez-Robics videos available for Native Organizations
Information on how Native Organizations can receive free Rez-Robics  videos available at the link:
Medicaid Home Care for Tribal Health Services
Provides a road map for tribal health programs considering community-based long-term care services.

Global Impact
Dedicated to helping the poorest people on earth.

The Eat Well Guide
On-line guide to healthy holiday eating

National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness 
There is enough food to feed everyone in the world, yet one persons starves to death every 40 seconds. 

The Native American Housing Program Index 
To assist tribes and tribal housing entities improve their chances of receiving funding for housing projects.
 Helping Kids With Diabetes Enjoy Halloween and the Holidays
Includes tips for incorporating candy into the child's daily carbohydrate counts, and gives sample counts for specific candy bars

used Explore Diversity
Learn why Race isn't biological

used Health of indigenous peoples
British Medical Journal 23 August 2003 focuses on the health of indigenous peoples. Read the information: 
Learning from indigenous people 
Indigenous by definition, experience, or world view 
The health status of indigenous peoples and others
Changing pattern of ill health for indigenous people 
Health benefits of swimming pools in remote Aboriginal communities 
Providing health services to indigenous peoples
used The Eat Well Guide
locally-searchable online list of producers, grocery stores, restaurants, and mail-order outlets providing sustainable raised meat.

Fast Food and Animal Rights: McDonald's New Farm
Features transcripts, audio clips, and slideshows on the egg and cattle industries, slaughterhouse and henhouse inspection information.

Prevention and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Children, With Special Emphasis on American Indian and Alaska Native Children
Read the official report:

used Soy Unica! Soy Latina!" 
Aims to help Hispanic/Latina girls enhance decision-making & communication skills.

3D Body Scanner
Information about applications of body scanner technology to apparel production

Native American Gang Members
Addresses this major concern among Indian youth.

used Diabetes Talk Radio 

Indian Child Welfare Act
To reduce the number of Indian youth adopted by whites and role of tribal courts.

Native Gangs or Gang Prevention

 used Community Voice Mail
Empowers people  in crisis and transition by distributing free, personalized 24-hour voice mail access nationwide.

Fire Safety Campaign for Babies and Toddlers [pdf, QuickTime]

PreVention Consortium 
Dedicated to increasing the safety of vulnerable communities and to reducing the impact of disasters in developing countries.

Reading, Writing and Risk: Air Pollution Inside California's Portable Classrooms
Long-term exposure to airborne chemicals in portable classrooms may increase a child's lifetime risk of cancer by 200%-300%. 

 Arctic Health
Provides a central source of information on diverse aspects of the Arctic environment and the health of Northern peoples.

4 R Kids Sake
Protects children from preventable injuries and death in and    around cars through: Awareness, Education, Legislation,    [and] Product Redesign

Health Disparities Experienced by American Indians and     Alaska Natives
Injury Mortality Among American Indian and Alaska Native   Children and Youth 1989--1998

  Diabetes Prevalence Among American Indians and Alaska Natives and the Overall Population 1994--2002
Cancer Mortality Among American Indians and Alaska Natives, 1994--1998 

Bronchiolitis-Among American Indian and Alaska Native Children 1990--2000
Vaccination Coverage Levels Among Alaska Native Children  Aged 19--35 Months 2000--2001

United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues
Risks from substance abuse, pollutants, lack of heath services

Consumer Products Companies That DO Test on Animals
Consumer Products Companies That DON'T Test on Animals

Diabetes Information
Focuses on food and meal planning and medical products to treat diabetes.

The Indian Child Welfare Act covers tribal children from all American Indian and Alaska Native tribes listed in the Federal Register.

Free Rez-Robics videos available for Native Organizations
Information on how Native Organizations can receive free Rez-Robics videos available at the link:

Open Heart
Hands-on multimedia activities to learn how the heart works and how poor lifestyles and eating habits affect it.

Human Vision and Color Perception
Human vision is a complex process that is not yet completely understood.

State Fact Sheets on Vulnerable Children
The Child Welfare League of America's fact sheets
Get Rid of Junk Food in your School
Download a free, online guide describing how you can get rid of junk food at your school.

Four-Color Physical Activity Promotion Brochures
Four free brochures to help increase physical activity among elementary and middle school students.

Emergency Planning 
A one-stop website that offers information that can help school leaders plan for any emergency, including natural disasters, violent incidents and terrorist acts.

