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"Best Language Website on the Internet" (American Indian Review Magazine)


Cherokee Syllabury

"...I heard a wise woman talk at a conference. She spoke of being removed from her culture, unplugged from it, disconnected and set aside like an old toaster. But she was always a toaster and the day came when someone plugged her back in and the electricity flowed. She became functional again - and the tool of her reawakening was her language."
Richard Wagamese. Ojibway

**The Last Living Speaker of Wichita
The NPR Interview (2008) with Doris McLemore, who passed away in October 2016

**Lakota Language Game

*The Ways
Explores Native language and culture from communities around the central Great Lakes

**Navajo Toddler App
Help children ages 2-9 learn to speak Navajo  through interactive visual flashcards, audio, and gameplay lessons

**How Does Language Change Your Brain?
Learning a new language can actually change your brain.

2016 Alaska Native Language Archive SHN Workshop
Covers basic digitization planning, preservation, workflows, project organization and more

Dena’ina Language Revitalization Efforts
Aaron Leggett discusses the projects he has undertaken to revitalize the Dena’ina language

**Recording a Dying Language
View the film and lesson plan.

**American Indian Tribal Languages
A vast list of tribes with link to their native language resources

**Mi'kmaq Place Names Digital Atlas and Website
Letting people see the true origins of Nova Scotia place names.

Learn the Plains Cree Language
Designed with Native youth in mind

Lakota Audio Series
A practical conversation course

Introduction to Ojibwe Verbs and Pronouns
Learn the seven pronouns and listen to audio to practice your pronunciation

**Marie's Dictionary
The story of MarieWilcox, the last fluent speaker of the Wukchumni language and the dictionary she created to help keep her language alive.

**How All 50 States Got Their Names
Do you live in a state with a Native American Name?

Chickasaw Language App
Free language app available through the Chickasaw Nation

**Cherokee Language Course
In partnership with the Cherokee Nation and the Tulsa City-County Library,

**Sam Noble Museum Department of Native American Languages
Language resources for many tribes

Regalia Kidwenan
Anishnaabemowin regalia with words and English translation

**Cherokee Nation 2015 Wall Calendar
Uses Sequoyah’s original numbering system. Download it for free!

**The Language Nest Online Toolkit
 Collection of resources for language nest programs in First Nations' communities

*Where on earth Do They Speak that language?
Just click on each language to be shown where in the world it is spoken! over 6500 languages listed!

UCLA Language Materials
Teaching Resources for less commonly used languages. Includes several Native languages

Cherokee syllabary Braille code
A website that seeks to preserve Anishinaabemowin, an endangered Native American language

**Native Skywatchers: Makoce Wicanhpi Wowapi
A D(L)akota Star Map with lakota vocabulary, audio, curriculum resources, and more.

Lexiconography 1 Video
Short poem written by Heid E. Erdrich  and translated into Anishinaabemowin by Margaret Noodin

Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival
Fosters the restoration  and revival of indigenous California languages

**Say what?
11 untranslatable words from other culture

Chickasaw Language App
Practice your skills!

**Kiowa Flag Song - History and Words
Kiowa elder, Evans Ray Satepauhoodle, tells the history of the Kiowa Flag Song in Kiowa and English,

**Santa Fe Indian School Students: Identity Through Verse
Members of the Spoken Word Club at the Santa Fe Indian School articulate identities both modern and traditional.

**Miami Language Phone App
Learn Myaamia on your iPhone!

**Ojibwe People's Dictionary
A searchable, talking Ojibwe-English dictionary that features the voices of Ojibwe speakers

**Best Conversation Ever
Who says infants don't have their own language? Amazing!

**Help Me Tell My Story
For Native youth, a new, holistic approach to assessment that measures oral language development for Pre-K and K children

**Watch Your Mouth
Some words are actually derogatory remarks or references about Native Americans

**SBS Census Explorer
Interactively explore the languages of Australia's Indigenous Peoples

*New England Algonquian Indian Words
From the Massachusetts Revival language Program

Native American Language Immersion
Innovative native education for children and families

