Native Village Nations and Cultures Library

"We are INDIGENOUS to this land. We didn't come from China, Mongolia, Ireland or Greece.  We traveled around yes, and met other cultures and peoples, but get this:  we are indigenous -- 'native to these lands.'  Although it's hard for Eurocentric Americans or Europeans to accept this, our cultures and languages are home grown. The Catholic missionaries and [those] who came over from Spain to steal and plunder couldn't--and--wouldn't believe that indigenous peoples could create a "civilization" more advanced that that in Europe at the time, so they began the process of looking to Europe for the source of inspiration for Indigenous culture here on Turtle Island."               
Tom Dostou, Makwa, Midewin Society"


*The Peopling of the Hawaiian Islands
Why are the totem poles of New Zealand, Tahiti, the Hawaiian Islands, southern Alaska and the Pacific Coast of Canada are so similar?  You'll be amazed.

**United Southern and Eastern Tribes
Enhancing the development of federally recognized Indian Tribes and Tribal governments

**Mapping Indigenous LA
 A collaborative, storymapping project that raises knowledge about local indigenous communities and multiple layers of indigenous in Los Angeles

*Moving To Higher Ground
The Quinault Indian Nation has lived in what is now Washington State for thousands of years. But, it’s time to move.

From the 2016 IUCN World Conservation Congress

*American Indian Constitutions and Their Influence on the United States Constitution
Describes written constitutions by Indian nations

**Oneidas and Six Nations
The Oneidas and Six Nations during the Revolutionary War period.

Tribal Leaders Directory Map
An electronic searchable map of up to date contacts for the nation's 567 federally recognized tribes.

Sipnuuk Digital Library
From the Karuk tribe and UC Berkeley

**LandMark Map
Global platform of indigenous and community lands

**A Vanishing Island
In the last 50 years, 90% of this once lush island,  home to a small band of Native Americans, has been swallowed up by water

**Tribal Voices
Brings the thoughts and experiences of some of the most diverse societies on earth direct to your screen in real time.

**The Power of Cultural Teachings for At Risk Youth
The White Earth Nation's video documenting some of the work being done to help at risk youth in the community.

Tribal Jurisdiction - A Historical Bargain
 compares the tribal economies of the 18th and 19th centuries with the current environment of gaming and economic development on tribal lands

Native American Population Profile in the U.S.
2014 American Community Survey

Aboriginal Indent in Canada -- a Demographic Snapshot
View the detailed information

**It’s Native American Heritage month!
How much do you know about Native American heritage? Test your knowledge!

A Historical and Legal Study of Sovereignty in the Canadian North: Terrestrial Sovereignty, 1870-1939
Gordon W. Smith, PhD, dedicated much of his life to researching Canada's sovereignty in the Arctic.

Native American Services Michigan Map
Counties included in tribes' service delivery area

Neighbours and Networks: The Blood Tribe in the Southern Alberta Economy, 1884-1939

Blackfoot Ways of Knowing: The Worldview of the Siksikaitsitapi

Indigenous Government Database
A wealth of information from the Native Nations Institute

Preserving Native American Culture At Sunwatch
Listen to those protecting preserving and researching this National Historic Landmark archaeological site.

Hawai'i and the Voyaging Canoe
Native Hawaiians owe their existence to the voyaging canoe.

The American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association

Exploring CulturalSustainability
A lesson plan focusing on Mongolias Nomads


*LEGends of our Times
Native ranching and Rodeo life on the Plains and Plateau

**Mongolia's Nomads
For millennia they have lived on the steppes, but today, their traditional way of life is at risk on multiple fronts.

**Ancestors Unknown
Provides educators with access to a unique curriculum that introduces students to untold histories and family history research

**Native American Heritage Month
From the Library of Congress

**We Have a Story to Tell: Native Peoples of the Chesapeake Region 
Lesson plans and activities outline tribal life in the Chesapeake area before and after contact with Europeans

**Native American population in your state or city
An interactive website from the U.S. Census Bureau

Finding Our Way Home
The Great Lakes Woodland People

**First Americans were Black Aborigines
Watch the BBC documentary

What Makes First nations Successful?
Lessons from the Harvard Project

The Kashaya People

**A Community of Contrasts: Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders in the United States
From "Empowering Pacific Islander Communities," a group of young Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander professionals based in Southern California.

**Originals First
Culture and Music Network for Natives

**Tribal Consultation Web Site
A reference tool for Tribes and Native Nations as they consider enacting their own consultation laws.

Chickasaw History and Culture
Explore the rich history of the Chickasaw nation

The Lenape on the Wapahani River
Watch online: The overlooked story of the Lenape Native Americans during their time in Indiana from the 1790s - 1821

Indigenous Struggles 2013: Dispatches from the Fourth World
Some of the most pivotal moments in 2013 concerning the world's Indigenous Peoples.

Reclaiming Native Food Systems and Promoting Cultural Practices
The current movement to promote and preserve Native cultures though our traditional ways of harvesting, gathering and planting of food.

**OHS Tour of Spiro Mounds
The remains of one of the most vibrant and dominant cultures in North America

Qallunaat! Why White People Are Funny
Inuit people, treated as “exotic” documentary subjects, turn the lens onto the strange behaviours of Qallunaat (the Inuit word for white people).

**America's Great Indian Nations
Watch the full documentary online

*About Git-Hoan Dances
David Boxley discusses dance traditions of the Tsimshian, whose descendants live on the northern British Columbia/ southeastern Alaska coast

Living With the Land
Video segment: how some Native American tribes once migrated the length of the North American continent to find the resources they needed.
Virginia's First Peoples, Past and Present
A wealth of resources.

The Virginia Indians: Meet the Tribes
25-minute video

**American Indians contributions to our lives
How many do you know about? Take the quiz!

**The Ways
A series of stories on culture and language from Native Communities around the Great lakes.

Our Culture
A Mescalero Apache brochure

Northern Region
Central Region
Southern Region

**Living Maya Time
Sun, Corn and the Calendar

**Virtual First Ohioans
From the Ohio Historical Society

**Urban Warriors Society

Welcome to First Nations Canadian Tribes!
A mobile appl with data on Canadian First Nations/Aboriginal Peoples/Tribes of Canada

**American Indian and Alaska Native Summary File
Comprehensive statistics for NA/AN groups and detailed info on tribes throughout all the Americas

Tribal Cultural Centers
A mobile app with contact information on Tribal Native Indian Cultural Centers Museums in the US and Canada.