Diets of the World
   Four global diets are presented to entice Americans toward healthier bodies:

Tribal Health Connections
Assists Native Americans in finding information about of health issues and topics.

Take the Quiz for Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention
This quiz, designed for teens and their parents, teaches more than it tests, .

Online calendar created for Asians and Pacific Islanders to help stop drug abuse.

  Diabetes Public Health Resource
Descriptions of the four types of diabetes, fact sheets, various reports and studies, and more.

Native Canadian Centre of Toronto
Helping build a strong and healthy Native community . 

Provides a central point for up-to-date health information of special interest to American Indians and Alaska Natives

The Free Med Connection
help alleviate the high cost of prescription medicine and medical supplies by helping you find resources for Free Medicine, Canadian Drugs and lower cost Medical supplies

An "independent, non-partisan, non-profit think tank dedicated to reducing global poverty and inequality."

If you knew the conditions..." : health care to Native Americans 
An online exhibition outlining the administration of health care to Native Americans in the 19th and 20th centuries. 

Jeffrey Amherst and smallpox blankets 
An online essay discussing smallpox infected blankets sanctioned by Lord Jeffery Amherst to American Indians in the 1760s

Native American Medicines
List of conditions and methods of treatment as collected by UCLA's archives of Folk Medicine. 

Welfare Reform and New York City's Low-Income Population
Includes information about Hispanic, African-American, and Native Americans.

The Hunger Site, The Rainforest Site, Breast Cancer, Animals Rescue Site
Here's how you can help others each day by simply clicking a button. It's free!

Outside Looking In: Transracial Adoption in America
A documentary about three American families brought together, and at times pushed apart, by transracial adoption

Ketchup Soup
In showing how a mother feeds her children, this film puts a face on the issue of child hunger.

*Living with Wolves Saved My Life
At Lockwood Animal Rescue Center, veterans with PTSD are getting back their nature.

Partnerships for Native Health
A comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to improve the health and well-being of American Indian and Alaska Native people of all ages

Healthy Aboriginal Network Posters
42 posters on the United Nations Convention On the Rights of the Child, with an Aboriginal youth focus.

Casey Foundation Kid Count Data book 2016
A state-by-state accounting of children's well-being.

**Violence Against AMerican Indian and Alaskan Native Women Report
From the National Institute of Justice

**What To Do When You're Raped
An ABC Handbook for Native girls

MyPlate Challenges
Encourage healthy eating and physical activity for SuperTracker group

**Setting the Record Straight
The Indian Child Welfare Act Fact Sheet

**The Power of Cultural Teachings for At Risk Youth
The White Earth Nation's video documenting some of the work being done to help at risk youth in the community.

**Putting Kids First
Native children's policy agenda from the NCAI

**National Aboriginal Council of Midwives
 Promotes excellence in reproductive health care for Inuit, First Nations, and Metis women

"Qikiqtagruk Influences"
Native youth from Notzebue, AK, address their community's health issues

Documentary film about health disparities facing Native Americans and what a group of indigenous women are doing about it.

*Dreams of Wild Health
 Helping American Indian people reclaim their physical, spiritual, and mental health

AI/AN Adolescents HPV Vaccine Posters
Developed by the CDC

Coordination of Tribal TANF and Child Welfare Services: Interim Findings Report
Summarizes tribal direct services and inter-agency coordination.

Recruiting Families for Native American children

**Medicinal Plant Map
A hundred years ago 70% of all medicines were made from plants.

ParticipACTION Report Card
 A comprehensive assessment of physical activity for children and youth.

CDC Native American Health Resources
A list of resources from the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Higher Education & Workforce Development in Tribal Communities & the Role of Tribal HPOG
\Read about the program and grants issued to tribal colleges.

The Native American Parent Technical Assistance Center
Provides training and assistance for effective, culturally responsive services for Native families of children with disabilities, as well as youth with disabilities

Survey of Tribal Child Welfare Codes
A review of 100+ tribal child welfare codes

Feeding Ourselves: Food Access, Health Disparities, and the Pathways to Healthy Native American Communities
A report commissioned by the American Heart Association

*Title VI Resource Manual for AI/AN/NH Elders

Truthful and accurate information to help Native youth control their own health.

National Resource Center on Native American Aging
Helping identify, raise awareness of elder issues and empower Native communities to help.