**Myaamia Phrase Book

Sauk Language Dictionary

Potawatomi Dictionary

**Global Voices
Calling attention to conversations emerging from citizen media around the world.

**Noongwa e-Anishinaabemjig  Flashcards
From the U. OF Michigan's Ojibwe language program.

The Ojibwe Peoples Dictionary
Preserving the sounds and context of the indigenous Ojibwe language

**Enduring Voices Talking Dictionaries
Listen to words, phrases and the beautiful sounds of extinct or dying languages.

**Lenape Counting 1 - 10
A video for the young ones.

Ongwehonweh Learning Center
Preserves and nurtures the Indigenous/Iroquoian languages and songs

**Native Language Audio Postcards
Send an e-postcard spoken in a Native language!

**What's in an American Name?

Native American words define our country. Check out the interact map.

*Interactive Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger
Interactive map from the United Nations

**Lakota Berenstain Bears Trailer
View the cartoon trailer dubbed into the Lakota language

**Lost Language of the Bo
CNN Video of the last living Andaman speaker sharing her traditional language before she died.

*Athabascan Word of the Week
Learn the Athabascan vocabularies in this weekly series of news articles.

**Anishinaabe Language Project:
    Ojibwe language learning computer game

**Thirty Year Tradition of Speaking from Our Heart
Writings and personal reflections about the thirty years of commitment to Indigenous language education

*Making Science Relevant in Myaamia
Video: Education using Earth-Sky words and stories
From the 2008 Myaammiaki Conference

On the Brink
America's first languages and what we need to do to save them.

Sauk Myeh (Demo)
Sauk language video pilot for series targeted toward pre-K language learning environment.**LanguageGeek Fonts
Fonts for many aboriginal languages,

Indigenous Bilingual Education Mother Tongue Education

**The Language of Native American Baskets
From the NMAI/Smithsonian

**NIEA Kids
Language activities for youth from the National Indian Education Association

** A Potawatomi Word a Day
Read, listen, learn

** Down to a Whisper
An Amazing Award-Winning website about Wisconsin's Native languages

Iquito (Peru) Language Story
Most Iquito speakers died of malaria in the 1990s. Less than 26 elders remain alive. Listen to story of a man who imitates the call of a frog/

Endangered languages across Latin America
Audio samples courtesy of the Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America .

Achuar (Amazon Rainforest) Ceremonial Visiting Conversation.
Listen to a conversation in Achuar, a potentially endangered language spoken by a few thousand people.

**The Wisdom of words
Teaches oral language development, comprehension, and vocabulary skills for Native American Children. Free online workshop.
**Geoglyphs of the SW Desert
Some believe these drawings may have been messages to the gods or ancestors.

**J. P. Harrington Database Project
Providing access to information on American Indian languages researched by J. P. Harrington.

*Secret of the Maya Glyphs
Join the kids on a virtual trip through the Maya temple.

*Leaves, The Moon, The Stars
Write words with visual and animated alphabets

Cherokee Spokespeople
Bicycle messengers across the world are displaying the Cherokee language.

ACORNS software
Supports tribal language revitalization programs

Investigation of Muskogee Creek Indian Counting Words
* Image Writing used by the First Nations of North America
An analysis of image writing used in pre-Columbian times by the First Nations of North America. Intellectual and amazing

Oneida Language Revitalization Project
Carrying on the language of Oneida ancestors to the present and future generations.

**The Mingo Alphabet

Mescalero/Chiricahua-English pdf

English-Mescalero/Chiricahua pdf

**Indian Language Toys for Native American Kids
Many tribes are using NDN Linguist toy to expose tribal youth to their native language at an early age.

Oneida Teaching Grammar
Describes the basic sound, word, and sentence structures of Oneida.

Technology keeps indigenous languages alive
Listen to an online radio program about indigenous language education during the landmark “Sharing our Knowledge” Clan Conference in Alaska.

A Reference Grammar Of Wappo

UNESCO Messenger: Language Matters
Devoted to UNESCO’s Endangered Languages Programme, one of the main activities of the Intangible Heritage Section.