Welcome to U.S. Tribal Nations!
A mobile appn with contact info on every federally recognized tribal nation in the United States.

*Ya Native Americans
Maps of American Indian tribes and their locations

Human Diversity How Different Are We
Interactive quiz: Test what you know about human diversity

**Nigliq Elders and Youth Conference

**A Mission Record of the California Indians
One of the few mission-era accounts of the Native Californians

**Native Americans: Living in Two Worlds
Online video: the difference between European and Native world views;  passing on oral traditions to younger generations

**Swedish Sami Association
Information about Sweden's indigenous Sami peoples and cultures

*UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Canada

*Listening to Our Ancestors
The Art of Native Life along the North Pacific

**Life of a Traditional person
Native teens talk about their lives as traditional Native youth

**State of the World's Indigenous Peoples
A startling report by the United Nations

**The new Old World: Antilles
From the NMAI with photos by Marison Villanueva

**Indigenous Cultures Institute
Preserving and Protecting Native cultures.

**What Does it Mean To Be Human?
The Human Origins Program from the Smithsonian

*Quileute For Kids
The real Quileute Indians are not werewolves, but they do consider wolves their tribal ancestors.

**Preserving Haitian Culture

Online presentation of mixed African-American and Native American peoples.

**The Miwok Tribe
From the Four Directions Institute

Pride in Our Heritage. Honor to Our Ancestors.
Dawn Sturdevant Baum talks about Native American Heritage Month.

**Nunavik, A Land, It's People
Magnificent photographs, stories and legends and Inuktitut throat-singing recordings that audiences can perform.

*The Adena People: Moundbuilders of Kentucky 
Online video: the search for rare Adena settlements

Indian Peoples of the Northern Great Plains
Many resources about the plains nations

**One State, Many Nations: Native Americans of Ohio
Teaching materials and watch online!

**Eagle Feather Research Institute
Revealing cultural/religious myths and stereotypes of ethnic groups due to politics, culture, religion, and race

**Poverty Point Earthworks: Evolutionary Milestones of the Americas
Online video:  Louisiana Poverty Point was a sophisticated community of ancient hunter-gatherers who lived between 1730 - 1350 B.C.

One State, Many Nations: Native Americans of Ohio
Teaching materials and watch entire segments online!

**Journey Through Time
Online Video: Native Chinookan people in Oregon lived in plank houses beside rich wetlands that supplied the people with a bounteous food supply

**Native Hawaiians in the Pacific Northwest

** Besh-Ba-Gowah
Online video. a small Arizona city of stone was home to an amazing people who developed a civilization long before the arrival of the Europeans

Legacy of the Mound Builders.  
Online video: While the Greeks were building temples , incredible monuments of earth were being constructed across Ohio and the eastern U.S.

Ancient Mound Builders: The Marksville State Historic Site
The complex culture behind Louisiana earthworks and mounds protected today at Marksville\

**Native Hawaiian: Na Po'e o Hana
From The National Museum of the American Indian

Wolastoqewiyik, Quebec
From The National Museum of the American Indian

Q'eqchi' Maya
Community, Guatemala
From The National Museum of the American Indian

**Bridging World History
Learn about the Mississippians and other civilizations of the Americas

The Ainu People of Northern Japan
An online exhibition from the Smithsonian.

Learn about the indigenous people of this Alaskan region.

**We Have a Story to Tell
From the Native Americans of the Chesapeake Region

Alaska: The Last Frontier
 Alaskan settlement and the struggle for people of Kenai Peninsula to reclaim their history, language and culture.

**Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative
Enhances understanding and preservation of human culture.

**World Map IQ Test
How well do YOU know the world?

Davis Inlet: Innu community in crisis
The once-nomadic Innu of Labrador have struggled under a haze of isolation, poverty and addiction ever since their 1967 settlement.

**Reclaiming Our Heritage
The Monacan Indian Nation of Virginia

Location: Oregon

The Adena People Moundbuilders of Kentucky  
Location: Kentucky   .

Ancient Mound Builders: The Marksville State Historic Site
Location: Louisiana       Length: 15 min.

Meso Web
An exploration of Meso American Culture

International Cultural Property Society
Sponsors a reasoned discussion of all aspects of cultural property and heritage

The Glocal Forum Bridges Project

*The Ancient Americas
An on-site and online exhibit of 13,000 years of  America before European invasion.

The Kislak Collection
Documents, paintings, and more about early indigenous peoples from Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean

**Four Directions Teachings
This "MUST SEE" website is a visually stunning audio resource from five diverse First Nations in Canada.

Northern California Tribes Photo Galleries
Amazing historical and traditional photos of dress, crafts, hunting and fishing, and more.

Understanding the Zuni Tribe
The Zuni people have lived in the American Southwest for thousands of years.

The Onondaga: People of the Hills
An online video in pictures of the daily life and traditions of the Onondaga Nation

Collection of Memories
The Dakota People: 1795-1997

Ethical Traveler 
Positive impact travelers can have by being open, informed, and willing to immerse themselves in other cultures.

Omaha Indian Heritage
An online catalogue of tribal resources drawn from international sources.

Michif (Metis)
Historical audio/video and prayer with lyrics

Lessons from the Land
Join the Dogrib tribe as they travel through the NW territories.

**The Hopi Calendar

  American Indian Webquest
The Powhatan, the Sioux, and the Pueblo:

**Race Are we so different?
Outstanding!  Games and learning experiences for kids.

Ethical tourism that promotes sustainable development and help poor communities around the world.

Journey of our lives
Documenting a journey to the land of the ancestors of Higaonon Indigenous Peoples, Philippines.

**Reindeer Herders of Siberia
An interactive journey of an indigenous group still clinging to their ways

*The Inuit Heritage Trust
A Inuit organization dedicated to the preservation, enrichment and protection of Inuit cultural heritage, sites, resources and traditional place names.

**The Cultures and History of the Americas
An online exhibition from the Library of Congress

**Indigenous People's Geography
Learn about several indigenous nations from the Smithsonian.

**Asia Pacific Indigenous Youth Network

Sipapu: The Anasazi Emergence into the Cyber World
Traces the prehistory of the Chaco Anasazi Indians of the Chaco Canyon in northwestern New Mexico.