Informing Strategies to End Senior Hunger in Native Communities
The 19th Annual L.E.A.D. conference pre-session convening summary report

The Best and Worst Places to Grow Up
Check your state and county on this interactive map;

Medicaid: Can Federal Responsibilities, State Authorities, and Tribal Sovereignty be Reconciled?,”
Published in the Wyoming Law Review

The Adverse Childhood Experiences Quiz
Take the quiz: the rougher your childhood, the higher your score is likely to be

American Indian / Alaska Native Suicide Prevention
Web pages are designed specifically for individuals working with Native populations

**IHS Alcohol & Substance Abuse Program Website
To help reduce alcohol and substance abuse among the American Indian and Alaska Native population.

**Reclaiming Native Food Systems Part II Indigenous Knowledge and Innovation for Supporting Senior Health and Wellness

**Native Youth Sexual Health Network
A organization by and for Indigenous youth addresses issues of sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice throughout the US and Canada.

**Physical Activity Interactive Learning Course
The Benefits of Physical Activity for First Nation, Inuit, and Metis Communities

**Native American Traffic Safety Facts

Food Safety While Hiking, Camping & Boating

Diabetes In Native Communities
An overview of type 2 diabetes in Native communities with statistics.

Obesity in Native Communities
American Indian or Alaska Native adults are 60% more likely to be obese than non-Hispanic Whites.

**The Brother Eagle Project
Designed to break the cycle of addiction and other behavioral issues beginning with the earliest ages.

Physical Activity Booklet for First Nation, Inuit and Métis
The Benefits of Physical Activity for First Nation, Inuit, and Metis Communities

Building on Our Strengths: Aboriginal Youth Wellness in Canada’s North
 delivers new insights into successful Aboriginal youth wellness strategies in Canada’s North.

Diabetes Education in Tribal Schools: Health Is Life in Balance
Culturally- relevant and scientifically-based lessons to prevent type 2 diabetes

"Our Cultures Are Our Source of Health” PSAs
Public Service Announcements: Traditional knowledge about health and preventing type 2 diabetes

Suicide Rates Among Racial/Ethnic U.S. Populations

**Your Health Outdoors
What First Nations and Inuit can safely do during spring and summer!

The 2013 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge Cookbook
Written for, and by, kids.

**Keeping it Sacred
Promising practices for tobacco prevention and control in Indian Country

NACE Substance Abuse Resource Library
A variety of information resources on Native American substance abuse prevention

**Our Culture is Prevention
Critical Dialogue with Native Youth about Underage Drinking

**Lakota Voice Project
Oglala Lakota College students' campaign to fight youth suicide on the reservation

Native Aging Visions
A Resource for Native Elders

Native Aging Facts

Native Way Training Service Foundation Story

**Make it an Active March Break
School break coming up? Here's some suggestions to fun and healthy activities!

Circle of Life
Multimedia HIV/AIDS/STI prevention curriculum for American Indian/Alaska Native youth.

**Stepping Stones Brochure
Traditional health model of the Haudenosaunee training

Report: Pregnancy and the Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis in a Highly Predisposed North American Native Population

**Native Boys and Men's Wellness Gathering
Video: Meeting took place on June 16, 2012

American Indian Alaskan Native Commissioned Officer Advisory Committee 
Advises and consults with the Surgeon General on health issues related to  American Indians and Alaska Natives

**Sunka Wakan Ah Ku [Bringing Back the Horses] Program
Youth program offers tools for juvenile offenders to reduce delinquency and the likelihood of repeat offender

Native Boys and Men's Wellness Gathering
Video: Meeting took place on June 16, 2012

Indian Child Welfare
Improving the lives of American Indian and Alaska Native children and families

The Health Benefits of Purifying HousePlants
A list of plants for a healthier home
The Health Benefits of Purifying House Plants

Tribal Court CASA
Helping Indian children receive culturally sensitive representation in Tribal Court proceedings

A Practical Guide to the Indian Child Welfare Act
Answers questions and provides resources about on the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA).

*Diabetes Education in Tribal Schools
The "Health Is Life in Balance" curriculum

*National Indian Parent Information Center
For AI families with children with disabilities or learning challenges, ages birth to twenty-six.

**Meeka Project
Wellness resources that take a holistic, traditional approach to Inuit healing, healthy living, child rearing and teamwork

**Darkness Falls
Aboriginal youth suicide prevention graphic novel

**Center for Native American youth
Dedicated to improving the health, safety, and well being of Native American youth.

**Native Teen Tobacco Prevention Commercials
From the Northern California Indian Development Council

**Native American Culture and Health Disparities
Video from Indiana University and American Indian Center of Indiana, Inc.