Humans and animals DO speak!

**Mayan Months
The glyphs for Mayan months.

**Listen to Mi'kmaq words and phrases

Language and Education
A number of expedient and creative solutions bridged the initial gaps of Native and European communications.

**Native Indian Languages of Louisiana Linked to the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Interesting article based on perspectives

**Language Course Finder   
The largest online directory of language courses and language schools worldwide.

SIL InternationalPartners in Language Development
Serves the peoples of the world through research, translation, and literacy.

Ethnologue: Languages of the World
An encyclopedic reference work cataloging all of the world’s 6,912 known living languages

Tlaxcala, the network of translators for linguistic diversity

**Native Indian Languages of Louisiana Linked to the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Interesting article based on perspectives

Talk of the Nation: Speaking 1 language
Does it really matter if we all speak  the same language one day?  Listen to the discussion.

**E Ola Ka '0lelo Hawai'i
A video about Hawaii's language revitalization efforts, the most successful effort in the U.S.

Audio Mohawk language Podcast

**Lushootseed Language Canoe Video
View the annual canoe journey narrated in the Lushootseet Language

**Decoding Maya Glyphs
A NY Times video explore the secrets of the Mayan writing codes in the Mayan glyphs.

New handheld unit  that translates English to tribal languages.

**Index of Native American Language Resources on the Internet 
One of the most comprehensive indexes of Native American language web

Language Policy 
Information about language policy issues in the U.S., including those related to endangered Native American languages.
**Native American Languages Links
Over 80 useful links to web sites on specific American Indian languages.

Native American Language Resources
Links  full text publications concerning Native American languages.

Teaching Indigenous Languages
An extensive collection of materials on revitalizing and teaching
American Indian languages.

Endangered Language Fund (ELF)
Grants efforts by Native communities or scholars to do endangered language related work.

foundation for Endangered Languages (FEL) 
Grants to supports efforts to preserve indigenous languages.

Institute for the Preservation of the Endangered Languages of the Americas (IPOLA)
Collaborates with indigenous communities to revitalize and perpetuate the languages and culture of the original inhabitants of the Americas.

Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas
An international scholarly organization representing the scientific study of the languages of the Native peoples of Americas

A film that chronicles the loss of the Blackfeet language from 1890 to 1990 and illustrates language loss among other Indian tribes

The Modern Language Association Language Map

Released in 2006, this map has information about over 300 languages spoken in the U.S.

Glossary of Caribbean Terms

Nuu Chal Nulth
Listen to, and learn parts of, the Nuu Chal Nulth Language

The Last Speakers
Ironbound Films movie about endangered languages.

What does it mean to lose a language?
Investigating heritage  Language loss and revitalization

Alaska Native Language Center

"The best linguists on the plains"
By Athapascan Linguist Willem de Reuse

Cherokee Syllabury
Read and hear the Cherokee Syllabury

The Last Speakers
America's first look at how languages become endangered

The Five Sacred Medicines” story
Told by Hoskie Benally,  Diné (Navajo) spiritual leader
Listen in Navajo:

Find this document on the web

Teaching Indigenous Languages
97 full text papers from the 1997- 2003 Stabilizing Indigenous Languages conferences*North American Languages
A detailed of list of North American tribal languages and language resources.

**Download the Dogrib Language font

Linguistic Fieldwork Preparation
A comprehensive web-resource for the benefit of the linguistic community at large

Radio Interview with Australian Darcel Moyl, Goori woman and educator.

**Dictionary of Indigenous Languages of Patagonia
An investigation about the languages of the indigenous people of Patagonia

Strange Names and Words from Louisiana
The legacy from it's Indian Tribes

**Native American Family Technology Journey
Helping save languages and cultures

**Saving a Language
Read a speech written in Euchee/English by 18 year old Renee Grounds

Write your name
*How to Write Your Name in Inuktitut (Inuit)

Start chatting with a Mohawk or Seneca "bot."