American Indians of the Pacific Northwest
10 essays on the Nez Perce, Lushootseed, Chief  Seattle, salmon, totem poles, and other topics and tribes.

**The Elusive Black Dutch of the South
Whoare the Black Dutch from Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and other parts of the south?

Alaskan Migration

**Creation of Nunavut
The  dream of the Northwest Territories' Inuit becomes a reality

Aboriginal Peoples Survey 2001
Information about off reserve Aboriginal population in Canada, Yukon, and NWT

Native American Connections
learn more about the Sun's connection to the Earth through the images, cultural parallels and activities of Native Americans

**We the People
A portrait of the American Indian and Alaska native population in the United States,

**Easter Island Foundation
"Easter Island Mysteries," photos, a Rapanui language glossary, and more.

*Wolakota Youth Council
Prepares youth for roles as peacekeepers and caretakers of the land in the global forum.

**Lessons from the Land
An interactive website allowing you to travel the NWT's traditional aboriginal travel routes.

**Labrador Inuit Youth
More than 40% of Labrador Inuit are young people under the age of 25.

Tikal Digital Access Project
Results from the University of Pennsylvania about the ancient Maya site of Tikal,Guatemala.
Tonto National Monument: Saving a National Treasure
History of the Salado people in the Arizona valley (1050-
1450 AD).

**Black Indians 
Blacks and Indians built a mixed race life-style during colonial times.

** Native Nations Institute
Information about leadership, management, and more

** Indigenous People of Taiwan
In Taiwan, more than 350,000 are indigenous tribal peoples.

** Menominee Community Center of Chicago
A unique partnership between an urban Indian center and a tribal government serving nearly 500 Menominee tribal citizens

** Alaska: The Last Frontier
Human Geography: People, Places, and Change
** Out of the Past
Archaeologists discover the ruins of societies of ancient Americas.

**Native Peoples of North America
The Cambridge Library provides an overview of on-line sources of information for kids

Map of Meso America
Listing of maps by area or country

Aztecs of North America, Inc.
Aztec culture, history, and language.

**Zuni Enigma
Did Japanese and Native people meet in the 13th century to form the Zuni tribe? Language and DNA suggest it.

** St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Profile of this island(s) country in the Caribbean, including information about Carib and Arawak tribes.

** World Heritage from an Indigenous Perspective
Presentation by Delphine Red Shirt

Pre-contact Native Americans in the Chesapeake Bay Area
Collectively known as the "Powhattans"

**Florida Seminole Indians 
A site is dedicated to the rich history and culture of the Florida Seminole Indians. 

*American Indians of the Pacific Northwest Collection"
Includesoriginal photographs, treaties and reports of the Commissioner of Indian Affair

*Bibliography of the Tohono O'odham (Papago Indians) and of Mission San Xavier del Bac
915 pages posted by Tumacacori National Historical Park  

* Out of Time
The volatile Korubo of the Amazon still live in almost total isolation

The Greatest Places
Extends inspiration and education about the geographically diverse regions and cultures

The New Old World
Antilles: Living Beyond the Myth

*Kansas City Hopewell
Material recovered from the 30 Kansas City Hopewell archaeological sites

*South America
"In the Andes, Nurturance is at the Very Heart of Life"

*A Journey to a New Land/En Route Vers un Nouveau Territoire
Video clips, photos, games, and more about those who first arrived in the Americas at least 12,000 years ago

Nihewan Youth Council on Race
Chat Rooms and Discussion Forums for you to discuss race and culture issues

American INdian Nations
Relating positively and proactively to California Indians

Aboriginal Peoples
Aboriginals in Newfoundland and Labrador today: the Inuit, the Innu, the Micmac, and the Metis

Capturing Cultural Value [
Examines the way in which government views the potential benefits of various cultural programs

CA Indian Religion & Philosophy
Video Archive from the Tillie Hardwick Lecture Series

* Routes to Roots
An online exhibition of archives relating to the Caribbean.

* Urban Aboriginal Atlas
Information and statistics about Canadian First people's living in the cities.

Mapping the Global Future
Information and opinion on a very broad topic: the future of humanity.

Life at the end of the Road [Macromedia Flash Reader]
The day-to-day existence of the people in Patagonia, a removed corner of the world.

**Black - Indian History Information
A representative list of Black-Indian resources for the so-called Five Civilized Tribes.

What should the U.S. government do to compensate Native Americans?

**MicMaq Indian Fact Sheet
Straightforward answers to the questions we are most often asked by children, with Micmac pictures and links.

**Mundo Maya
Historical information about the Maya Peoples

**The Hawaiian Kingdom
Learn about Hawaiian culture and history and the indigenous people are fighting back today.

How Our Hawaiian Islands Were Formed
An inspiring example for elementary students everywhere on how they can use the web to tell THEIR story.

Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Nation's web site.

*Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association
The federally recognized tribal organization of the  Aleut people in Alaska.

Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink

Native Peoples' Gifts to Humanity Celebrated in Museum Opening

*Virginia's Indians, past and present
Bibliographies and links to tribal home pages

* We Are Who We Were
The video story of efforts by Queen Lili'uokalani and her loyal Hawaiian subjects to defeat a treaty of annexation in the US Senate.

*BIA recognition database
Contains detailed information on petitioners that have received an answer -- preliminary or final -- on their status

Indigenous Support Groups in Europe
Key non-government organisations (NGO) in Europe which have been of assistance Australian Indigenous People.

Black/Indian Relations
Exploring the Legacy and Future of Black/Indian Relations

United States and Brazil
Expanding Frontiers, Comparing Cultures

*Dinetah - Sacred Land
 Dineh-Navajoe elder Mae Tso on Dineh cultural beliefs and concern for their sacred land.

A Better World
Audio from Oannes Pritzker expressing traditional Native American and Indigenous Peoples concerns for a Better World.

English language news of the Sami, indigenous people from Norway, Sweden, and Finland and the U.S.S.R.

How well do you know the Yamasee Indians?

*  Precolumbian Cultures
Focuses on the captivating Quechua culture rooted in the remotest regions of the Peruvian Andes

* Quechua Network: Portal Cultural de la Región Andina
Disseminates knowledge and insights on Quechua peoples, their culture, and language.