**Protecting Our Strongest Assets: Our Children"
Protecting our children from tobacco and drugs.

**Children in Poverty
A database of children facing poverty organized by country, state, or city

**National Drivers Test
How well do you know the rules of the road?

From the IHS (Indian Health Service), search the database for the best and most promising practices in Indian Health

Adoption and Foster Care
From the National Congress of the American Indian

American Indian Children in Foster Care

Centers for American Indian and Alaska Native Health
Promotes the health and well-being of American Indians and Alaska Natives

National Resource Center on Native American Aging 
 Works to address the needs of American Indian, Alaskan Native and Native Hawaiian elders.

Makahiki Games
Traditional Hawaiian games that challenge a healthy body and mind.

**The Eagle's Nest
An interactive tool to engage children in traditional activities and discussions about healthy eating

*A Profile of American Indians and Alaska Natives and Their Health Coverage
Provides demographic factors influencing health and insurance coverage of AI/AN

Global Disease Health Map

I Know Mine
For Native Youth to knowing their HIV/sexually transmitted disease status. From Alaska Native Tribeal Health Consortium

A Different Way to Heal
Do alternative therapies such as acupuncture, herbal remedies and chiropractic really work?

Kids Count Census Data Online
Read the information for Native Population under 18 from YOUR state, county, or city.

Learn about environmental illness, especially in children

The Unknown Killer
This film addresses the high risk teenage girls face in developing cervical cancer. (Also includes an all-youth discussion group.

2009 Indigenous Family Violence Prevention Forum
Celebrates the good work that is being done by Indigenous people in Queensland to end family violence and more.

My Pyramid for Preschoolers
 New, interactive food pyramid to meet the needs of pre-schoolers ages 2-5.
 **Emergency Preparedness Planning Toolkit for Diverse Populations
 Preparedness efforts targeting diverse populations


*Blubber Busting
A powerful site now used by 45,000 youth around the world to change health behaviors and self-monitoring.

Peta Wakan Tipi
Serving Native men and women recovering from substance abuse and homelessness

Future Generations: Control Your Diabetes. For Life.
This PSA was developed by the National Diabetes Education Program

Unnatural Causes – Is Inequality Making Us Sick?

Oklahoma Indian Child Welfare Association

Effective Practices for Engaging At-Risk Youth in Service

Suicide Prevention Programs
Successful suicide prevention programs for Native Youth at risk

Their Blood Cries Up from the Ground
History of the horrific Hiawatha Insane Asylum for Insane Indians

**Meth is Killing Our Children
Meth Prevention Posters for our Youth

UNICEF: Water, Environment and Sanitation   
Background and updates on drinking water and sanitation issues around the world, focusing on child and family health,

**NCIDC Obesity Prevention and Reduction Project
Focus on specific activities and resources for obesity reduction and prevention in Indian infants, young children, teens.

**First Nations Orphan Association
Offers advocacy to all adoptees/fostered individuals and their families in accordance with our traditional spiritual heritage and the Indian Child Welfare

Video clip about First Nations children in care and suggests new ways of seeing the difficulties they face

**Covering Kids and Families
Offers materials, free of charge, to help parents enroll children in Medicaid and State Children's Health Insurance (SCHIP) program.

Native American Youth Suicide Hotline
Call Women of Nations 24 hours a day at (651) 222-5836 or toll-free at (877) 209-1266

Finding Consensus
Improving Quality of Care for the Most Vulnerable Children, Youth, and Families

Video interview with Dr. Cindy Wolff
Dr. Cindy Wolff, Professor at Chico State University, talks about a health survey among area schools.

*Summer Safety Tips
Find safety tips for activities such as surfing, boating, sun and heat exposure, hiking and more.

*Smashed: Toxic Tales of Teens and Alcohol – A Toolkit
A free educational toolkit about preventing teen drinking for use in your community.

*Boys and Girls Clubs in Indian Country
Serving nearly 100,000 Native American youth

Profits Over People:
Tobacco Industry Activities to Market Cigarettes and Undermine Public Health in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Trust Us: We're the Tobacco Industry
Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
*Indigenous Chilren of the Americas
Provides assistance and support to Native American children living on and off the reservation system in North, Central and South America

Native American Liasons
From the Arizona Department of Health Services

*Verb Now
Learning activities, information, and share your own stories about solutions for increasing levels of physical activity among Native youth.