Ojibwe Language Plan
Detailed information about this award-winning language program

** Petroglyphs on Easter Island
Over 480 birdman petroglyphs have been found on the island,

** String, and Knot, Theory of Inca Writing
knotted string devices, if deciphered, could perhaps reveal narratives of the Inca Empire

** The Indigenous Language Institute
Recognizes the imminent loss of indigenous peoples' languages and acknowledges the individuality of indigenous communities

** Endangered Languages Database
A searchable database that nuclides 109 language researchers reporting on 151 languages/dialects.

oso Rock Art
A National Historic Landmark deep in China Lake [California], contains one of America's most impressive petroglyphic and archeological complexes..

**Report a Rock Art Site
If you know rock art site, report it to save it!

Preserving Native Languages
Russian America works written and published in Native Alaskan languages

Task force on Aboriginal Languages and Cultures

**Karok Language
Audio files, songs, and vocabulary list of California's Karok Indians

**The Russian Church and Native American languages
Preserving native languages

The Mayan Epigraphic Database Project
A database of glyphs, images, phonetic values, and semantic values according to the consensus among various American Mayanists

Aztec Vocabulary
Nahuatl is a language belonging to the Uto Aztecan fmily

Written in Stone
The Prehistoric Native American Rock Art of the Ohio Valley.

Strachey's Powhatan Dictionary
17th century words and phrases compiled by John Smith and William Strachey

The Glyph Hunters —
Searching for Prehistoric Images in the Ohio Valley

WordCount / Tracking the Way We Use Language
Pick a word to see how it ranks in English Language use.

Miami Language Audio Files\

**Miami Language Learning Center
Downloadable Lesson plans of the Miami Language

Lakota Oyate Foundation in Germany
For German speaking people interested in learning the Lakota language

**Ute Word of the Week
Listen to the Ute pronounciation of words and phrases,

**NMAI Preservation Reference Guide
Archives for best practices for a repository system to meet the needs of Native speakers

*First Voices
Language Legacies Celebrating Indigenous Cultures

*Aboriginal Australia Language Map
A partial language map of Aboriginal Australia

*Myaamia Project
Audio report about the Miami Language Revitalization Project at Miami University, OH

*\Write your name IN HAWAIIAN
How to Write Your Name in Hawaiian

*Whulshoot language
Read the alphabet, words, and hear the language.

*Write your name
How to Write Your Name In Mayan Glyphs

*Rabbit In The Moon: Mayan Glyphs And Architecture
Mayan calendars, sound files, virtual palaces... a fun place to visit! 

How to Write Your Name In Mayan Glyphs
Step-by-step instructions about how to write your name using Mayan glyphs. 

Say Hello to the World Project
If you wanted to say hello to everybody in the world, you would have to learn at least 2,796 languages and say hello to 5,720,000,000 people! 

Dialogue Between Nations 
A marvelous site for sharing Native languages. 

Comanche Language and Cultural Preservation Committee
Read what Autumn's Nation is doing to save their NUMU TEKWAPUHA (Comanche Language)

My Body
Comanche Picture and language activity for younger ones to color, and everyone to learn!

The Miami Language
Miami Vocabulary in Lists and Word Games

Wise Words
A brief experience hearing the Ute language.

Sally Cole Online 
An expert in rock art, Sally Cole has led over 20 Earthwatch expeditions to remote wilderness areas of southeastern Utah.
The Award-winning Inuktitut Language Dictionary online.

Is hula a language?
> "Keep the Eyes on the Hands" with hula instructor Luana Haragochi.

 Culture Survival Quarterly
Endangered Languages, Endangered Lives


Learn the Lakota
Language at the Lakota Sioux language culture website. 

ROCK ART PAGES by James Q.Jacobs
In the dry desert environment, with its profusion of rock surfaces and shelters, acultural legacy is preserved.

USA.Magnificent photos of Anaszi rock art

Petroglyph Cave, Belize
Signs of a 2,000-year-old Mayan community,

264 courses in 91 languages including Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Hawaiian, Kiowa, Lakota, Lenape, Mohawk, Navajo, Objibwe, Passamaquoddy, Salish and Tlingit

Lakota Language Revitalization 
Bbackground and demonstrations of computer programs used in the first Lakota Immersion Program in the country/

Learn Ojibwe Language
Move your cursor over the photo or phrase to hear the Ojibwe words.