"What everyone needs to know about my tribe."
Read the elementary/junior high school student essays in this contest.

* Aymara Uta: Jaya mara aru,”
 language, news, music, culture, and history about the  Aymara people

*Huarochirí- A Peruvian Culture in Time
Bilingual site on the local indigenous cultures of the Harochiri region, near Lima, Peru.

*Florida Folklife
Recordings, folktales, music and more from Cuban, Minorcan, and Seminole communities throughout Florida

*The Fort Huachuca History Program
Exceptional resources about the Apache Indians

*Creation of Nunavut
On April 1, 1999, the Northwest Territories Inuit were given land for their own Nation.

The Samish People
Vi Hilbert tells of the bonds of friendship between Samish people from the San Juan Islands with their neighbors.

used Relationships between the elders and youth
How the young people hold a sacred place in the Indian community.

Circle Dance
How the Paiutes maintain extended family relationships in this song

used A Cultural Journey Through the Northwest Territories
Interactive  web exhibit of virtual journeys of  Northwest Territories' traditional Aboriginal trails."

The Borneo Project
Assist Borneo's indigenous peoples in their struggle to regain control of their ancestral lands.

used Mohican7
To help the next 7 generations learn from the last seven generations.

America on the Move
From the Smithsonian, interconnected routes exploring how transportation has affected our world.

CELANEN: A Journal of Indigenous Governance
CELANEN (pronounced CHEL-LANG-GEN) is a Saanich word for "our birthright, our ancestry, sovereignty"

An exceptional collection of documents and information about the Miami tribe.

2003 WSIS Report of the Global Forum of Indigenous Peoples
The final report of outcomes from the Global Forum of Indigenous Peoples and the Information Society,

Canada is actually Tricultural
Native Canadians have no intention of "being a forgotten people" in the bilingualism language debate.

Minority Links
    Quick links to the latest U.S. Census "data on racial and ethnic populations in the United States."

Global Social Policy Network
Information on social policies and other useful resources

Being Indigenous
Interactive map of Chilean culture

Ice Treasures of the Inca
An Interactive Journey

Inuit Heritage Trust
Learn about the territory of Nunavut

The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy

Kids Around the World--Australian Aborigines
A photographic Journey

Global Forum on Indigenous People and the Information Society
Meeting information from the 2003 Global Forum on Indigenous Peoples and the Information Society

Passport to the World
Navigate the world in the Australian outback, a marketplace in Ghana, a schoolroom in Peru and "do lunch" in the World Diner.

UN Secretary General Addresses Issues of Indigenous Peoples
Address by Kofi Annan about the problems faced by indigenous children in Peru.

World Development Report 2004 [pdf]

Protecting the Blackfoot for Future Generations 
Nearly 41,000 acres in the forested lands surrounding the river valley will now be protected

Colour blind?
You may think you aren’t prejudiced, but think again. Take the test:

Texas Indians

Save a Culture that Could Save Ours
A short video about Blackfeet children found on AICF home page.

Historic Shawnee Names
A wealth of information about the Shawnee people.

In middle of the Pacific ocean
In 1722 Easter Island was discovered on Easter day
used Hawaii, a Mixing Pot of Colors 
Created by 20 students, ages 9-11, celebrate Hawaii's diversity. 

Kids Across the World 
Programs and educational resources  for schools and organizations dealing with children and children's issues.

Aboriginal Australia
400,000 aboriginal people make up about 2% of Australia's total population.

The United Confederation of Taino People
Honoring Caribbean Indigenous Peoples: Past, Present

Mysterious Island 
The more we learn about Easter Island, the more it --and its nearly 1,000 statues--intrigues us.

Between Friends/Entres Amis
The study of merging cultures along United State and Canadian Border.

Chumash Indian Life 
California's Chumash tribe that can be traced back thousands of years.

Mexico Para Ninos
Mexico for Kids in several languages.  A true learning experience!

The Metis
Riel, Dumont, and the 1885 Rebellion

Indian Census Rolls, 1885-1940

Human Rights Watch World Report 2002
Developments in 66 countries from covering the period from November 2000 - November 2001.

Population figures for tribes
Indian Tribes: Population Rankings

Map of Native American Population by County

Map of Native American Tribes
Find the location of a specific tribe and links to sites about that tribe.

Treaty One Youth Network and Multimedia Project
Treaty One represent 7 First Nations in Manitoba

Map of the Maya World
From A.D. 300 -900, the Maya boasted hundreds of cities across Central America.


Exhibit: The Menominee Clans Story
Hear the Origin Story read in English by James F. Frechette, Jr.

UNESCO Windows to Culture
Online directory from UNESCO is devoted to "policy making in the field of culture."

Ghost Trails of the Lenape
Feature-length HDTV documentary on the 12,000 year history of the Lenape, or Delaware Indians.

Historic Perspectives of the Cayuse Tribe 
Known by the name "Superior People" in their own language, the Cayuse are survivors.

Virtual Forum of Mexican Culture

Naturalist Writer
Anthropologist Richard Nelson shares insights about  our relationship with the natural world. Video format :-)

Common Destiny, A: Walking in Both Worlds & The Hopi Prophecy
A young tribesman brings to us the message of his ancestor, Chief Seattle.

In the Beginning Was the Word
The Russian Church and Native Alaskan Cultures From the Library of Congress

Navajo Genealogy and Family History of Harrison Lapahie, Jr. 
This well done website offers much information about the Navajo Peoples and their culture.

Tahtonka: the Plains Indians and their Buffalo Culture
300 years of Plains Indians history.

Following the Track of the Cat 
The Bushmen of Namibia can tell what a leopard did the day before they started pursuing it

Artefacts Canada
Search and browse images of millions of objects from Canadian museums and archaeological sites.

Black Indians: An American Story
Racial identity among Native Americans and African Americans.

The Great Binding Law
The Iroquois Constitution

Olmec Civilization 
Often regarded as the Mother Culture of later Middle American civilizations.

Smithsonian Journeys - On the Totem Trail
Totem poles: elaborately carved giant red cedar poles  can be thought of as three-dimensional family histories;

Spirit Beings on a Human Journey 
Charlene Houle, a medicine woman in St. Norbert explains her views of a sweatlodge ceremony. 