*IHS Safety Activities
Games and activities geared for Native youth
*Southwest Border Kids Count data book
Detailed population and demographic information on families in these counties.

Why Is America So Fat?
Video clip from 60 minutes about the efforts of Pima and Tohono O'odham tribes to improve their diets.

To assist all segments of the community as they work with youth to address hate violence,

* Inter-Tribal Deaf Council

* Traditional medicines
TM has maintained its popularity in all regions of the developing world and its use is rapidly spreading in industrialized countries.

**IHS Community Health Representative
A unique concept for providing health care, health promotion, and disease prevention services

Rate of Low-Income Children Varies Widely by State (2004)
Read the Report

S Important Resources for American Indians and Alaska Natives with Disabilities

** State By State Child Care
Links to relevant child care research, advocacy and policy information in all 50 states!  

National Child Care
Links to relevant child care research, advocacy and policy information in all 50 states!  

Aymara Medicine
Retama, a medicinal herb, that grows in the valleys.

Learn About Chemicals Around Your House
Answers questions about pesticides & toxic chemicals used around the house.

American Indian Disability Technical Assistance Center
Assists American Indian and Alaska Native vets with disabilities to achieve independence in daily living.

*LIfe with the Four Seasons
Living life following the four seasons is one of the first steps to creating good health and well-being

*Phoebe Winnamucca
How Phoebe received her instructions to gather rocks, golden eagle tail feathers and songs needed to doctor others

*Tribal Connections Website
News articles and features  about health issues of interest to Native  Americans.

Addresses the health concerns of American Indians and Alaska Natives.

Public Library of Science
A non-profit organization of scientists and physicians committed to making the world's scientific and medical research a public resource

*Under Your Skin
Pictures from children, ages 5-13, about what they think they look like under their skin.

*Extreme Heat
Heat exposure and the prevention and managing of heat-related illnesses.

Profiles of American-Indian and Alaska-Native Children from the 2000 Census
840,000 children from 23 tribes are included in this report.

Additives Found in American Cigarettes
599 ingredients [that] have been  identified in tobacco industry documents as being added to tobacco

The 15th annual KIDS COUNT Data Book reports that national trends in child well-being are moving in a positive direction. .

Dream Anatomy
The National Library of Medicine offers access to medical journals, books, audiovisual materials, children's areas, and more

Interactive Health Tutorial using animated graphics  

Toxic Fire Retardants in American Homes
A 2004 study that found high levels of PBDE in house dust nationwide.

The Alternative Fix
Examines the controversy over complementary and alternative medical treatments.

Profiles of American-Indian and Alaska-Native Children from the 2000 Census
Profiles highlighting indicators of child well-being for children in the 23 largest tribes and groups of tribes in the country

Nuclear Terrorism & Health Effects
What happens during a nuclear or radiation terrorist attack & how you should respond."

Dirty Bombs
"What you need to know if there were a terrorist attack with a conventional weapon that has radioactive material in it."

Nuclear Blast
"FAQs about what a nuclear blast is & how to protect yourself.

*Mercury Rising: The Poisoning of Grassy Narrows
Video and radio clips: Between 1962 and 1970, natives in two northwest Ontario communities sat down to daily meals of poison.

*Walking a healing path
Domestic Violence, Substance and Child Abuse, Neglect Awareness Walk

*Skincare Naturally
A promising and affordable healing cream for diabetic patients.
*West Nile Virus in the United States 2003
An interactive map of West Nile Virus and deaths, state by state.

Provides basic Social Security program information on retirement, survivors,
disability and Supplemental Security Income benefits.

Death Counter
Diseases and illness which cause death are counted down in real time.

*Poverty USA
A brief slide show that breaks down what a federal poverty line income does (and doesn't) buy.

*National Society for American Indian Elderly
helps tribes identify at-risk senior citizens and providing them with the services they desperately need

*Traditional healing
A traditional role for native women

* Healing with Animals
How tribes are healing by working with the animal kingdom as well as the plant world

What You Need to Know About Mercury in Fish and Shellfish
For women who might become pregnant, women who are pregnant, nursing mothers, and young children" with respect to the consumption of fish and shellfish that contain traces of  mercury.