Tribal Languages of the USA 
Shares information about living and extinct languages

Alabama-English-Alabama Dictionary  

Languages of the world and a whole lot more!

English to Odawa, English to Ojibwe, and Ojibwe to English translator

 Catawaba Language
Help preserve the nearly extinct language

Sioux Heritage
eleven different categories of common Lakhota, translated into American text. These words are also available in audio, spoken by native Lakhota speakers.

**2016 Alaska Native Language Archive SHN Workshop
Covers basic digitization planning, preservation, workflows, project organization and more

**Indigenous Greetings / Salutations

**Potawatomi Language App
Learn to speak Potawatomi as it has been spoken over thousands of years.

**Micmac Catholic Prayers
Circa 1825 and written in the Micmac language

Pomo and Miwok Language Apps
From the California Indian Museum and Cultural Center

Self Guided Eastern Pomo Language Course
From the California Indian Museum and Cultural Center

**Why Are Some Languages Killed Off?
In 8000 BCE, linguists believe over 20,000 languages existed. So where have all those languages gone?

**Strachey's Dictionarie of the Indian Language
A 1612 dictionary of the Algonquin language complied by a Jamestown resident.

**Ojibwe Texts
Short stories written in both English and Ojibwe languages.

**First Voices
Language archives celebrating the world's indigenous cultures

Sharing St. Lawrence Island Yupik Language and Culture
A video from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural history

Sharing the Dena'ina Language
A video from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural history

Sharing the Iñupiaq Language
A video from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural history

**Practice Lakota on Facebook
Lakota Language for beginners

**Aboriginal Language resource center  
From the University of Toronto

**Coyote and Eagle
A story-telling platform to learn, preserve, interact and share our diverse Native languages and cultures.

Language Nest Program Grantwriting Video
An informational webinar posted by the First Peoples' Cultural Council

Miami Language ioS and Android Applixcaton
Learn the Miami language on your phone!

New Lakota Dictionary - Mobile
From the Lakota Language Consortium

Anishinaabemodaa: Ojibwe Language Resources
Dictonaries, historic texts, stories and more.


**Native Language App
A great way to learn Dine, Lakota, Mvskoke, and Ponca.

Free Online Osage Language Classes
The online courses are self-paced and there is no time limit on how fast students must work.

**Navajo Code Talker's Marine Hymn
Navajo Code Talker Joe Kellwood sings the Marine hynn n the Navajo Lanaguage

Who speaks Wukchumni?
Profiles the last fluent speaker of Wukchumni, a Native American language, and her creation of a comprehensive dictionary.

Bringing Back Eyak!
Eyak  learning materials and learning opportunities to make the Eyak Language and Culture thrive again.

Lakota Language for Beginners
Check out their page on Facebook

Lakota Summer Institute

Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair

**myaamia kiilhsooki
A listing of months in the Miami Language

**Anishinaabe Names for Michigan Cities
An interactive map with audio of 57 towns and cities in MI

**Native Skywatchers: Ojibwe Giizhig Anung Masinaaigan
An Ojibwe Star Map with ojibwe vocabulary, audio, curriculum resources, and more.

Miss Navajo
To win the competition, Miss Navajo Nation must know and speak the Navajo language in this segment from Independent Lens.

Paula Nelson: Cherokee Singer
Paula Nelson performs a learning song that teaches a greeting and farewell in Cherokee.

**Chahta Anumpa Aiikhvna
The School of Choctaw Language

The Cherokee Alphabet
Learn about Sequoyah, a Cherokee man who developed an alphabet for the Cherokee language in 1821.