Aboriginal Spirituality | CBC ManitoBA

Assurini Tribe
Widows live together in a large mullaca  (round house) which is the center of activity for the tribe.

Kayapo Indians

 The Official Home of the Florida Seminole Indians
A site is dedicated to the rich history and culture of the Florida Seminole Indians.

Wiyot Tribe
California's Wiyot memberscontinue a struggle for the survival of their cultural way of life

An interactive webquest follows the rise and fall
of this complex civilization.

2016 Treaty Conference Resolutions
From the International Indian Treat Council Conference
meeting in September, 2016

American INdians and the French-English War

Fee-to-Trust Handbook
From the BIA: Acquisition of title to land held in fee or restricted fee status

A New Understanding of Cahokia
Cahokia, North America’s first city from 950-1200, had an estimated 20,000 to 30,000 people.

Resiliency Among the Salmon People
Watch a film about a Yup’ik fisherman in Alaska and discuss how cultural traditions are tied to local ecosystems.

**2016 List of Federally Recognized Tribes

**The Inuit Discovery of Scotland in 1692
The Inuit discovery of Scotland certainly took place in 1682, but it may have happened earlier.**

ICWA Resource Guide
From the Native American Journalists Association

International Repatriation
Resources for indigenous people and Native Nations on international repatriation

Native American Spirituality
Listen to the podcast

An app that provides a wealth of information for all 566 federally recognized tribes in the U.S.

**The Great Inka Road
Explore the Inka empire and it's legacy though these activities

**Making the Invisible Visible: A Policy Blueprint for Urban Indian America
This policy blueprint addressed the significant disparities experienced by this largely invisible group

**Native One-Stop Portal
Lists 32 programs/benefits available to AIAN tribes and individuals from the federal government.

Walter Bresette: Treaty Rights and Sovereignty
Watch the video

Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act of 2015
From the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs

An interactive map of indigenous and community lands across the world

Territories of Life
A toolkit for indigenous peoples about land and rights.

Consultation or Consent: The United States Duty to Confer with American Indian Governments

Tsimshian Ceremony and Celebration
A video from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural history

Do Aliens Exist?
$100,000,000 says we'll find out soon.

Indigenous Data + Open Governments
From sovereignty to cultural and community information, understanding the unique challenges of indigenous data.

The Ways
Explores Native language and culture from communities around the central Great Lakes

**Resiliency Among the Salmon People
Yup'ik Elders pass on cultural traditions and wisdom to help their people sustain their way of life.

The Akuntsu’s Last Dance
In a small patch of rainforest in Brazil, the last six survivors of a genocide dance.

The Virginia Indian Heritage Trail

The Maori Visit Wounded Knee
Members of New Zealand's Institute for Excellence in the Maori Langauge visited the Wounded Knee National Historic Landmark

Culture Cards
A Guide to Build Cultural Awareness

**Comanche National Museum and Culture Center
Take the virtual tour!

**The Skeleton of the Isle de Jean Charles 
Only thirty of the three hundred people who were born on the island remain.

Resiliency Among The Salmon People
As traditional Alaskan communities face many changes, the cultural traditions and wisdom passed on from Yup'ik elders help them to sustain their way of life.

**Traditional Territories
List of traditional territories of the indigenous peoples of North America

Telling Our Story: A Living History of the Myaamia
A curriculum for teaching Myaamia (Miami Tribe) history for grades 3-12.

Race, Sovereignty, and Civil Rights
Understanding the Cherokee Freedmen Controversy

Alaskan Tribal nations Map
The locations and tribal names of indigenous peoples in Alaska.

Cherokee Days
For the first time in intertribal history, the Cherokee Nation and Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians partner to host "Cherokee Days."

Living Aloha Festival 2014
From the Smithsonian NMAI

Engineering the Inka Empire: A Symposium on Sustainability and Ancient Technologies
Videos from a day-long event presented at the National Museum of the American Indian.

Pan Inuit Trails Atlas
Brings together centuries of cultural knowledge for the first time, showing that networks of trails over snow and sea ice.

Mi'kmaq Family (Migmaoei Otjiosog)
Watch the film: a reflective journey into the extended family of Nova Scotia’s Mi'kmaq community

Alta Outcome Document Radio Programs
10 radio programs in preparation for the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples.

**Blackfoot Digital Library

UKB "Cherokee History As You've Never Heard It"
The story of the Keetoowah Cherokee people

Native Food Sovereignty
Food insecurity and the necessity of Native food sovereignty.

**Tribal Justice Systems 
 Surveys several tribal justice systems in an effort to identify commonalities and complexities.

About Apache Dances
The Apache Crown Dancer Joe Tohonnie, Jr., talks about the history of dance and its role in Apache culture.

Michigan Odawa History Project

Highway 9: Kiowa Museum
Video about the Kiowa Tribe museum

Native American Heritage Collection
Explore the PBS collection that illustrates the history and culture of Native Americans across the decades.

Identify Cultural Influences
Strengthen critical thinking skills while identifying aspects of Native life represented in the poem, Hiawatha.

Click on a region for an interesting fact.

Glimpses of Life Among the Catawba and cherokee indians of the Carolinas
A 1927 film. 20 minutes

"How well do you know New Mexico"
App game for users to correctly place one of the 22 pueblos, tribes and nations on a New Mexico map.

**Virtual First Ohioans
Ohio's prehistoric people and the objects they left behind that tell us about their cultures

Central America's past revealed
An online exhibition that illuminates Central America's diverse and dynamic ancestral heritage

**Top 99 Questions About Native Americans

**List of unrecognized tribes in the U.S.

Aboriginal and Northern Communities in Canada

**History of Survivance
Upper Midwest 19th Century Native American Narratives

**North American Indigenous Portal Websites
Links to First Nation/Native American and Inuit Communities

**Halau o Keikiali’i
Educating the general public about the Hawaiian people, the traditional customs, values and protocols.

Click on a region for an interesting fact

Alaskan Native Villages

**International Indian Treaty Council
Working for the rights and recognition of Indigenous Peoples

**Tribes from the Air
For UN Indigenous Day: audio slide show of indigenous tribes across the world

**Easter Island Animation
How were the giant statues moved?

Tribal Link Foundation
LInks Indigenous peoples to info, media, resources and relevant networks.