 Digital Opportunity Channel
Educating a global audience on the uses of information and communication technology as a tool for promoting sustainable development and better quality of life.

Kids and Teens: Action Without Borders
Information about thousands of non-profit organizations and volunteer opportunities  to it! 

Trends in Racial and Ethnic-Specific Rates for the Health Status Indicators: United States 1990-1998

Recent Trends in Mortality Rates for Four Major Cancers, by Sex and Race/Ethnicity-United States, 1990-1998

A federal interagency Native American website that provides information for Native American communities.

Promoting the Well-Being of Children and Families
This guide from the National Center on Children in Poverty sets forth a framework for community and state action to help families and caregivers address the needs of emotionally at-risk children.

** Hair Conditioners
Pre-Columbian Indians used hair conditioners to add shine to the hair, make it more manageable, and relieve dryness. They also used botanical hair conditioners to relieve scalp itch and as a dandruff treatment.

Medical Research
American Indian healers possessed sophisticated knowledge of the properties and correct dosages of medicinal plants.

Public Opinion on Youth, Crime and Race: A Guide for Advocates
A strong case that prevention and rehabilitation are practical approaches, and that racial unfairness in thej uvenile justice system causes different kids to get different treatment for the same offense.

Adults and Organizations Dramatically Benefit by the Innovation Center for Community and Youth Development

**Olways Preservation and Exchange Trust
The Native American food Guide created by Association of American Indian Physicians

Trouble in Toyland
Deaths and injuries associated with scooters significantly increased in 2001, and other toys still pose hazards from choking, toxic chemicals and loud noise. Get the report

Telling It Like It Is
Young Alaskan Natives Have produced their own substance abuse and recovery stories. Excerpts are available in the Sound Partners "Listening Room"

"Toolkit" to End Violence Against Women 
To help those working to end violence against women

Things Are Not Always as They Seem
A portrait of teenage "punks" challenging popular beliefs and misconceptions about their appearance. (Also includes an all-youth discussion group.)

Addiction Search 
Web links to articles on Native American addictions. prevention/treatment organizations and information on suicide, violence, healing practices, fetal alcohol syndrome, teen smoking, and much more.

Heifer International
Heifer animals (and training in their care) offer hungry families around the world a way to feed themselves and become self-reliant.

Mockingbird Times Comes Out Singing
The Mockingbird Times is about foster care and homelessness, written by kids who’ve lived through both.

Keep The Circle Strong
You could save the life of another Native person. Keep the circle strong

Soop on Wheels
Everett Soop, a Blackfoot, lives on the Blood Indian Reserve in southern Alberta. Muscular dystrophy has confined him to a wheelchair for several years, but it has not subdued his spirit.

Emergency Planning 
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offers a web link designed to assist in emergency planning. Included is a list of supplies to keep on hand.

 Re-Creating Community in Hawaii 
A place where young and old have worked together to build a gathering place to heal their community.

Native American Healing in the 21st Century
This video traces ancient healing methods of American Indians, discusses the invaluable contributions they made to our early frontier medical heritage, and shows how many of these same healing plants...

Child Welfare League 
As Congress debates budget priorities, the Child Welfare League of America asks “shouldn’t some go to the country’s neediest children?” The League is calling for Adequate Funding to Protect Vulnerable Children

Two Spirit Society
Gender different individuals provided specific services for the community; oral and written historical has accounts of these individuals serving as leaders, healers, and spiritual leaders.

Re-Creating Community in Hawaii
A place where young and old have built a gathering place they hope will help heal their community.

Be part of a grassroots national awareness network that can help families of missing children

This video visits the Winnebago Indian Reservation in Nebraska, the Rosebud Sioux Tribe and the Porcupine Lakota community in South Dakota to present community solutions to this health crisis in Indian Country. - - Front Page 
Kids ask Senate for diabetes research.

Native Health History Database
The Native Health History Database is a detailed, centralized information resource on historical American Indian and Alaska Native medical/health research reports covering the period from 1652 to 1970.

Native American Healing in the 21st Century
This video traces ancient healing methods of American Indians, discusses the invaluable contributions they made to our early frontier medical heritage, and shows how many of these same healing plants...
He Wo Un Poh: Recovery in Native America 
The title of this video is Tewa for "getting well after a sickness." Director Beverly Singer, a member of the Santa Clara Tewa Pueblo shares the thoughts, experiences and successes of seven Native Americans of different ages on the road to recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.[Recommended for mature young adults.]