**Ojibway Language and People iPhone App
Learn the Ojibway language\

**Wyandotte Language Lessons

**iTunes Navajo Keyboard App_

**National Geographic’s Enduring Voices project

The Chickasaw Language Club
Explore the Language on Chickasaw TV

The successes, progress, and challenges within tribal communities who are preserving, revitalizing, or reclaiming their tribal language

**Online Teaching and Learning Resources for Endangered Languages
From Cultural Survival

Aboriginal Languages in Canada
The 2011 Census of Population recorded over 60 Aboriginal languages grouped into 12 distinct language families

Taku Akiceca
Play the matching game in the Lakota language!

Ojibwe Dictionary

Language Gathering
Connect hundreds of Indigenous language projects and programs

Navajo language app
"Speak Navajo" mobile language application

Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival
Assists California Indians in language maintenance and renewal.

AAIA Native Language Program
Find free learning resources and games in the Dakotah language!

**Chikasha Saya
A wonderful website about the Chickasaw Language.

**Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian Languages
Resources from the Sealaska Heritage Institute

A 3-D highly interactive video game that successfully teaches Native language

Listen to American Indians speak in their mother tongues and learn more about native languages.

Siletz Dee-ni
An online talking dictionary of the Siletz Dee-ni language.

Muniche Talking Dictionary
Old recordings of an extinct language of the Peruvian Amazon;

**Lakota Berenstain Bears: The Haunted Lighthouse
A recreated children’s cartoon to help revitalize the Lakota language.

**Mohegan Dictionary
The first dictionary of the Mohegan language.

**Sauk Language Program
Online copy of the language 1 Workbook

Sauk Language

**Audio Storybooks
Audio Stories in several Native Languages

**Dikaneisdi (Cherokee Word List)
Online dictionaries and glossaries of Cherokee Language

Lakota Letters and Sounds
A great way to hear all the sounds of Lakota

**Native Fonts from LanguageGeek
Download the fonts from many tribal languages.

**The Origin of Writing
Analysis of image writing used in pre-Columbian times by the First Nations of North America.

**Native Words, Native Warriors
An Interactive program about how American Indian Codetalkers used their language during World Wars I and II.

**Vocabulary List of Timucuan Words
Written in the 1500s by Friars. Florida's last Timucuan speaker died in 1767.

Alaska Native Language Center
The center for the documentation and cultivation of the state's 20 Native languages

KîMÂCHIPENA: Let's Come Together
View the Sauk Language Department's short film

Jacob Manatowa-Bailey
Read an article by a Sauk language apprentice

Tribal Participation and Tribal Connection
Video: A report on the eewansaapita Language Camp

Video of Anishinaabe Language Revitalization Departments efforts

Grant Writing for Indigenous Languages
Aimed primarily at U.S. tribes seeking U.S. funds

Sac and Fox Language Resource
Translations and Audio Files

** Yup'ik Language Guide
An introduction to the Central Eskimo (Yup'ik) language

*Dictionary of the Choctaw Language

**Native Language Font Downloads

**Siouan Words

**Cracking the Mayan Code
The story behind the centuries-long effort to read Mayan heiroglyphs. From PBS

The Linguists
A Sundance Film Festival Phenomenon: Filmmakers circle the planet to hear the last whispers of dying languages.

**Daily news in inuktitut
Online TV and News from CBC

**Lenape Language Lessons
Includes audio, coloring pages, and stories.

**Leter Men: Brothers Fight for Ojibwe Language
From NPR: Two Ojibwe brothers speak about their project to save their tribal language.

Saving a Kentucky Time Capsule
Online video: An unforgettable journey to see these prehistoric mud glyphs (drawings), rare legacies from Kentucky's original inhabitants.

\Preserving the Language of the Tzotzil
From the Smithsonian

Lushootseed Language Lessons
From Washington's Tulalip Indian Tribe.