First Peoples Worldwide
Dedica to strengthening Indigenous communities by restoring their authority and control over their assets.

Native Planet
Dedicated to the self-empowerment of indigenous peoples and the preservation of world ethnic cultures

Pacific Intangible Cultural Heritage Mapping Toolkit

**Native Americans: Living in Two Worlds
Online video: the difference between European and Native world views;  passing on oral traditions to younger generations

**Early Cultures of Mexico
From the Smithsonian

**Caral Supe: The Oldest Civilization in the Americas    
Video: radiocarbon from the ancient city of Caral, Peru, show that monumental architecture was under construction as early as 2627 B.C.

Wisconsin Mounds
Native American Mounds in Wisconsin

Explores Alabama's Moundville, a prehistoric metropolis, the ceremonial heart of an advanced Mississippian society

**How Different are we?
Test what you know about human diversity

*Ghosts of the Mountains  
Online video:  Well preserved house and artifacts at two PA village sites of the now-vanished Monongahela people.

**Celebrating Viking heritage at L'Anse Aux Meadows
A UNESCO World Heritage Site

**The Aztec Pantheon and the Art of Empire
The Aztec Pantheon and the Art of Empire explores the parallels between two great empires—the Aztec and the Roman.

**the Voyage of the Kealoha
Video: A historic Native Hawaiian Story of travelling to the Arctic to hunt Whales
The Voyage of the Kealoha

2008 Native American History Month Keynote Address
Delivered by Suzan Shown Harjo

2007 Native American Heritage Month Keynote Address
By Rep. Tom Cole

**Huichol Indians of Mexico
These indigenous people have preserved the purest pre-Columbian culture in our hemisphere.

An Indigenous peoples from India struggling for self determination.

**Catawba Cultural Preservation Project

Catawba Indians: "People of the River"

Inventory of the Sacred Lands Project Collection
1894-1988 ( bulk 1984-1988)

Indigenous Peoples of South America

**The World Digital Library initiative
Rare materials from libraries and other cultural institutions around the world

 **Crosses of the Earth
Online video Hommage to Indigenous Crosses

Mayas, Aztecs and Incas  Location: Mesoamerica
Online Video: The Maya, the Aztecs, and the Incas and their  pre-Conquest urban culture in the New World:

Mesa Verde
Online video: The stone villages of Mesa Verde serve as our best window into the world of the ancient puebloans.

In the Shadow of the Volcano: Prehistoric Life in Northern Arizona
Online Video: Near Arizona's sacred San Francisco Peaks are the remains of prehistoric houses and villages up to 1500 years old.

Alutiiq Eskimo Village: Ahkiok,  alaska
From The National Museum of the American Indian

Kawesqar Community, Chile
From The National Museum of the American Indian

Supawlavi Village, Hopi Nation
From The National Museum of the American Indian.

**Southwest Crossroads
Cultures and histories of the American Southwest

**Great Basin Indian Archive
Primary and digital information about the history and heritage of the Great Basin Indian peoples.

**A Biography of America
Looks at the development of civilizations from ancient times through European Invasion

**Northwest Territories: Voting in Canada's North
Deeply rooted in Native culture, the NWT government has   been called the most interesting systems in the world

Under These Fields 1000 Years Ago  
Location: Arizona

The Obsidian Trail
Location: California

**Culture Collective

**Asia Pacific Indigenous Youth Network (APIYN).

Indigenous Australia
"This site explores Indigenous Australia through storytelling, cultures and histories

Keepers of the World
Peer into the traditions and daily life of the Indians of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Can you Tell Somebody's Race By Looking at Them?
Try your hand at sorting individuals to see if it matches.

used A critical Bibliography on North American Indians
K-12 Information from the Smithsonian

Race--The Power of an Illusion
A powerful PBS series

Canadian Reserves Community Profiles

Almost Home: Night Spirits: The Story of the Relocation of the Sayisi Dene
The story of the Sayisi Dene, told by people who lived through relocation and the restoration of the Dene.

uaws Contact Information for the Tribes of the United States and Canada

Friends of Tuva
History, symbols, diaries, musicians and more about The Republic of Tuva in Siberia.

A nonprofit, international alliance of nine multiethnic/interracial community organizations in the U.S. and Canada.

MAVIN Foundation 
A national leader in creating innovative projects and resources celebrating mixed race youth and families. 

Constitution of the Sac and Fox Nation

Law in Mexico Before the Conquest
Online exhibit about the sophisticated legal systems of the Aztec and Maya civilizations.

Used Chilean Indigenous People Portal
Native Languages Dictionaries, Digital Books, Music, Video and a interesting directory of web links.

Collapse: Why do Civilizations Fall?
Explore the collapse of four ancient civilization including the Maya and Chaco Canyon

United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

The Iroquois Constitution

Upper Midwestern Cultures electronic newsletter
Aimed at highlighting current projects involving the languages and cultural traditions of this region's diverse peoples.

Aboriginal Weather Knowledge for Aussie Weather Bureau
Australia's Bureau of Meteorology hopes to use Aboriginal weather knowledge to help expand its understanding of the continent's climate

Knowledge sharing vital to Bolivian tribes
Sharing info about traditional uses of native plants is an important feature of indigenous knowledge systems."

Search for the Lost Cave People (R)
Searching for the remains of a little known civilization that preceded the Maya.

American Indians in Ohio
From the Ohio Memory website

Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

World Heritage sites 
Right now, 690 cultural and natural sites are protected worldwide.

Winter Palace 
The first major exhibition devoted to the Incas' fabled cold-weather retreat highlights Machu Picchu's secrets

Latin American & Caribbean Studies
"Connecting People, Information and Ideas on Brazil through Electronic Research"

Looking Both Ways
Heritage and Identity of the Alutilq People of Southern Alaska.

Ancient Mexico
The art, culture, and history of Ancient Mesoamerica.

The largest exhibition about the Incas and Machu Picchu ever displayed in the U.S.

The Edge of Enchantment: Sovereignty and Ceremony in Huatulco, Mexico
From the Smithsonian, shares the importance of  places among the people in Mexico's Huatulco and Huamelula region. 

One step closer to Nunavut 
Broadcast May 25, 1993. Prime Minister Brian Mulroney signs a land claim agreement with the Inuit.

