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Helen Hardin
Santa Clara Pueblo

"We all form self-images and much of our behavior is pretty well determined by how we feel about ourselves."
Eunice Baumann-Nelson, Ph.D. PENOBSCOT


Tracks of the Elusive One
Dyanne Strongbow, Choctaw

"Changes in history over time are something we value as a society, and to pretend they didn't happen and make them go away would not be telling the truth. "
 Janet Gallimore, Idaho Historical Society


Symphony of Butterflies
Susan Point, Coast Salish

"To heal will require real effort, and a change of heart, from all of us. To heal means that we will begin to look upon one another with respect and tolerance instead of prejudice, distrust and hatred. We will have to teach our children-as well as ourselves-to love the diversity of humanity....We can do it. Yes, you and I and all of us together. Now is the time. Now is the only possible time. Let the Great Healing begin."  
                                                                                            Leonard Peltier



Engraving from 1500s New World

“My grandmother was the first real scientist I knew. She made bread by measuring the ingredients in her hand.”  Scott Frazier, Santee/Crow


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