**The Huexotzinco Codex
Analyze a set of pictograph documents created by native peoples of Puebla, Mexico in 1531.

**The Han Language
Audio and other lessons of the indigenous language spoken in Dawson City, Yukon and Eagle, Alaska

*Lakota Language Lessons
From KILI radio

**Protecting Native American Languages and Culture
Part of a four-part series on keeping traditions alive. Listen to the radio broadcast

Doris Jean Lamar, Last Wicheta Speaker
Doris Lamar tells Wicheta story in the Wicheta and English Languages

** No Na Honu Kai (Sea Turtles)
A free coloring book in English and Hawaiian languages

**Native Language Dictionaries

**Language Hot Spots
Learn which parts of the world face language extinction.

**Cherokee language games
* Tohono O'odham Online Dictionary
Created by the Department of Linguistics, University of Arizona

**Bilingual Strategy Report for Nunavut 2004-2008
Inuktitut -

**lakota Language ConsortiumL
An organization determined to halt the loss of the Lakota language.

Native Language Loss: Pre-European Contact to Present
A wonderful map detailing languages areas and loss from precontact to the present.

Indigenous Biingual Education Program
From the National Association of BiLingual Education

Native American Family Technology Journey Technology
Preserving the languages and traditions

Intertribal Wordpath Society

By facilitating language-based development, SIL serves the peoples of the world through research, translation, and literacy

**Indigenous Languages Web Site

Karuk Phrases and Vocabulary

Ojibwe Language Game

*Your Hawaiian Name
Look up your H awaiian name and how to pronounce it

* The Interactive ALR: A Searchable Database of Historic Native American Vocabularies. 
Find translations in many different Indian languages.

A Map of Languages in the United States
Displays the locations and numbers of speakers of languages spoken in the United States.

The Modern Language Association Language Map
An interactive map of languages in the United States

American Indian Manuscripts
A comprehensive index of manuscript holdings pertaining to American Indian languages and cultures

*The Rock Art Foundation
Promotes the conservation and study of Native American Rock Art*

*Monigarr Legacy
Language Immersion opportunities for endangered languages

*Voice of America
Track U.S. news in 45 languages through the Voice of America

*Literacy and Civic Education for Indigenous and Peasant Women, Peru
A project geared specifically towards indigenous women in their mother tongue, Quechua

Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas

*Cree for Kids
Videos, music,. phonectics...who could guess learning Cree could be so much fun? This is a MUST SEE for people of all ages.

An homage to the life of languages in the words of the people who speak them.

*Archive of Indigenous Languages of Latin America
A searchable and browsable "archive of recordings and texts in and about the indigenous languages of Latin America

*Dakota Alphabet and Language Lessons

Many Andean people use cotton cords with knots to keep records on objects. These are called khipu.

* American Sign Language Browser
Look up video of thousands of ASL signs and learn interesting things about them

* International Children's Digital Library
Selects, collects, digitizes, and organizes children's materials in their original languages

The Assiniboine Alphabet

Nakota Language Lessons

*Dakota Alphabet and Language Lessons

Finding Our Talk: a Journey Through Aboriginal Languages
Footage and video clips about the state of Aboriginal languages in Canada

Native Languages of the Americas

See/Say/Write Activity
Interactive lesson drill using the Cherokee language

Vanishing Voices
PBS documentary about endangered languages and the awesome task of recording, archiving, and returning them to use

Aboriginal Languages of Australia
Support material for nearly 30 languages with translation and cultural background \

 Australian Indigenous Languages.
a great introduction to the variety of aboriginal languages taught and spoken in Australia.
Languages of the World

Noquisi (Star) II
strong vocabulary building game in the Cherokee language

Native Languages: Legacy and Lifeline
The language of the Mandan Hidatsa and Arikara presented in multimedia format

Michif language lessons

Historic Shawnee Names
A wealth of information about the Shawnee people and their language

* Nurturing Native Languages 
Papers from the 8th, 9th, and 10th Stabilizing Indigenous Languages conferences 

Endangered Languages Database
Over 100 languages are included in this database.

Indian Language Illegal
Congress deems it illegal for Indian children to be taught in their language.

Language Field Survey Project
a survey of 40 tribal communities intended to determine which teaching methods are successful and which are not in teaching Native American languages

The Native Languages Revitalization Resource Directory 
Designed to serve those who are working on community-based language revitalization programs.

Notes from the November 2002 Language Symposium 
Salient points from each of the symposium's break out sessions

Endangered Language Database

Endangered languages list serve

A cutting edge website: learn a Canadian Aboriginal language or use tools to document and archive one of those languages.

used Chilean Indigenous People Portal
Native Languages Dictionaries, Digital Books, Music, Video and a interesting directory of web links.