The Human Nature Review
Reviews info that encourages more understanding for our differences.\

Latin American & Caribbean Studies
Contains nearly 20.000 online and downloading articles in Portuguese, English and Spanish languages.

The Canela Indians of Northeastern Central Brazil
Hosted by the Smithsonian, explore a world that few persons will be able to visit.

Mexico Solidarity Network

Museum of Tolerance

The Canela Indians of Brazil
A wonderfully detailed website about this Northeastern Brazil tribe.

The Critical Bibliography on North American Indians, 
For K-12 from The Smithsonian Institution, this site is divided into regional tribal areas.

   The Mississippian Moundbuilders and Their  Artifacts   
An interactive celebration of Mississippian art and culture.

Discover Peru
      Information about the culture and history of Peru from Pre-Incan times through the present day.

  Ohlone/Costanoan Esselen Nation
The name, homelands, history, and current status of "The First People of the  Monterey Bay Area, California.

Divining America: Religion and the National Culture 

Cultural Survival
Promoting the rights, voices and visions of indigenous peoples since 1972

The Art of Being Kuna
Layers of Meaning Among the Kuna of Panama

Global Teach Net 
To promote students' knowledge of, understanding of and respect for the people, cultures and nations of the world.

History of the Luiseno People
Alienation and cultural dislocation are telescoped in this film about a member of the La Jolla band.

Meet Mexico
People from around the world have migrated and lived in Mexic for centuries.

Navajo Canyon Country
An online, 1954 film showing Navajo country and way of life

Columbia Basin Native Fisheries 
Indigenous groups in the Columbia Basin that were included in the Northwest Power Planning Council Act in 1980

Southern Nature
Scientific Views of the Southern Colonial Americas 1683-1791

Native Canadian Centre of Toronto
Helping build a strong and healthy Native community. 

Tucson’s Diverse Community 
The Pascua Yaqui Connection

Tribal Addresses
Listed by Northern Arizona University .

Written Account of the Southern Tribes
Written by William Bartram 1739-1823

Global Teach Net 
To promote students' knowledge, understanding and respect for the people, cultures and nations of the world.

Navajo Canyon Country
An online, 1954 film showing Navajo country and way of life

Meet Mexico
People from around the world have migrated and lived in Mexico there for centuries, bringing their own special traditions and cultures with them.

  Waasa Inaabidaa - We Look In All Directions 
Streaming video clips of programs from this PBS series about the Ojibwe People. 

History of the Luiseno People
Alienation and cultural dislocation are telescoped in this film about a member of the La Jolla band.

Documenting the Americas
Native Americans in North Carolina--Beginnings until 1940

American Indian Cultural Society 
Promotes and preserves American Indian culture and art through lectures, seminars, demonstrations, dances, and many other activities. 

Mummies of the Incas
Daily accounts and images from an expedition in Peru in search of frozen sacrificial mummies

Works to improve the quality of life of the Aymara and Quechua collectives in Bolivia.

Rainforest Health Project
Provides humanitarian medical assistance to the indigenous peoples of the Peruvian Amazon.

Maps of Canadian First Nations and their territories [Click "Kids" button] 

Canada's North
The Inuit, Herschel Island, and Canada's North as seen through children's eyes.
[Click "Kids" button] 

The Awá 
The Awá are often called Brazil's last truly nomadic tribe.

The Ayoreo
A nomadic, hunter-gatherer people, who once inhabited a vast area of scrub forest in Paraguay. 

The Enxet
The Enxet (pronounced 'Enk-let') are one of the many Indian peoples of Paraguay.

The Wichi
The Wichí have lived for millennia on their land in northern Argentina

The Yora
One of the isolated tribes living in the Amazonian rainforest in south-east Peru,. 

Canadian Aboriginal Peoples
Canadian First Nations People and Groups

About Aboriginal Youth
Canadian national, provincial, and territorial information

Muskogee Creek Museum
Legends, language, culture and links.

Honoring Nations Innovations Program 
Identifies, celebrates and shares information about tribal government programs, practices and initiatives

A Community Guide to Protecting Indigenous Knowledge 
Indigenous Knowledge defines a community’s uniqueness, its relation to the world, and ties the past with the future.

Andes Expedition Searching for Inca secrets
Daily dispatches from the archaeologists

Contact! in the Amazon
A virtual exploration to find the Korubo—an isolated, feared tribe in the wilds of Amazonia.

Pueblo Cultural Center
Links to 19 Pueblos, the heart and soul of this website

Chucalissa Museum
Take a virtual tour of the 15th-century village.

Oscars Sketchbook 
A rare and significant record of an Aboriginal child's memories of Australian life in the late 1800s.

Native American Services in New York State
History, Census data, and bibliographies about the Algonquian and Iroquois people.

Greenland National Museum and Archives - 
The central institution for research and documentation of the cultural history of Greenland.

National Museum of Australia - 
Explores Australian society and history; aboriginal Australia, and, people's interaction with the environment.

Who We Are...We are Indian

Northern California Indian Development Council
Provides services to 14,000 to 15,000 clients statewide.

Powhatan Renape Nation

Alaska Native Village of Tanacross
The Native People of the upper Tanana have lived in the region for many centuries.

Black Indians: An American Story
The video features interviews with Black Indians from many tribes (including Narrgansetts, Pequots, Seminoles, Cherokees and others)

Choctaw Vision
Learn about the culture, history, conflicts, sports, and other history of the Choctaws

Chumash Indian Life
A virtual exhibit of the ancient Chumash people of early Califronia

Virtual Exhibit: Orinoko - Amazonian Ethnology -
Amazon heritage and ethnographic objects from twelve southern Venezuela indigenous societies.

The Iroquois Constitution

Wakpa Sica Reconciliation Place 
"House of people who come together again to share and to bring peace and goodness.”

The Hopi Calendar

 Selling fireworks has become a tradition for some Suquamish tribal members.

Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK)
A project of Canada's national Inuit organization

World Heritage Education 
Created from students and teachers worldwide participating in the UNESCO "World Heritage in young hands" Project

Daily Diary from Paraguay 
A daily diary about the cultures and environment of Paraguay..

Japan's Secret Garden
A year in the life of wildlife and people around Lake Biwa, Japan, a cycle that has continued for thousands of years,

United  Confederation of Taino People 

Latin America
Covers all topics about Latin America.

Native American archival collections
Extensive materials on Native peoples in Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, and other western states.