Report on Compliance with Health and Safety Standards at Native American Head Start Facilities
This report points out concerns regarding compliance with health and safety standards at Native American Head Start facilities. 
HHS/OIG-Audit--"Report on Compliance with Health and Safety Standards at Native American Head Start Facilities, (A-09-9100134)

Welfare Reform In Indian Country 
Tribal Temporary Assistance to Needy Families programs offer a valuable case study for welfare reform implementation. This brief from the Welfare Information Network describes some current characteristics of these programs and emerging challenges.

In the Mix "What's Normal? - Overcoming Obstacles and Stereotypes"
Hear from teenagers with differences to experience the empathy and understanding of what it means to be different.

DHHS/OMH Minority HIV / AIDS Initiative Website 
The Office of Minority Health has launched the new website of the Minority HIV/AIDS Initiative.

Her Giveaway
Carole Lafavor (Ojibwe), activist, mother and registered nurse, is a person with AIDS. In this candid and moving portrait, Lafavor relates how she has come to terms with AIDS by combining her traditional beliefs and healing practices with western medicine. Her "giveaway" is more than just basic information—it is an inspiring example of how we can all learn from the Native American philosophy of illness.

CYD Journal promotes youth and adults working together in partnership to create just, safe, and healthy communities by building leadership and influencing public policy 
CYD Journal - Winter 2001

**Native American Kids 2000: Indian Child Well-Being Indicators 
Serious gaps in current, culturally sensitive data on the well-being of Indian children hampers efforts by the tribes to support their causes at both the tribal and national level, argues the National Indian Children’s Alliance in this report (in Adobe PDF format).

Covering Kids is a national initiative working to enroll the millions of
uninsured U.S. children who are eligible for health care coverage through
the State Children’s Health Insurance Program or Medicaid.
State Listings for Native Youth:
Covering Kids Home

Cultural healing takes place in a well-planned communal intervention. 
Information about historical trauma and a list of interventions to help our children.  Cultural Practices in American Indian Prevention Programs 
Juvenile Justice Journal, Volume VII, Number 2 

Welcome to the Native American Forums
From the Confederated Warm Springs tribe, s special area for Native Youth to express their thoughts and ideas. 

 DSHS -- Foster Parent Training Program
How Can Raccoon Twins, a Fox, a Bear and a Puffin Teach Parents About Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? Find out from this award-winning new video series. .

National Center for Environmental Health 
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released the first National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals. This important research tool provides information omn exposure levels to environmental chemicals, and over time what these levels mean for public health.

Give Water
WaterAid  is the only charity in the UK that specializes in providing three things to the poorest people in developing countries: water, sanitation and hygiene promotion. By clicking for free, you contribute towards their vital work.

Helping Innu Children
Sheshatshiu has set up the "Sheshatshiu Youth Fund"  to help Innu youth in a family treatment program.

Are We Safe 2001: Focus on Teens
Most teens feel they are making a positive difference in their community, generally by helping others.

Unequal Treatment: Confronting Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care
An in-depth report examines healthcare disparities between racial minorities and whites.

In Their Own Words: Who am I
Words by racial and language minority youth tell us the problems teens with limited English face and how racial and cultural differences pose everyday challenges for adolescents.

National Diabetes Program, Indian Health Service 
To develop, document, and sustain a public health effort to prevent and control diabetes in American Indian and Alaska Native communities.

Boys and Girls Clubs in Indian Country
There are nearly 120 Native American Boys & Girls Clubs in 23 states.

Helping Children Resist Bias and Hate
An outreach, public education, and training initiative available for download.

Dakota Youth Project
Encourages healthy lifestyles among youth and families through education, skills training, counseling, and safe homes.

Summer Safety Tips
Tips on: Preventing heat stress, pool and boat safety, bug safety, bicycle, skateboard and scooter safety, and
Indian Burial Assistance Project 

American Indian Families and Tribes
Kaiser Family Foundation reports looks at the decisions made and what lies ahead for welfare reauthorization for Indian families
Your gateway to Government Food Safety Information.

Juvenile Justice
Explores the lives of five adolescents and their struggle within the California justice system.

Think Globally, Eat Locally 
Do your health a good turn and also support the health of your regional economy

My Family, My Neighborhood, My Story
A mother's aspirations for her family and others as she fights to improve conditions in her low-income community.

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Medicine Wheel:

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