Teachers Against Prejudice Winning Essays 
Essays from middle and high schools students about fairness in news reporting.

Enter a place name to find the Indian name which 16th century Spaniards reported for it

Using New Technology to Teach Native American Languages
Three current projects that are working to preserve and teach Native American languages with the latest technology.

Arikara Language Program
Established to create language instruction materials to insure the continued survival of the Arikara language

Nez Perce Language & Culture Site
Learn the Nez Perce language and get in contact with the history and culture of the tribe

American Language Reprint Series
Early vocabularies from many eastern and midwestern tribes.

Hawaiian Language

Cherokee Alphabet
See, Hear, and Speak the Cherokee language in this interactive learning experience.

Alabama Dictionary
The Alabama Language in an English-Alabama form.

Finding My Talk
A journey through Aboriginal Languages in Canada

 Kanienkehaka Language

The Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America

Lord's Prayer in Wampanoag Language
Recording by Chief Wild Horse, the last speaker of Wampanoag dialect

Lucenda George/ Onondaga 
Language recording about locusts, garden, winter, and reservation dam.

Elementary Hawaiian
Online Hawaiian Language and Culture Classes

Center for Multilingual and Multicultural Research
From the University of Southern California

North American Languages
An extensive list of languages and word lists from North America

Languages of Canadian Aboriginals, including Mi'kmaq, Abenaki, and Cree
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American Indian Sign Language
Sign language directions for the Comanche language.

Karuk Language Resources on the Web
Hear a Karuk word or phrase and associate it with a picture and/or the English equivalent.

Cree Hand Signals
Photos depicting hand signals for the Cree language

Language Portraits
The 80+ languages at this website present audio interpretations of the same poem. 

Native American Sign Languages
Movies demonstrating Plains Indians signs

Sovereign Nations Preservation Project 
Dedicated: to inform, educate, and encourage the awareness of tribal history, culture, language and aspirations of Native Americans. 

The Chinook Jargon
Trading pidgin of Northwest Indians and pioneers

Texas Rock Art Image Database at Rice University -
Virtual Exhibit and image Virtual database of Rice University expeditions, discoveries, and photographic cataloguing of Native American pictographs

The National LEP Advocacy Task Force 
Over 300 stakeholders who actively support the laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of national origin because of language and cultural differences.

Comanche Language and Preservation Committee
Take our language of Comanche heritage into the Twenty-First Century.

Native Word of the Day
Visit the Archives of National Native News and hear the word in audio format.

Play this Interactive game to find locations with Native American names.

Indian Sign Language

Ohwejagehka Hadegaenage Language 
Words, fonts, sound samples, and more from the six tribes of the Iroquois.

Hawaiian words are expressed poetically in mele (songs), oli (chants), pule (prayers), and 'olelo no'eau (proverbs).

H-AmIndian Indigenous Languages
Language programs, teaching resources, high schools with language programs

INdigenous Languages
from the University of Arizona

Maya Font
A collection of Mayan glyph fonts.

Preservationists Save Native American Languages
Listen to Jim Kent's complete report on (RealAudio)

Technology and Indigenous Languages 
The special May 2002 theme issue of the on-line journal Language Learning & Technology

  Walam Olum
Despite doubts as to its authencity, many still claim this is one of the only indigenous pre-contact written texts available from North America. With Delaware and English Translations

Indigenous Language Institute
Revitalizing languages that are no longer spoken by young people.

The First Peoples' Cultural Foundation 
A charitable public foundation generating support to raise awareness and funds for Aboriginal language revitalization throughout British Columbia. 

Big Veda Americanus 
Sacred Songs of the Ancient Mexicans with a Nahuatl Language Glossary.

Notes on the Kolosh [Tlingit and Kodiak [Eskimo] languages

Native American Languages 

Vocabularies of the SHAWNEE AND WYANDOT (Huron) LANGUAGES
Originally Published in 1858


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