Indians of the Great Basin
Online study of the indigenous tribes of the the Great Basin.

Indigenous Groups of Mexico and Latin America
From ASU''s "h-amind--new media for native studies"

Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami
Learn more about the c ultures and history of Canada's Inuit People.

Iowa's Ancient Mounds
For many years these mounds were thought to have been built by a mysterious ancient race that has since vanished?

American Centuries: View From New England
Artifacts and photos highlight this Interesting website about New England's tribes.

Georgia Before Oglethorpe: A Resource Guide to Georgia's Early Colonial Period, 1521-1733 

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center 
Short essays on each of the 19 Native American Pueblos in New Mexico. 

The Muwekma Ohlone
The Muwekma Ohlone Indians, the original inhabitants of San Francisco and the bay area," 

Lakota Wowapi Oti Kin 
Bibliography, language resources, texts, and more about the Lakota and Dakota people. 

Costanoan-Ohlone Indian Canyon Resource 
Information about California's non-federally recognized tribes. 

A profile of Cuba featuring a history, a map, an image of the flag, and facts about the geography.

Black Indians and Inter-Tribal Native American Association

The Yanomami People
This isolated tribe, currently 27,000 strong, have lived in the Amazon Rainforest for almost 50,000 years

Indian Affairs--Canada
Searchable Database

Incan Religion
Extracts from historical accounts of the religion of the Inca Empire.

American Cultural History
A one-stop Web access to government resources on the subjects of Culture, Heritage and Recreation.

How National Geographic Re-Created Machu Picchu for New Map

Prairie Band of Potawatomi, the "Keepers of the Fire"

White Mountain Apache Tribe

The Makah Nation 

Plan of the Ancient Works at Marietta, Ohio,
A map of the huge earthworks shaped by the prehistoric Mound Builders.

Where Indigenous Peoples Live

Cherokee Heritage Center
Dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Cherokee history and culture.

Many people don't know that an estimated 70% of Cubans have African ancestors. 

Survival and Regeneration: Detroit's American Indian Community
In the twentieth century many First Nations People left reserves and crossed the border to find work in Detroit, the Motor City.

A Collector's Vision of Puerto Rico
An online exhibit celebrating the art and culture of a diverse society.

We Are! Arizona's First People 
Explore the past, present and futures of Arizona's 21 federally recognized tribes in this interactive exhibition.

First Americans for Grade Schoolers
Created by a Muscogee Creek student at Stanford, this site features the Dine, Muscogee, Tlingit, Lakota, Iroquois

The Pacific Voyages of Rollo Beck
The first inhabitants of the islands of Oceania, are believed to have origins in South East Asia.

Haudenosaunee--People Building a Long House
The first United Nations and the oldest continuing government on this land.

Southeastern Native American Alliance
Founded by Indigenous Americans for Indigenous Americans and all Indigenous people of the world.

Indigenous Australians
Before 1788, there were approximately 700 languages spoken throughout Australia

Discovering Mexico
The National Geographic Society visits Mexico City, Tijuana, the Border, the Heartland, and Chiapas.

Studies Center
Dedicated to the study of northern peoples, their history, and environment.    

The U'mista Cultural Society 
Ensuring the survival of all aspects of cultural heritage of the Kwakwaka'wakw.

Inuit Uqausingita Taiguusingit
A local History and a "Pictionary" of Inuktitut words and their meanings.

Coeur d'Alene Tribe

America Responds: Lesson -- "A Nation of Many Cultures"
Create a visual representation of themselves that includes  family, heritage and interests.

This official site of the Muwekma Ohlone Indians
Muwekma Ohlone Indian Tribe.

News from Native California -

Alaska Native Knowledge Network 
 Information related to Alaska Native knowledge systems and ways of knowing 

The Makah Nation -- On the Olympic Peninsula 
We call ourselves "Kwih-dich-chuh-ahtx" or "people who live by the rocks and seagulls".

Search for the Lost Cave People.
=Searching for the remains of a little-known civilization that preceded the Maya.

 Oneota Culture
The Oneota people of the Upper Iowa River left behind stone tools and ceramic artifacts

Arizona Portrait and Landscape Photographer - Part 2
Jerry Jacka's portraits of native peoples and art. Video format :-)

Kumeyaay Nation 
The Kumeyaay Nation extends from San Diego to 60 miles south of the Mexican border.

The Sixth Sun: Uprising in Chiapas 
Poor peasants are pitted against large landowners and government forces in Mexico's poorest state
Amazon Quest
Explore the biodiversity of the rainforests

Welcome to Nunavut Territory, Canada 
An interactive CD designed to teach audiences about the country's newest territory.

 Rainmakers from the Gods: Hopi Katsinam
Harvard University offers this online exhibition about the Hopi Katsinam.*

The Micmacs, their history, and their culture
 Canada Heirloom Series: Canada’s Native Peoples 

The Mississippi Mound Builders
Civilizations along the Mississippi River surpassed many European cultures in size and abilities.

The Circle of Children
Photos of Lakota children on the Pine Ridge Reservation and ways we can help them succeed! 

Idaho PTV - Sacred Journey of the Nez Perce

In a Jungle: Chichan Itza tour!

American Indians of the Pacific Northwest -
Digital collection of over 2,300 photographs and 7,700 pages of text relating to the NW coast American Indians.

This site is devoted to cultures, living and ancient, and the promotion of world communication.

Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux Tribe

The Tohono O'odham Today
A terrific website to visit and learn about the Tohono O'odham People.
The Nunavut people today.
Basic Facts

Northwest Connection - About The Nations of the Pacific Northwest
Potlatch...intricate artwork ... rainforests...interesting lifestyles...

The history of humankind has been marked by patterns of growth and decline.*
North, South, East, West...take a photo tour of four Indian Nations--one from each area.

Maya of Guatemala
You can spend days at this fascinating site which shares everything about this magnificent culture!

Teotihuacan Home Page
Description, chronology, maps, and interesting exploration of the Archeology of Teotihuacan, Mexico

First Americans, Native American Indian Studies for Grade Schoolers!~
Marvelous website about the Lakota, Iroquois, Tlingit, Dine, and Muscogee Creek

A marvelous digital collection of the American Indians of the Pacific Northwest American Indians. 

Pacific Northwest Collection database

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